Revenge part 3

Betsy was astonished by the house. After living in a college dorm, there was too much room.

“I really get to stay here? she asked.

“Yes. My parents have agreed to host you and make sure you get to your appointments. They will do the same with Lynne in a few weeks. If you want to go see Lynne, simply let them know and they will take you,” he said. With that, he closed her bedroom door and went downstairs.

His mom was there waiting. “You sure she’s going to be alright?” she asked.

“I hope so. She and Lynne are the most damaged physically and mentally. The sooner we get them back into a normal routine, the faster they will heal,” he said. Then the two of them went over some scheduling and he left to go back to work.



Lynne hobbled around on crutches enough to satisfy Dr. Marston. He nodded and then went back to finish up the paperwork for her release. It had taken seven weeks for her leg to heal enough to cope with a walking cast.

David stuck his head in the door. “Are you ready to go see Betsy?” he asked.

“Yes! I am so tired of not doing anything except reading and watching TV,” said Lynne.

“Then let’s go,” he said. He pushed the wheelchair she had to leave in and carried the crutches. Dr. Marston walked with them to the door and helped Lynne into the car.

“Remember, you are your own person. Do what makes you feel good,” he said and kissed the top of Lynne’s head.

Lynne and Betsy squealed when they saw each other like five year olds and not nearly twenty year olds. David just put his head down on top of his car. James smiled and looked at the sky. His mother ‘tched’ at both of them and welcomed Lynne into her home. Both girls had agreed to finish college while living with James’ parents. James and Dr. Marston would provide counseling and David would provide self defense training. They had changed colleges and worked out degrees that didn’t involve gymnastics. Lynne of course would need months of physical therapy.


Lynne worked hard to get back into shape. While she couldn’t return to gymnastics, she was graceful and elegant. She took dance to work her body and enjoyed the self defense training that David provided. She soon learned a number of martial arts.

Betsy grew a whole two inches under the care and nurturing of James’ mother. She too enjoyed the martial arts, but never set foot in a gym without David at her side. She still had nightmares and flinched when taller men moved towards her too quickly.

One afternoon session, Lynne was sparing with David and Dirk. Another man and his sparing partner stopped to watch the two men spar with Lynne. They commented back and forth and then one of them called out to Lynne.

“Hey Baby, why don’t you try out your stuff on a real man, and not a couple of old men?” he said.

Before he could turn back from laughing with his buddy over his remark, Lynne had back flipped over to him, landed, kicked him in the stomach, and as he bent forward she brought her knee up, bloodied his nose and then flipped him on his back.

“Nobody calls me Baby. Do You Understand?” she said.

The guy nodded and Lynne did flips back over to where David and Dirk stood dumbfounded.

“Lynne, I take it that your former antagonist used that particular name to berate you?” asked David in a very soft voice.

“Yes he did. Often with every other stroke. I detest that nickname,” she said. “And no, I don’t care that I just left another human being bleeding on the floor. I know I need to learn control, but he had no right to talk to me like that,” she said.

David and Dirk looked at each other and nodded. “Lynne, we’d like to take you to a club tonight. Just you. Then we want to talk. Would that be alright?” David asked.

Lynne looked at the two men. “Is this because I lost my temper?” she asked.

“It’s because you need an outlet for your temper and it might help you as well,” said David. Dirk looked at David and understood where David was going. Lynne wasn’t the only one with an anger management issue.


They drove up to the Rosy Thorn and walked into the club. David and Dirk had explained what the club was and that people didn’t have to be themselves here. She giggled when David told her he went by Boris at the club. She started to make a joke, and then caught the look behind David’s eyes. She put her hand on his and realized that he had his own demons.

They walked in and after a few minutes in the main lobby, they walked into the dungeon. David and Dirk showed Lynne around and allowed her to watch whatever she wanted. When Lynne asked questions about the equipment, they showed her what she needed to know. David as Boris, gave a demonstration of the whip and it’s use. Lynne was entranced. Even moreso as she watched the way that Boris, worked people. She understood why he was Boris and literally could see the difference. He made Jarrod look like a clumsy fool.

After a few hours, they left the club and went to a diner to sit and talk. Dirk and David were amazed at how quickly Lynne understood the D/s dynamic without getting upset. David mentioned that they could not have had this ‘field trip’ with Betsy, and Lynne agreed. They dropped Lynne back at the house in the wee hours of the morning.


David woke up to the phone ringing. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was 9am. He answered the phone. “Hello. Oh, morning Lynne. Aren’t you a little too chipper for this time of the morning?” he asked. “Oh. Okay. See you at 11am.” he said and then hung up the phone. David checked his schedule and moved a few things. Then he headed to the shower.

He met Lynne at the gym where they practiced martial arts. Lynne was already warming up when he got there. She had a fine sheen of sweat across her shoulders as she twisted and moved.

“You are far too active after being up so late,” he said.

“We got use to it on the road. Gymnastic meets are brutal in more ways than one,” she said.

“Okay. Are you ready?” he asked as he dropped his jacket and moved onto the mats.

“Yes,” she said.

For the next hour they attacked each other. David did his best to pin and control Lynne. She did her best to evade and move against him. Near the end, when they were both tired, David did as she had asked when they talked on the phone. He had her in a tight grip and whispered “Baby” in her ear. Then he held on for dear life. When his head smacked the mats and she had her arm across his throat, he slapped the mat twice indicating that he quit.

Lynne sat back on her heels and took a deep breath.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Better. I’ve also made a decision,” she said.

“Oh?” asked David.

“Yes. I want to talk to Boris’ mentor,” she said.

“Ah. I thought that’s where this was leading. Are you sure?” he asked with David’s voice, but Boris’ eyes.

“Yes. I’m still broken, but I think this is a way for me to heal. I’ve got my degree in history which isn’t going to get me much. However, this will give me an outlet to deal with my inner demons. I can make more money that way then I can teaching or even working in a library as a research assistant,” she said.

“You realize that you will be back in the same position you were for at least a month if not longer,” said David. “That they won’t take it easy on you just because you have a past.”

“I understand. That’s why I asked you here today. If I can’t cope, I’ll find a nice tweed suit and wear my hair up in a bun,” Lynne said.

David laughed at the idea of Lynne wearing a tweed suit. Then he really thought about it. “You know, that would almost be more effective than some of the other costumes,” he said.

“I know,” said Lynne.

“Alright. If you’re sure, I’ll contact Lord Duncan,” said David.

Lynne smiled.



They all stood at the barriers and watched Lynne and David head for their plane. David would be back in a week. Lynne might be back in a year. It all depended on how things went for her. Betsy was trying not to cry, but she knew it was what Lynne wanted. She too was due to leave town. Betsy had found a job as a preschool teacher in a rural area. Her real healing had started the night they found out that Jarrod had taken his life rather than go to jail on assault charges.



Lynne and David stood on the front steps of a very fancy house deep in the heart of the English countryside. The butler showed them into a parlor. Ten minutes later, a small man in what Lynne thought of as ‘English country gentleman’ clothes came into the room.

“Ah, Boris. So nice to see you,” the man said.

“Lord Duncan,” said Boris in return. Neither man shook hands or touched in any way. “I would like to introduce Lynne to you.”

“Ah yes. The young lady you wrote to me about,” said Lord Duncan. “Very nice to meet you dear,” he said and held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you as well Lord Duncan,” said Lynne. She extended her hand and he took it and kissed the back of her hand.

“Have a seat and we’ll chat,” said Lord Duncan. “I hear you’d like to attend my academy.”

“Yes. I would,” said Lynne.

“You understand what it involves?” he asked.

“Yes, I read the contract on the way over. I have it in my handbag,” said Lynne.

Lord Duncan observed Lynne. No nervous tremors in the voice, calm, not sweating. Yes, this one might make a very good student. “Well then. If you are ready to start, let’s sign that paper,” he said.

Lynne took the document out and her pen. She signed it and then handed it over to Lord Duncan. He read it, folded it and put it in his pocket. He then stood up and showed them out of the parlor.

“Boris, I will see you in the morning. I’ve scheduled two classes in the whip and one about the subtle dominance of voice. If you need anything, please let me know,” said Lord Duncan.

“Thank you Lord Duncan,” said Boris.

“You on the other hand will start your classes now. Your room has been set up. There is a great deal of reading to do before we start the practicals. Your schedule will be posted on your door and it will be followed. Any variances will not be tolerated,” said Lord Duncan.

“Yes sir,” said Lynne.

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