Jess’ Girl ~*~*~*~DRAGONS~*~*~*~

Fair Warning! There are Dragons here. This was written after Nilla wrote His Girl    This story is what Wolf said he’d do to the guy in the story. So sit back, read and understand why it’s never a good thing to piss off a Marine, Special Ops or Wolf. 


Jess got home late. He wondered why there were no lights on in the house. He had rules and he wondered why Penny had disobeyed him. He unlocked the door and turned on the light. The sight that greeted him made his heart lurch. The living room was a mess of beer cans, pizza boxes and trash. The air was stale and smelled like a bar room after closing.

“Penny!” he called as he walked towards the bedroom. “Penny!” This time he heard a whimper. He ran towards the bedroom and turned on the light. While the living room made his heart lurch, the sight of Penny on the bed almost made his heart stop. She’d been beaten and raped. He rushed to her side and started to unbuckle the heavy leather cuffs that had her strapped to the bed.

“Penny, It’s okay. It’s me, Jess. I’ve got you now,” he said as he cradled her in his arms. He dialed 911 as he rocked her.

Penny just cried. She hurt in places she didn’t know she could hurt. Jack and his ‘fuck buddies’ had fucked all of her for the whole weekend. The only liquid had been beer when her mouth was too full of cum. The only food was cum. They’d pinched and bit and bruised her until there wasn’t a place that didn’t hurt. Worst of all, she hated that she had responded to their abuse. The more they hurt her, the more she came. She was afraid that Jess-Master would be mad at her. She was afraid she’d never be his sub again. She cried.

“Penny, the ambulance is coming. Who did this to you?” Jess asked as gently as possible.

“It… it was Jjjjjack. Said he wanted Jess’ girl. Hhe and his fuck buddies fucked me and I… I couldn’t help it. I just kept responding tttto the pain and…” she started to cry again.

“Penny, it’s okay. I’ll take care of you and them,” he said. “Jack’s been a bad boy…. and he’s gonna wish he was dead,” he thought. “It’s okay Penny. I’ll take care of you. You are still my sweet little pain slut. I know you couldn’t help it. It’ll be okay,” he said. He rocked and cuddled Penny waiting for the paramedics to arrive.


Three hours later, the last of the cops had left. Jess had given them Jack’s name and address, but knew that by the time they got to the apartment, it would be too late. Jess went out to the garage and got the things he needed. He packed them in a backpack and headed out of town.



Jack never knew what hit him. Literally. He’d been standing at the bar shooting his mouth off about how he’d fucked a slut until she passed out. Next thing he knew, something hit him hard and everything went black.

He woke up in the back of a pickup, bouncing up a dirt road. It was still dark, but he could smell pine trees. He was tied tight and all he could do was move his head. Even his mouth was covered in duct tape.

The truck pulled off the road and bounced through the trees. Jack tried to cry out as he rolled from side to side, but there was no one to hear him. The truck came to a halt. There were still no lights and that was when he realized that he was blindfolded as well as gagged. Rough hands grabbed him and hauled him out of the truck. He was lead along and stumbled behind the person. They stopped. Jack thought about trying to run, but it was like the person read his mind.

“You try to run, and I will catch you. I know these wood and you don’t,” the voice whispered in his ear.

Jack stood still. He heard a bag drop on the ground and items being taken out of it. Then he was shoved roughly against a tree.

“Don’t move,” said the voice.

Jack stood still and realized that the man was tying a rope around his ankles and around the tree. “Nooooo!!!!” he tried to cry. No sound issues from his mouth. The rope was snugged tight. Then his hands were freed and then loosely tied around the tree. Then he heard the snick of a knife. He recognized that snick. It was his knife. He felt it slice up his pant legs and through his belt. Then the underwear were cut.

“I wouldn’t wiggle too much. I’d hate to cut off that cock of yours. I have such plans for it,” said the voice softly.

Jack held still. He felt the last of his clothes cut off. He was naked except for his shoes and tied to a tree. Then he felt the man’s hand on his cock and balls. He tried to pull away, but the man didn’t let him. He was pulling at his ball sack. Jack tried to scream. It didn’t work. Jack’s legs were spread wide.

“Once again, I’d hold real still,” said the voice. The hand pulled and tugged at Jack’s ball sack until he had a finger on either side up under Jack’s cock. He pulled Jack’s sac up to the tree and moved Jack’s cock to one side. Jack felt something cold on the underside of his cock. It pressed hard.

The clank of metal on metal came at the same time the scream boiled up from under the duct tape. The hammer hit the spike twice more and then the only sound was Jack screaming as the man ripped off the duct tape. The bastard had spiked his ball sac to the fucking tree!

Jack screamed and screamed. He squirmed and tried to alleviate the pain and there was no escape. He realized that he’d shit himself and pissed himself as well. Blood was trickling down his thighs. “Oh god! I’m sorry for whatever it was I did! Just let me go!” Jack screamed.

“You know what you did,” said the voice. “You violated my trust. You took what wasn’t yours to take. You are the only one who can release yourself from this.”

Then Jack realized who his tormentor was. Jess. The blindfold was ripped from his eyes, and in the early dawn light, he saw Jess staring at him. The look of hatred in his eyes was terrifying.

“Jess, I’m sorry, but she came on to me and then called these other guys and well, she asked for it. Wanted it. She was so wet and wanted it,” Jack tried to convince himself as well as Jess as to what happened.

“Liar. I’ve talked to Penny. Something you may not understand, but in a D/s relationship, especially one like ours, lying isn’t tolerated. She wouldn’t lie to me. You are the liar,” said Jess. “Now, you have a choice. Live or die. I’m putting your knife here in the ground.”

Jack followed his knife down to where Jess stuck it in the ground. It was about a foot away from the tree. He whimpered.

“Now, if you really want to live, you’ll rip off of that heavy duty tent spike I just drove through your ball sack. Your hands are tied loose enough that you should be able to reach the knife and cut yourself free. Or, you can just wait until the various predators smell that blood and shit and come looking for dinner. You see, it’s spring. Late spring and all the bears are coming out of hibernation. They’re hungry. So are all the animals that just gave birth. You’re an easy target. Plus, you might have noticed that the sun is coming up to your right. It will have all day to bake your ass,” said Jess.

“Hey man, I’m sorry. Really sorry. I’ll pay all your bills and I’ll leave the state. Just let me go okay? Huh? Please! I’m really sorry!” said Jack.

“I know you’re sorry. I want you to remember this lesson for the next eighteen lifetimes. I want you to never forget this lesson, because I don’t like repeating myself!” Jess yelled right in Jack’s face.

“Come on Man! Let me go! Please for the love of god!!!” Jack cried.

“Where was your love of god when you raped Penny?” Jess asked in almost a whisper.

Jack looked at Jess’ face and knew he was as good as dead unless he pulled himself free of the spike. “Please,” he begged.

“Better luck next time,” Jess said as he gathered up his tools and Jack’s clothes. He used a branch to wipe out his tracks and hiked back to the truck.

The last thing Jess heard was Jack screaming for him to come back. Jess turned up his radio and drove on home.



When he got back to town, he called the hospital. The nurse had said Penny was still been in recovery. By the time he had cleaned up the apartment, Jess had just enough time for a quick shower and then he got dressed to go see Penny. He stopped and picked up a dozen roses for her.

Penny was awake when he popped his head into her room. She smiled through bruises and cracked lips when he gave her the roses.

“Thank you,” she said softly. She pointed to where she wanted him to put the flowers.

“You’re welcome. You deserve so much more, and I am so sorry for what happened,” he said holding her hand.

“Sokay,” she said softly. It still hurt to talk.

“And don’t you ever think that any of this was your fault. If anything, it’s my fault for making you vulnerable, and thinking that Jack would be a decent man. He will never bother anyone again,” Jess said.

“Did… did you kill him?” Penny whispered.

“No. Hurt him, but didn’t kill him. That’s up to him,” said Jess softly.

Penny looked up at him and knew that he meant it. Knew that she never wanted to know what had happened. She wrapped her arms around him as best she could between the bandages and IV lines.

“I love you Penny.” he said into her hair as he held her.

“Love you too Master,” she said.

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  1. i was gonna wait…but couldn’t….love it!

    and i went back to my blog…i’d started the second part but never finished it…with 300 words invested, i’ll work on finishing it up so we’ll have comparative “endings”….this was fun…no, not the story, that was intense. But the versions of things…nice!

    who is gonna be in big trouble if she doesn’t get off the puter and start doing the task i was ordered to accomplish!

    1. Wondered if you could wait. And yes, it was intense. So was Wolf that night when he described it. His version though used a railroad spike. Ghhhhhhhhhhh! Glad you liked the story.

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