Cowboy part 5

Nick watched as she went back to work. He knew he should have made her stay in the house, but she was so stubborn. Cat reminded him of a balky mare he’d ridden as a teen. It was her rules or nothing. Nick had gotten bucked off more than once. He went off to do some work on the tool sheds and glanced over at Cat as often as he could to see if she was okay.

He finished all the work in the tool shed as well as the lean-tos around the barn and other outbuildings. Nick picked up his tools and put everything away. He looked across at the garden and didn’t see Cat. “Here’s hoping she went in to rest,” he thought as he walked to the bunk house.

Nick took a cold rinse and got dressed in clean clothes. He gathered the dirty laundry and took it up to the house. He had asked earlier about using the washer on the back porch. Nick opened it and dumped his clothes in. He added soap and then turned it on. He left his basket on top and went into the kitchen.

Cat was chopping vegetables for supper.

“How you doing Cat?” Nick asked. He walked up beside her and stood next to the cutting board.

“Okay. Tired,” she said. She put down the knife and turned to Nick. “I’m sorry about earlier, I just get too damn frazzled and…” was as far as she got.

“Cat, it’s okay. We all have things that get us,” said Nick. Looking down at her, he realized that she was still upset. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her again. It felt right.


Cat was stiff at first and then relaxed in his arms. “I don’t know if this feels good because I’m still freaked out or if this just plain feels good,” she thought. They stood there for a moment and then Cat moved out of his arms. “I need to get dinner cooked,” she said.

“Let me help,” said Nick. “What are we having?” Looking around, he didn’t see anything else prepped.

“To be honest, I’ve gotten vegetables chopped and that’s about it. I’m… I’m not …” she stuttered.

“Cat, it’s okay. I know it probably offends the hell out of you not to be in control, but it happens. I’ll make you a deal, tell me what I can use and I’ll cook. You sit. After dinner, I’ll tell you something that freaks me out. Deal?” Nick said.

Cat looked at him for a minute and then handed him the knife. “There’s pasta or rice in that cupboard and chicken thawed in the fridge. You know where the spices live,” she said.

Nick nodded and began to pull things out. Water for pasta, chicken cooking in a pan and veggies to stir-fry when things were almost done. Cat just sat and watched him cook.

Thirty minutes later, dinner was on the table. Cat ate even though she didn’t have much of an appetite. Nick was right. It did bug the shit out of her to be out of control. She stopped eating a few times and was brought back to the kitchen by Nick starting conversation.

“I’ve got to snap out of this!” she thought. “Can’t curl up in a ball like I did when I was fifteen. Besides, there isn’t a Bobby to pretend to be me and do my chores.”

“Earth to Cat. Are you finished?” Nick was asking her.

“Huh? Oh. Sorry Nick,” Cat said. “I’m finished.”

Nick took her plate, and started doing the dishes.

“Nick, I can do that,” she said.

“Cat, shut up. Sit down and relax. I don’t understand why you’re still so out of it, but take it easy. It won’t kill me to wash dishes,” Nick said.

“Okay,” said Cat. She wanted to explain, but felt stupid. Bobby had understood, and she never explained how it felt to anyone else. Ever.

Nick finished the dishes and poured them each a cup of coffee. “Want to sit here or out on the porch?” he asked.

“On the porch, and your load of laundry needs put in the dryer or hung out,” said Cat.

Nick nodded and as she took the two cups out to the front porch, he tossed his laundry in the dryer. Nick then went around the front and pulled up a rocker close to the one Cat sat on.

“I promised to tell you one of my fears,” he said.

“Yeah, but you don’t have to,” said Cat.

“A deal is a deal,” he said. “I was in the military. Being raised on a ranch means you are use to doing hard work, so I got a lot of the ‘shit’ jobs,” he started.

“Okay,” said Cat. Her brothers had been in the military and she remembered stuff they’d done. Not all of it nice and clean the way the papers put it.

“One of them was a clean up detail. We had to go get the bodies. It was hot, and there were lots of flies. I figured I could cope. Hell, I’d cleaned up plenty of livestock that had gotten flyblown. However, no one told me what it was like to see a person you’d known covered with flies and maggots. I puked. Still had to put them in body bags, but I must have thrown up until my socks were coming out of my nose. To this day, I can cope with livestock and flies, but maggots make me sick,” said Nick.

Cat sat there and listened. She understood. “I feel like the ground is rushing up to hit me. That whole falling feeling and I can’t stop it. It makes me nauseous. I got stuck in a tree when I was about 15. Climbed up to pick apples. When I went to climb down, I couldn’t. I was there for hours until Bobby found me. He got me down and we never told anyone,” she said.

“Not even your parents?” asked Nick.

“No. When you have a brother that comes back with no leg and another one half crazy every time a fire cracker goes off, you don’t bitch because you can’t climb a ladder,” said Cat.

“How did you cope?” Nick asked.

“Did I mention that Bobby and I looked a lot alike?” said Cat softly.

Nick nodded and then it hit him. “He did your chores?” he asked.

“All the ones I couldn’t. We never got caught either,” she said tiredly.

Nick took the cup from her hand and pulled her up out of the rocker. “You are about half asleep. Let’s get you to bed,” he said.

“I need a shower,” said Cat.

“Fine. Go take one. When you’re done, I’ll help you up the stairs,” he said.

“I can do it myself,” said Cat.

“Oh? Then why didn’t you go up and take a nap earlier?” he asked. He’d seen her nod off in the garden propped up against the fence when she thought he was out of sight.

Cat just glared at him and headed for the bathroom.



Nick was folding his clothes when he thought he heard a noise. He walked through the kitchen to the hall and found Cat wrapped in a towel looking up at the staircase.

“Cat, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I was trying to go upstairs without your help. I forgot my bathrobe,” she said.

Nick rolled his eyes. “Let’s get you upstairs,” he said ignoring the fact as best he could that she was barely covered by the towel.

Cat took a deep breath and started up the stairs with Nick’s arm around her back and holding her elbow. “one, two, three…” she counted steps in her head. Going up was always easier. Down was the bitch. They got to the top of the landing and she headed for her bedroom. Nick followed, still holding her. When she got to her bedroom door, she stopped.

“You can let go now Nick,” she said.

“Yes, and part of me says I should go down to my bed in the bunk house right now,” he said.

Cat looked at him, blinked and started to make a smart aleck remark. The look in his eyes stopped her cold. What she saw there was a mirror of what was lurking in her own soul. Desire, hunger, lust. “And the other part of you?” she said almost in a whisper.

“The other part says I should kiss you, run my hands over that soft skin smelling of mint and make love to you,” he said. “And another part is wondering if I’m just fucking up!”

Cat stood there and knew she should say something. She wanted to be in his arms. Been thinking about it since she first saw him sitting on the dusty curb. “Really?” she said almost softer than before.

“Yes,” Nick said. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Cat and kissed her forehead, and worked down to her mouth. It was just as warm as he thought it would be. Moist, soft and so very kissable.

Cat couldn’t believe she was doing this. That he’d even noticed her. She kissed back tentatively. Nick kissed harder and his hands moved down her back and held her tight. She could feel his erection press against her body through his clothes and her towel. Her towel which was slipping.

Nick moved his hands down to Cat’s ass and the towel slipped exposing her ass just a bit. His hand touched her bare skin. Cool skin with firm muscles underneath. She moaned and it vibrated against his lips. His erection was thudding against his zipper. Nick’s other hand moved up to her bare back and stroked her up and down from neck to ass as the towel fell to the ground.

Cat whimpered with need. His kisses had set her on fire. She hadn’t felt this way in ages. His hands caressing her were doing other things. She wanted to be touched. Touched all over. Trying not to break the kiss, she tried to move towards the bed. Nick broke the kiss.

“Cat, is this what you want?” he had to ask, even though he didn’t want to stop.

“Yes. I’m afraid, but I want this,” she said.

Nick shed his clothes while still trying to kiss Cat. It was like he couldn’t get enough of her. When they were both naked, they laid down on the bed and began to explore each others body. Cat’s breasts were soft and her nipples hard little beads. When Nick ran his fingers down to her mound, she gasped. His hand cupped her mound and then slid into her folds. Wet. Hot. Sensitive. Cat gasped again and moaned as he found her clit. Then his fingers dipped lower as he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Cat about passed out from just being touched. When Nick’s fingers slipped inside of her, she was seconds from coming. “Too long alone! Too damn sensitive!” passed through her brain a moment before it totally shut down with an orgasm. “Oh!” she gasped softly as the feeling rolled over her.

Nick cradled her in his arms as he brought her to orgasm. Her face telegraphed what she felt and he watched the orgasm whip through her body as well as across her face. Nick held her as she came back to reality. He smiled at her.

Cat smiled back and then felt his cock bump her thigh. She bent down to look and touch him. She stroked the soft skin of his cock and wrapped her fingers around him as best she could. It was Nick’s turn to moan. “Bigger than I’m use to, but… so nice,” she thought as she bent to wrap her lips around his cock. She slid down as far as she could and then came back up. She repeated this and could hear Nick groaning in pleasure. His hand went to the back of her head and she increased her tempo.

Nick felt the surge start and clenched his muscles. He didn’t want to come yet. Not in her mouth, but in that sweet pussy he’d fingered earlier.

“Cat, wait,” he said softly.

Cat stopped and looked at Nick. She’d tasted the bit of pre-cum and knew he was close. He put his hands on her shoulders and pressed her back into the bed. Nick moved between her legs, raised her hips and lined his cock up with her opening. “Cat?” he asked.

Cat nodded.

Nick plunged into her pussy in one stroke. He felt her muscles tighten around him as he moved in and out. Soft, hot, wet and tight. It felt good. So good. He watched the pleasure wash across her face seconds before she came. He rode her orgasm and increased his rhythm. Cat wrapped her legs around his hips, driving him deeper. Her muscles clenched again and this time the orgasm ripped across her body and face at the same time. Nick felt her share the orgasm and his body matched hers by coming until he thought his balls were pumped dry. They lay there frozen in pleasure for a moment before his arms began to protest. Reluctantly, he pulled out of Cat and lay down beside her on the bed. She shivered with aftershocks as he did so. He wrapped her in his arms as they drifted off to sleep.

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