Fair warning. This one is dark.

She’d always been tiny. Barely five foot tall and almost 95 pounds at eighteen. Petite. Never fragile. As a gymnast, she’d learned to be flexible, resilient and motivated. What she hadn’t expected was Jarrod. He was her coach, her mentor, her external motivation and her master.

It had started one afternoon when she’d pulled a muscle on the uneven parallel bars. She’d missed a catch, fallen and while trying to save herself pulled a groin muscle. As she lay on the floor trying to breath, Jarrod ran to her rescue. He picked her up and put her on the massage table. He’d asked her what hurt, and she never thought twice when he started to massage the muscle. All she wanted was for the pain to stop. As the pain eased, Jarrod didn’t stop. His fingers kept working the muscles and then moved from her thigh to her crotch. She’d protested, and he just held her down and continued to finger her until she came. That was the beginning.

Every workout session ended with a massage. She’d tried to keep her clothes on, but he got frustrated with her and hit her. She was so surprised that she let him take off her leotard without another word. Jarrod would massage her and then the sexual exploration would start. Fingers at first, and then his tongue. She wasn’t allowed to touch him, but he had complete access to her. If she argued or disagreed, he’d hit her or worse yet, keep her from competitions.

She had said she had had enough of this and wanted to quit. That’s when he told her he’d been filming her privately. When she didn’t believe him, Jarrod showed her a video. She was aghast. When she protested, he spanked her ass hard enough that she could barely walk. It was also the first night he fucked her. As she stood there trying to catch her breath and head for the changing room, he grabbed her and threw her face down across the vaulting horse. Before she could think, he rammed his fingers deep up inside of her and moments later replaced them with his cock. She cried as he pounded into her. He pulled out before he came and pulled her from the horse. He grabbed her hair and fed his cock into her mouth. She was so surprised she never thought to protest or bite. A minute or so of bruising contact and he came all over her mouth and her face.

He left her to clean up the mess, and herself. He also told her that if she ever turned him in, that he’d ruin her career as a gymnast. From then on all after hour practice sessions were done naked while he filmed her.


This went on for three years. Her mouth, her cunt, her body was his. Jarrod used her whenever he felt like it. Before meets, after meets and once during a meet. He was smart enough not to bruise her where it could be seen, or leave her unable to compete. She also knew that he had more than enough evidence to keep her in line. Worse yet, she realized that she wasn’t the only one he did this to. There were three other gymnasts that he abused. None of them could see a way out of it.

Then, during a meet, she broke her leg. She’d swung around too fast and caught the brace of the uneven parallel bars and slammed into it. The fall caused her to land with her leg underneath her and that was when she heard the snap and the pain rolled through her.



She woke up in hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness. When she woke up again, her one friend from the team was sitting next to the bed. So was a man she figured was a doctor, because of the white coat.

“Lynne, you okay?” Nancy asked timidly.

“Yeah, my throat’s sore though. Why?” Lynne asked.

“You had surgery. You really fucked up your leg and they fixed it and you’re in a cast and you’re out for the rest of the season,” Nancy said all at once in a whisper.

“Nancy, you don’t have to whisper, you two are safe in here,” said the man.

“Who are you?” Lynne asked.

“I’m your doctor and at the moment, a watchdog,” he said.

“Huh?” asked Lynne really not adding much of anything together.

“My name is Dr. Richard Marston. I’m an orthopedic surgeon and my major was sports medicine. You broke your leg in two places and tore muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you are lucky, you’ll be up and walking in about six weeks,” he said.

“Oh,” said Lynne as the facts hit her brain. “Six weeks? I’m done for!” she thought. “I’ll miss too much practice,” she said.

“No, Lynne, you are done as a gymnast. At least at this point,” he said. “Sorry for the bad news. However, I need to talk to you about some other things.”

“Like what?” she asked and looked over at Nancy who was wringing her hands.

“When anyone comes in with injuries like yours, we do a total physical. You don’t remember it, because much of it was done during or after the surgery to set your leg. I had some findings that didn’t add up, and when Nancy here came to visit, we had a long talk,” he said.

Lynne looked at Nancy who just paled. “Noooooo,” she cried and tried to sit up.

“Lynne, hold still. It’s okay. Nancy didn’t tell anyone else. Just me, and my nurse. The nurse was the one who found the welts on your back and ass. It didn’t take too long to put things together. Especially when Nancy came in to check on you and she had a bruise on her face the size of a fist,” he said.

Lynne looked over at Nancy and could see the bruise under the makeup. She recognized the pattern of Jarrod’s ring amidst the bruise. “Oh Nan,” she said.

“Saright, I got into his office before he did. I got our stuff. He can’t hurt us anymore,” Nancy said.

Lynne just looked at Nancy, and then at the doctor. “We didn’t have a choice. We’re told from day one to trust our coaches, He had films…” she started as an explanation for what had been done to them.

“You’ve been abused, both mentally and sexually. We aren’t blaming you for this. You had choices. Choices you didn’t know about or understood. He had you blackmailed into a corner and too damn scared to come out. I promise that this will never happen again to anyone at his hands,” said Dr. Marston.

“Right. I tried talking to a social worker years ago, and got told that it was all my fault, and he didn’t get punished. Instead, I got beat and raped. I don’t believe you,” said Lynne.

“Nancy has all the videos, pictures and everything she could find. She took his hard drives. All of them. Luckily he didn’t search her bag when he decided to beat her up for being in his office. As for justice, no, he will never go to court. He’d twist everything and you’d end up looking like sluts. No, there is another way to deal with people like him,” said Dr. Marston.

“What? If you don’t tell the police, who’s going to do anything? I know social services and the college won’t touch him. He’ll get away with this and do it again!” said Lynne very agitated.

“Lynne, calm down. We will take care of him. There are a group of us that look out for sexual predators like him. We know the court systems don’t do much and blame the victims more than the perpetrators. I guess you might call us vigilantes,” said the doctor.

Lynne listened while he explained about the group of people he deals with, and about BDSM, various lifestyles and other things. He also explained what they did to people like Jarrod.

“But how will giving him a shot keep women safe from what he did to Nancy and me?” Lynne asked.

“It’s chemical castration. It’s permanent. He won’t be able to get it up if he ate Viagra like candy. We have a few friends on the police force as well. If he misbehaves, he goes away for a very long time,” said Dr. Marston.

“This still doesn’t sound very safe for me or Nancy. We still have college to finish,” said Lynne. “Although I don’t know what I’ll do now,” she said.

“We’ll help you with that. Plus you’ll get the psychological help you need too. We know the system doesn’t help much, but we do our best. If you want our help, call the number on the card and ask for me. If you don’t, understand that the police will drag this through the courts and he still may get off. I’m not trying to pick on you or threaten you, I’m simply stating facts. Some of which, you already know,” he said handing her a business card. Then he stood up to leave the room.

“Dr. Marston,” Lynne called.

He turned to face her. “Yes?”

“Is anyone going to want us after all we’ve done?” Lynne asked.

He walked over to Lynne and held her hand. “You didn’t DO anything. You were sexually abused. Where you go from here is your choice. As I said, we will help you,” he said and with that left the room.

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