More Than Just A Fairy Tale, part 40

George and Angie left the airport terminal after dropping Sam off. They headed to Ginny’s house to pick up a load of furniture and clothes. Ginny and Patrick were waiting for them to help load the truck. In fact, there was a moving truck in the driveway.

“What the hell?” said George under his breath.

“I don’t know,” said Angie. They both got out of the truck and walked over to where Ginny and Patrick were standing with grins on their faces.

“What’s with the truck?” asked George pointing to the moving van.

“Sam called and suggested that we have everything ready for you,” said Patrick. “So, Luc, Cal, Peter, Kevin, Ginny and I loaded up everything from Angies storage unit and all of your stuff and we’re just waiting for you.”

“So that’s why she was smiling so much when we said we were on our way here,” said George.

“Yes. You pulled a few on her and it was her turn to do it to you. That way you’d be back up to the B&B faster too,” said Ginny.

“Unky Geworge! Unky Geworge!” cried Sara and her brothers as they mobbed him at the knees.

George picked Sara and Joe up and hugged them while Ivan snuggled with Angie.

“And how our my three favorite wolf pups?” George asked.

“We wants to come visits you!” said Sara. The two boys nodded.

“When we have all the construction done, Unky Pattie and Awnty Ginny will bring you up,” said Angie mimicking the children’s names for Patrick and Ginny.

“Yeah!!!!” the three of them said and then wiggled out of their arms and back inside.

“You know, I miss them and yet I don’t!” said George.

“Oh yeah. We had the big seasonal picnic a few weeks ago and while it was good to run, it took some of us three hours to round up the pup pack that decided to go ‘splorin’,” said Patrick. The adults watching the children hadn’t seen Sara, the boys and a handful of their friends creep out. Patrick and Luc had finally found them down by the river. No one was hurt, but they all got a long lecture on how to stay safe. Patrick swore he had more gray hair from that than anything else.

“Feel good to shift?” George asked noticing that they both looked more relaxed than the last time he’d seen them.

“Damn right!” said Ginny. “You?”

“Yes. Two days after we buried Buster I went for a long run. Those fast shifts back and forth wear you out far more than one big shift. Plus, I’d had to act feeble. Now however, I go for a run about twice a week. And, we reinforced the floor in the back bedroom of the B&B. I will enjoy my bed tonight. I can shift and not worry about it snapping like a toothpick,” said George.

That made everyone laugh.

“’Solda is watching the kids and we’re going to go up with you to unpack. Cal and Kevin are already on their way. Luc was going to come, but Meg isn’t feeling up to the trip,” said Ginny.

“How much longer does she have?” asked Angie.

“Well, she passed the seven month marker, and the doctor said every day is a bonus from this point on. The twins are huge. So, she nibbles, moves around as best she can and ‘Solda helps around the house. The nursery is finished and if Luc gets any more twitchy, Jeff is going to sedate him,” said Ginny.

Angie laughed. “Are you going to ride up with me?” she asked Ginny.

“Sure. Let’s go and leave these two to drive the big truck,” said Ginny.

Angie got the keys from George, kissed him and got in the truck. They were on the highway in twenty minutes.



George and Patrick pulled up to the gates of the B&B around sunset. They got out of the cab to find Angie, Ginny, Cal, Kevin and some others eating barbecue and drinking beer.

“I hope you saved us some,” said George.

“Plenty on the grill and beer in the fridge,” said Angie.

“Hope the meat isn’t too overdone,” said Patrick.

“It isn’t. Sheriff Dobbs called us about ten minutes ago and said he saw you make the turn. That’s when we put your steaks on. They should just be ready,” said Ginny.

George and Patrick ate and after a beer, they began to unload the truck. The last thing out was George’s bed. The frame was massive and instead of empty space under the box spring, there were slats with an inch between each one.

“You know, I think you could park a tank on this bed,” said Cal. He was teasing George, but admiring the bed at the same time.

“Yes, and next time you break your bed because you shifted in your sleep, just remember that it will never happen to me,” said George with just a hint of sub-vocals.

Cal laughed and they started moving it into the bedroom. Ten minutes later, it was set up and Angie and Ginny started to make the bed.

“I never thought I’d miss a piece of furniture,” said Angie. “But after months of sleeping nearly alone for fear George’d crush the bed, I’m happy to see it.

“I know what you mean. Mine is a version of this one. Too many broken box springs for me not to do it,” said Ginny.

“Did George design it?” asked Angie.

“No, this design has been around for hundreds of years. You can see examples of lighter models if you look up Viking beds. Ours just don’t have the fancy posts,” Ginny said tucking the last corner of the sheet into place.

“Okay. Now to see if we can get anyone to go to bed,” said Angie. She was looking forward to going to bed.


George came out of the bathroom and flopped on his bed. “Ah, it has been way too long,” he said. Angie giggled and he scooped her up and pulled her close.

“You’re in a good mood,” she said.

“Of course! I have my bed, my woman and I even have a lock on the door so that no one bothers me while I ravish her,” he said kissing her all over. Angie giggled and enjoyed the kisses. George sucked a nipple into his mouth and tongued it until Angie gasped. He ran his fingertips across her belly and then down between her legs. She was soaked. They’d tried having sex on the B&B bed, on the floor and even outside. It just hadn’t worked very well.

Angie reached down to stroke George’s cock. The size of it still amazed her after all this time, although she had gotten use to his girth. George moaned as she touched him. She wiggled around on the bed and took his cock into her mouth as best she could.

“Oh,” moaned George. He didn’t move for a few moments, just savoring the feel of her mouth on him. Then he gathered a few brain cells and started moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. She wiggled and moaned, which vibrated against his cock. A few more groans like that and he wasn’t going to last.

Angie tasted the pre-cum on her tongue. She would have smiled had she been able. She kissed his cock on the very tip and then tried to turn around so that she could mount George. He held her by her pussy, his fingers still plunging in and out making it hard for her to think or move.

“Gggggeorge,” she gasped. “Let me,…”

“Noh, Whhant to try,” he said. With that, he turned Angie until she was on her knees.

She braced herself as George came in from behind. Even though she was soaked, with juices running down her legs, it took a thrust or two for George to ‘seat’ himself deep in her pussy. They’d talked about this and yet George never said when he would try shifting or not during sex. They had set up a safe word though in case he was just too big to handle. His hands felt so good on her hips She felt lightheaded and all the edges were going soft as George stroked in and out of her pussy. It felt good.

“Ahhh,” she moaned into the pillow under her head.

George shifted just a little more. He’d realized that he grew longer but not much more in girth when he shifted. He moved his arms down to the sides of Angie’s hips, pinning her in place, while not scratching her soft skin. He increased his pace and it felt so good. Angie moaned again under him.

“Ruh ohkhy?” he tried to ask, nearly too shifted to talk.

“Yes, Oh gods, Oh,” she squeaked as she started to orgasm. Her muscles clenched around his cock.

George shifted full on and felt the knot form. He stroked faster now, his own orgasm so close.

“Oh! Oh! Oh gods!” moaned Angie. “So full! Oh myyyyyyyy!” ran the thoughts across her brain as she orgasmed.

Angie’s orgasm sent him over the edge and he came hard. It seemed like it took forever before his balls stopped pumping. Angie was still coming, and he rolled them over on their sides and wrapped his forelegs around her while he gently nipped her ears. He tried to shift back, but his body wasn’t having any of that yet.

“Ggeorge, I… I can’t move off of you,” she said at last. George just snuffled her. He couldn’t talk.She had tried and every time it was like she was held tight by his cock. It also sent her into another cycle of orgasms. Then it dawned on her what had happened.

“George, did a knot form?” she asked.

George licked her ear.

“Oh! We did it George!” she gasped. She had wiggled too much and her body obliged her with another orgasm. “Oh myyyy.”

After a few minutes, they both fell asleep.


Wolf held his soft mate next to him. The knot joined them and throbbed nicely. He felt good. “Mine. Mine,” he thought as he went to sleep.


At some point in the night, the knot relaxed. All the cum that had filled Angie began to depart as did George’s cock. It woke Angie up, and she realized what had happened. When she went to get up, George, still in wolf form growled in his sleep and pulled her closer. Angie gave up and slept in a puddle.



“Run?” the she-wolf danced back and forth on her legs next to her mate daring him.

“Chase!” Wolf thought as he lunged after his mate. She ran and he followed.


Two wolves ran in the woods outside of the B&B. They’d run for hours and finally stopped in a meadow. After a moment, Ginny and Patrick sat on the grass watching the stars. They’d made love earlier and while the knot hadn’t kept them long, it was getting close to dawn.

“Need to go Gin,” said Patrick.

“I know. Make love to me when we get back?” she asked as she shifted to wolf form again.

“Yes,” said Patrick and soon the two wolves were running down the mountain.


At the back door of the B&B were a line of hooks. On the hooks were bathrobes. Angie had George put the hooks up when she realized that it would be easier on the shifters. Patrick and Ginny grabbed their robes and headed for their room. Anyone seeing them would assume they’d come from the hot tub George had installed on the deck outside.

They barely got in their room before Patrick pounced on Ginny. He pulled the collar of her bathrobe down so that her arms were pinned. Then he tossed her on the bed and began to nibble up her thighs.

“Ppppatrick, untangle me!” she said.

“No. I like you this way,” he said as he moved up her thigh. She tried to struggle and he grabbed her bathrobe tie and snugged it tighter. She was very snuggly pinned down. Then he went back to nibbling up her thigh until he reached her pussy. He licked and sucked at her lips, clit and the opening of her pussy until Ginny bounced on the bed in orgasm.

“Oh damn,” she gasped. “Patrick, let me up.”

“No, I’m really enjoying this. Maybe I ought to tie you up more often,” he said.

“Patrick, come on,” she said.

He ignored her and nipped her lips. She gasped. He repeated it and added a lick to her clit. Ginny squirmed. She also got wetter.

“You like this,” he said.

“What? No I don’t,” said Ginny.

Patrick laughed. “Your mouth says no, but this pussy says yes,” he said.

Ginny stopped protesting for a moment, and listened as Patrick ran his fingers in and out of her pussy. Then he held his dripping fingertips up for her to see. She rolled her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

“See, I didn’t lie,” said Patrick as he moved inbetween her legs and slid his cock into her pussy.

Ginny moaned. It always felt so good when they made love. She hadn’t realized what she was missing until Patrick showed up. The only lover she’d ever felt this good with had been Luc, and that had never felt right in her head. They had decided that business was more important than sex. However, with Patrick, it was the other way around. There were days when they were both late because they’d been making love until the wee hours of the morning. Even more embarrassing were the days the knot wouldn’t relax and they’d be stuck in bed when one of the kids knocked on the door. Ginny swore that ‘Solda or Bitty purposely sent the little ones to wake them up on days like that.

Patrick still didn’t untangle Ginny from her bathrobe. However, he leaned down and bit her nipple that peaked up out of the fabric.

“Ahhh!” gasped Ginny. The combination of pain and pleasure sometimes just did it for Ginny. That was another thing that Patrick brought to their sex lives. Neither one worried about breaking the other. Their wolfish side played in bed as much as they did.

Patrick pulled out, flipped Ginny over and drove back into her. As they both started to shift, he undid the tie of her bathrobe. He’d learned quickly not to destroy clothes. Especially Ginny’s clothes. That had been a very expensive lesson. Fun, but costly.

Ginny wiggled out of the bathrobe as best she could because Patrick didn’t stop. He leaned over her and bit the back of her neck. It sent shivers down her spine and they shifted all the way. Forelegs braced against her back legs gave him the leverage he needed. They exploded in orgasm and collapsed to the bed. Curled up tight to accommodate the knot, they went to sleep as the sun began to fill the room.



Wolf curled up around his mate. “Soft one sleep, pups no sleep,” he thought as he watched her belly move. Wolf put his nose on her belly and the pups kicked harder. He jerked his head back in surprise and lay back down next to his mate. He watched the pups play under her skin until he fell back to sleep.



On the other side of the world, Sam was relaxing under an umbrella reading the latest Peter Bowen mystery. She smiled at the waiter that brought another iced tea and sat it next to her. She’d had a lovely time swimming in the ocean and walking around the various markets. She still couldn’t believe that she was here in Fiji. At that moment, her hat blew off and she ran to catch it. The bandanna wrapped around the brim had been Busters. Sam had almost caught it when a tall slim man picked it up.

“Hey! That’s my hat. Would you give it back please?” she asked as she ran up to him.

“Oh, Ever so sorry, I just saw the hat blowing,” the man said. He looked at the hat and turned it so that it would sit correctly on the woman’s head. Then he lightly placed it on her head. “There you go ma’am.”

“Thanks,” said Sam and she walked back to her book.

The man went to rub his nose and the scent from the hat hit him. “Buster?” he thought. He watched the woman walk back to a sun chair and made a note of the hotel it was sponsored by. This was an unexpected mystery he needed to follow up.

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  1. oooh a mystery man, prob the doc that helped them escape the army, like Patrick hmm hmm

    now should i read the last few or hold out a little, stalling the ending? tic toc tic toc grrr

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