Just another day at the club…

She woke up in the dark, and knew she’d lost the wager. She tried to move, but couldn’t. Her fingers felt wooden and stiff. Her arms and legs were stretched out from her body. At least it was soft underneath her. She moved her head trying to locate sound, light, anything. Nothing. She was blindfolded.


He watched her from the corner of the room. She was awake, and it was time to play. He reached down an picked up the shaving cream and razor. He dabbed it under her arms, and between her legs. She flinched and then tried to wiggle.

“Hold still little one. I wouldn’t want to cut you,” he said in a whisper.

She froze. He continued to shave her. While he didn’t care for the naked look, it was such a good tool to change a person’s mindset. It worked on men better than women. Sharp objects near men’s testicles made them so cooperative. When he was done, he trickled water over her to rinse the remaining bits of foam and hair away. The pad she was on was waterproof which made things so much easier.

Then he left her alone for a bit longer.


Shaving had terrified her. She tried not to let him know, but razors, knives… near her pussy. Shudder! Then the water trickling down her body was nice and at the same time odd. “Where was she?” she wondered. Silence again. She tried to hear him, but he was very quiet. Or, the room was empty. She didn’t know which.



He came back twenty minutes later. He startled her when the first feather touched her nipple. He caressed her body and then replaced it with the leather end of a riding crop. Her nipples crinkled. She gasped as he traced it between her legs and over the freshly shaved skin. Then he began to lightly smack her with the tip.

“Oh!” came her cry of surprise. It startled her more than it hurt. At first. He increased his tempo and hit nipples and mound in a seemingly random fashion. Then the blows became harder. Just enough to sting and leave a slight red mark.

She squirmed. He smiled. He put the crop down and picked up two clover leaf clamps. He pinched her nipples and then quickly applied them.

“Ow!” she cried out.

“Ow Sir, is the correct reply little one,” he whispered in her ear. He punished her by adding a chain to her nipple clamps. Then he tilted the table forward until it rested at a forty-five degree angle.

“Ow Sir!” she cried out as the weight pulled her nipples.


He watched her. She was beginning to squirm. Trying to find a way to move. He picked up a very small vibrator. It slid over the tip of his finger. Turning it on, he began to run it up and down her body. Legs, arms, nipples. That brought a gasp. Fingers, nose, mouth, throat, mound. Another gasp. He slid it down between her legs and over her lips, keeping back from her clit. He repeated his motions.


She’d heard the low hum of the vibrator. What surprised her was that it seemed so small. When it went across her clamped nipples, there was a mix of pleasure and pain she hadn’t expected. Then it hit her mound. The ache, the need it set up within her. She tried to arch to press against it. He just moved his hand. As he teased her with the vibrator, she realized that she was getting wetter and wetter.


He smiled. Her legs stretched on the St. Andrews cross allowed him to move between her legs easily. As he ran the little vibrator around her lower lips, he watched the pearls of moisture form. Watched her arch and try to rub against the vibrator. He didn’t let her come.


She was so turned on by this point that she felt like exploding. Juices ran down between her cheeks and pooled under her ass. She’d been teases for what seemed like hours with vibrators and fingers and yet he never penetrated her. She wanted to come so bad she was almost in tears. She heard a door open. Another person was coming into the room.


“She’s all yours,” said the soft voice.

“Thank you,” said a familiar voice. “Your payment is outside. I didn’t think you could do it within the time frame, or so completely.

“It’s what I do,” said Boris and walked out of the dungeon. He picked up his check for services rendered and headed out of the club.

2 thoughts on “Just another day at the club…

  1. WHOA!!!!!


    Complete bravo!

    (as you can see, i’m getting caught up a bit on reading today.!)

    This was a gem.


    1. LOL! I’m glad that one surprised you. I do have fun with Boris/David. He’s modeled after a friend of mine who did very scary things in the military a long time ago. You’d never know it to look at him now.

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