Flash Fiction Friday Tight places

The dressing room was small. They’d slipped past the clerk. She hung up the jeans he was ‘purchasing’ on the wall. She shoved her jeans to her knees. Unzipping his fly, he grabbed her shirt and hiked her it up to grab her breasts. He squeezed hard, using them as hand holds as he slid in and out of her pussy.

She loved sex in public places. It made her come hard knowing that people could hear her strangled cry.


The elevator was tiny. They’d punched the buttons for every other floor. There were 40 floors. He’d dared her. She accepted his dare. Sex in weird places. It made them both so hot, so horny. This was the third fuck this week. First the train, then the movie theater projection booth. She hung her coat on a sprinkler head. He kicked off his shoes, unzipped his pants and stroked his erection. She pulled down her pants and almost had her top up when he slid into her from behind. She was soaked. He pumped hard and fast as the elevator started and stopped. He brought her again and again. The elevator bobbed in rhythm. Gravity gave unexpected pressure in all the right spots. A strangled cry issued from his lips as he squeezed her breasts. Cum surged up from his balls. His orgasm followed the final surge of the elevator, blasting deep in her pussy as the door slid open.


Okay, I couldn’t resist. One at 160, one at 80. Granted, I couldn’t decide where they were either. Store? Elevator? Sister’s closet? Dad’s office? Hmmm….

Today’s Flash Fiction Friday had a word limit of 80 to 160 words and the phrase strangled cry. Check out what Panser is up to next Monday and join in the fun.

18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Tight places

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  1. Tight and public spaces… good theme! I had a hard time deciding where they were too! I do love the shorter piece – a dressing room definitely sounds hot! (and less dangerous than an elevator)

  2. Oh! I love that you couldn’t resist and gave us two versions! Love them both. Next time I go to a dressing room, I’m going to be listening very carefully. πŸ˜‰

    I love the last line of the second story. “Cum surged up from his balls. His orgasm followed the final surge of the elevator, blasting deep in her pussy as the door slid open.” So hot! I’d love to be on the other side when the doors opens. What a sight to behold. πŸ˜‰

  3. Your tone this week suggests that either you need or you’ve just had a bone-rattling experience of some sort; emotions have been somewhat sublimated into action. Which suits the picture very well, even if I’m way off in my psychology. And of course you do it just as well hard as soft, which really should come as no surprise.

    1. Lexi, you are very astute, and thank you for the complements on the writing.
      How to describe the last few weeks? Hm… frustrating. This last week…. Exhausting. On top of all the normal stuff and a few other pieces… A 1000 mile round trip in 72 hours for reasons I can not elaborate on here. Combine that with Wolf getting antifreeze poisoning via a hand wound (who knew?!!!!), and me almost losing him. Oh, and don’t forget having my bank card spaz at a gas station at midnight in a barrio of a rather large Texas town… I think that classifies as bone-rattling.

      I also have a Muse that wants to be writing and I literally have no time/space/quiet to do so. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had a bunch of stories scheduled for the last 8 days, the blog would have sat empty.

  4. I love them both!!
    After you commented on my page I became intrigued by your blog name, which is awesome by the way.

    I was not prepared for the horny scenes that were waiting for me on your blog… I think I shall “follow” you πŸ˜‰

    Also I read your about page, and I love that you are so confident in your writing! I plan to catch up shortly on what I have already missed. I too began my blog as a challenge, and I also one day hope to have my little library of my own works! Good luck!


    1. Hello Goldi,

      Pleased to delight you! When trying to decide what to name this blog I kept coming back to the idea that writing was magic. Therefore, Word Wytch. πŸ™‚ As for stories… you have a plethora of delights ahead of you. There are a few ‘non-sexual’ ones, especially early on. However, I have Dark stories, Werewolf stories, lots of FFF, and a few that make my partner wonder if I just record our lives and transcribe them. πŸ™‚ He knows anything he says or does may end up in a story and that I have no shame. πŸ™‚

      I look forward to reading more of your work as well!


      1. Oh I am excited! You might shortly become my muse, and inspiration for different story lines. Myself I have to write shorter anthologies, because I get bored quickly with the characters or I find them evolving too quickly for the story line I have created. I am still in the earlier stages of writing I think… Hopefully I evolve just as quickly.

        Bear, who knows about the site, but as far as I am aware has not visited, would think the same lol


        1. Goldi,

          Glad to be of aMUSEment. πŸ™‚ Really though, let me know if I can help. πŸ™‚ I started out with short stories and they grew from there. Hope that Bear enjoys the stories here on the blog as well. On my homepage there is a page set aside for just the serialized stories. It helps when you want to read all of one story. More Than Just A Fairy Tale is my longest one so far on the web. Yes, I have others NOT on the web…. why? um… I’m a selfish bitch? Ummm… no, just haven’t let go of them. Enjoy!

  5. I too think that this part… β€œCum surged up from his balls. His orgasm followed the final surge of the elevator, blasting deep in her pussy as the door slid open.” was awesome. Such a sexy description.
    I liked them both, but the second story was my favorite because of the dares and continually doing it in different places.

  6. I like both takes, the long and the short of it. Both are complete internally and I love the challenge of sticking to the word count. Both sexy and fun, well written and wonderfully you. And yes, I’m glad that Wolf is OK. That’s why I never work on my car.

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