Revenge part 4

She stood on the pavement outside. It was cold. She was naked. At least the rain had stopped. “It’s almost dawn,” she thought. “If I can hold out till dawn, I’m finished.” The crack of the whip on the pavement made her heart race, but she stood still. The whip fell again and again, each time closer to her. She didn’t move.

“Baby, don’t you want to come get this and hit me?” taunted a voice behind her. She stood still.

“Oh come on sweetie baby, come take the whip and teach me how to please you,” he crooned.

She didn’t move. She waited for the sun to break the horizon.

“Baby, you’re just a slut who no body wants. A used up whore and we all know what you like,” taunted the voice. “Your girlfriends all give it up, why don’t you? Come on, spread them for us.”

She took a slow deep breath. The whip started to strike he heels. Then her calves. The man with the whip worked it up until one of the shots curled around her breast and caught the nipple. It stung, but she didn’t move. She watched the dawn break across the English countryside. As the light hit her face, the whip stopped. Silence. Deep breath. She stood waiting.

“Very good dear, you’ve passed,” Lord Duncan said from the doorway to the hall. You may go to your room and shower. I expect you in the great hall by 8am,” he said.

She relaxed at last. Turning to the man who’d handled the taunting and the whip, she simply nodded and walked away.

“No hard feelings?” he asked.

“No feelings at all,” she said and kept walking.

She came down dressed in a suit from Selfridge’s. A modest tweed with a silk blouse, stockings and heels. Her hair was coiffured in a French twist and a rope of pearls lay around her throat. As she walked into the room, the other clapped and then stood. Lord Duncan stood at the head of the table. He extended his hands to her and when she took them, he gave her a kiss on each cheek and then offered her a chair to his right.

Breakfast was served. Afterwards, Lord Duncan dismissed his other students leaving the two of them alone.

“So, are you truly going to leave me?” he asked.

“Yes sir. I need to return. I made a promise to myself and I will keep it,” she said.

“Well, if you should ever change your mind, I would gleefully have you back. You’ve been one of my best students. Even better than Boris,”he said.

“Thank you for the compliment,” she said.

“Your bags are already in the car and I have your documents here as well as your tickets. There is only one thing left to do,” he said. “What name have you chosen?”

“Belinda,” she said.

“Beautiful my dear. I look forward to hearing of the exploits of Mistress Belinda,” he said. “If you ever need anything, please contact me.”

“Thank you Lord Duncan,” said Belinda. They kissed on the cheek and then she left.

The airport was chaos. She had forgotten how much she hated loud people and big crowds. Deep breath!” she thought to herself. She looked around and still didn’t see anyone she knew. Then a sign caught her eye. ‘Belinda’ it said. Below it, Boris’ smiling face. She smiled and walked towards him.

“My god! I barely recognize you,” he said as they hugged.

“You’ve gone a little gray at the temples,” she said.

“Yes. I quit my ‘job’ and am now working in the private sector,” he said. “Oh, and I have a girlfriend. She wants to move in with me.”

“Interesting. Does she know you?” she asked.

“She knows nothing of Boris. I figured we could have lunch and talk before I take you home,” Boris said.

“That would be grand. Was it easy to find me an apartment?” she asked.

“No, not at all. Dirk knew where one was. We have a couple of new faces at the club. Jake and Tim. Both fairly easy going. You’ll get along with them well. Dirk is still Dirk. I’m waiting for a woman who goes through him rather than the other way around,” said Boris.

Belinda laughed.

They ate lunch at a cafe that knew ‘David’ well enough to bring his food before he asked. She ordered a salad and a sandwich. They talked for hours about her training and how life had been.

“You were right. The first time as a sub almost had me in tears. LD didn’t leave it to anyone but himself either. Never did figure out if he wanted me to fail or was afraid I’d fail,” she said.

“I understand. He wrote me the week you started sub life. We discussed your prior situation and any possible triggers I knew of,” said Boris.

“Oh, believe me. He used all of them. Worst was the vaulting horse. He literally returned me to the initial rape scene,” she said.

“Oh my. Did you cope or break?” he asked.

“I coped. The minute I was released from my sub life, I decked him,” she said.

Boris coughed and laughed imagining her decking Lord Duncan. “And how many hours did you spend swinging by your ankles?” he asked.

“None. Instead I got to scrub floors naked for a week with a sign on my back that said to address me as ‘Baby”. I learned to control my temper. Better yet, the next time we went into the gym, I was okay. Okay enough that I even orgasmed,” Belinda said.

Boris nodded. He knew that the sexual aspect had been difficult for her. She had been so use to abuse that she had to learn it could be pleasurable. “Who did your technique final?” he asked.

“Who do you think?” she smiled.

“No! Really?” he said astonished.

“Yes. LD! I was his first in nearly ten years. He’s a lot of fun in bed,” she said.

He just smiled. “And the final?” Boris asked.

“Outside, on the balcony, in the rain with Geoffrey on the whip taunting me. I didn’t flinch when the whip hit, nor did I rip out his throat when he called me ‘Baby’. I finally learned control,” she said.

He nodded. “And how long did you spend in London afterwards?” Boris asked.

“Three glorious days. You know, I never really believed me that I’d have money at the end of this, but when I found that envelope in the packet of papers, you could have knocked me over with a feather,” she said.

Boris smiled.”You did impress him. I know what he gave you and to be honest you got nearly $8000 more than I did. Average is $3650. You understand why the money?” he asked.

“Yes! So I can make my way in the world. I found some great suits and a set of leathers that will make you envious,” Belinda said with a smile. They both laughed.

“So, are you making your debut in leathers or tweeds?” he asked.

“Tweeds of course!” she said with a smile.

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