Flash Fiction Friday. Relax…

Strapped to the bed, he knew he was in trouble the moment the nurse walked in.

“How is that vibrator thingy suppose to help me relax?” he asked.

“Just watch,” she said.

She plugged in the machine and started to run the vibrator up and down his body. It tickled at first. Then she ran it over his nipples, down his stomach and all over his cock and balls.

He watched as his cock twitched helplessly. She worked it up and down until he nearly orgasmed. She grabbed the glass tube off of the cart and covered his cock. Then she lubed the vibrator and started working it under his balls towards his ass.

“Noooo!” he cried as the vibrations hit his prostate.

“Relax,” she crooned in his ear as he came.



Okay, just pass this one off to the weirdness files. It just had to be a guy in the bed. Oh, and no way he was there for the fun of it. Well,… at first.

Our challenge, 69-139 words and the phrase, twitched helplessly, were required this week. Come play! It will help you relax…

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday. Relax…

Add yours

  1. Oh I’m liking this picture and the opening gambit of a story. It appeals to my filthy and perverted inner self.
    Not sure I can match it, but I’ll certainly be reading others’ contributions.
    sev xx

  2. *laughing*

    that was delightful!!! i’m very behind on reading with my life suddenly uber busy…not even time to write just now…but i had to read FFF!

    and this was a delight.


  3. I can hear her voice, slightly menacing, almost hypnotic, repeating the word into my ear. So much in just one little word. As always, well done.

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