Revenge part 5

She walked into the dungeon on Boris’ arm. Petite, hair swept up in a chignon, tweed suit perfectly tailored and her heels while high were matched to the suit. She noticed the glances she got and knew that they all thought Boris had a new pain slut on his arm. They were so wrong.

“Dirk, may I introduce Mistress Belinda,” said Boris.

Dirk took her hand and kissed the back of it. “Mistress Belinda, it is a pleasure to meet you,” he said with a smile nearly splitting his face. Gone was the victim and before him was a beautiful woman. “Oh, before I forget, Mistress Belinda, this is Jake our latest Dom to join the club, and this is Miller the owner and his assistant Tim,” said Dirk as the men approached.

“I’m very pleased to meet all of you,” Belinda said with a slight English accent.

“I’ve reserved the big dungeon for you. I’ve let it be known that we have a new mistress who would like to give a demonstration. The time is set for 9pm if that works for you,” Miller said.

“Of course. I’ve brought my tools, but a cross and a sub would be nice. Otherwise, I could always use you Dirk,” she said with a smile.

Dirk laughed. “I don’t think so Mistress Belinda. We have a surplus of subs most nights that would be glad to volunteer,” he said.

Boris then took Belinda on a tour of the club as if she had never been there before. At 8:45pm, they went into the main dungeon where Tim and Jake had set things up as requested and deposited her bag of tools on a small table. Boris and Belinda stood off to one side as the crowd begun to gather.

“You ready for this?” Boris asked.

“Yes. We had to perform at a club in Oxford and in London. This crowd is easy,” said Belinda.

“Okay. If you need me, know that I will help,” he said.

“Thank you. You’ve been so good to me,” she said and gave him a hug.

“Careful, you’ll spoil my image as a monster,” he teased. That made both of them laugh.



“Good evening, I’d like to introduce Mistress Belinda. She recently returned from England and has offered to provide us with a demonstration. Are there any volunteers?” asked Miller as Belinda stood next to him. There were some snickers amongst the applause and Belinda and Boris took note.

A variety of hands went up. Boris took his cue from Belinda and selected a few. Two were ones that had snickered. Belinda looked them up and down and she chose the biggest of the ones that had snickered. The rest went back to the audience.

“Tonight I will show a variety of techniques for bringing a sub to heel,” she said just loud enough to be heard. “Would you please take off your shirt and step up to the cross,” she asked the volunteer.

“Sure. Although I don’t think you’ll be able to accomplish much. You ain’t got enough muscle to hurt an ant,” the guy bragged.

“By the end of this demonstration, you will use my correct title which is Mistress and you will beg for more,” she said. “Strap him on the cross please Boris,”

“My pleasure Mistress Belinda,” Boris said and strapped the guy in snuggly. He was face up on the cross.

Once he was in place, she brought out her whip. She walked over to the cross. “This is my favorite toy,” she said to the guy strapped in as she held it under his nose. Then she walked away and the crowd backed up to give her room. She stretched and then put the whip down. She unbuttoned the jacket of her suit and placed it on the back of a chair. Underneath the jacket was a black leather corset that showed little cleavage, but fit like a glove. She stretched and then grabbed the whip and cracked it a foot from the guy’s face. She repeated this move and each time brought it a little closer. Her last shot hit right across his nipple. She then danced the whip from right to left nipple until they were reddened and drawn up tight. Her last stroke cascaded down his head and shoulders like a snake.

She then worked her whip up one arm and down the other. Every other stroke hit his chest widening the red marks. She stopped and put the handle of the whip in the guy’s mouth. When he refused to hold it, she grabbed a nipple, twisted it and put the whip back.

“You will hold this. Do you understand?” she said as she pinched the nipple harder.

He nodded yes and kept the whip in his mouth.

“Is it just me, or is it hot in here Boris?” asked Belinda.

“I think it is rather warm,” he said.

She nodded and with a swift movement, stripped out of her skirt, leaving her in the corset, stockings, heels and a very short leather miniskirt. The crowd gasped. The guy on the cross slumped. She walked over to him and with a swift movement applied two nipple clamps to his tender flesh. He gasped, but did not let the whip drop.

“Oh, good boy,” she said. Then she caressed him with her fingertips from shoulder to belt. As the guy relaxed, she changed from fingertips to fingernails. He gasped again. The stripes from her fingernails showed in relief on his skin. Then she looked up at him and started to undo his belt. The look of shock on the guy’s face was almost comical. In less than a moment, with help from Boris, his jeans were on a chair next to the wall and his boxer briefs were on show for the crowd.

“Now, I have never understood men’s underwear. Do you ladies/” Belinda asked the crowd.

“No!” came back the answer from the crowd.

“Should we let him keep them?” she asked.

“NO!” the women cried while the men snickered or laughed.

The guy on the cross was going pale. He hadn’t anticipated this. After what she had done to his nipples…..

“Oh, but it wouldn’t be fair to have him nude. You can tell by the look on his face that he hadn’t thought about this when he volunteered. So, I have a solution. I will give him my miniskirt, and we will take his underwear in trade. Sound fair?” she asked.

The crowd howled with delight. Boris and Dirk came up to help. Belinda stood in front of the guy and took off her mini-skirt which laced at the sides and covered the guy about the same time the two men pulled off his underwear. Belinda was standing there in her tiny leather thong, corset, stockings and heels. The guy was wearing her mini-skirt like an apron.

“Ah, much better. Now for a little more whip work,” she said and took the whip from his mouth. She dried it on his skin. Then she worked up his legs to the edge of the skirt and down again. He gasped each time it came close to his crotch. She put her whip down and then turned to the crowd.

“What next?” she asked.

Various things were called out and she smiled. Turning to her toy bag she brought out two things. An ostrich feather and a vibrator. She ran the feather up and down his legs and under the apron. When she could see him biting his lip to keep quiet, she switched to the vibrator. Once again, she ran it up and down his body, finishing just under the apron. The audience could tell that he enjoyed that as the apron began to rise.

“Now sub, what do you have to say to me,” Belinda asked so quietly that the crowd had to shut up to hear her.

“Mistress Belinda, I’m sorry I laughed at you when you first were introduced,” he said.

“I agree. Never judge a book by it’s cover or a Mistress by her tweed suit. Why? Because the quiet mice, the little ones, the unassuming among you will be the ones that bring your life down around your ears. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but often a warm dish can be very satisfying,” she said.

The crowd laughed and applauded.



After the club closed, Lynne, David and Dirk sat down and had coffee in a local diner. Lynne had put her tweed suit back on and returned to looking like a librarian.

“So, that about sums up my last year,” she said.

“And how are you, Lynne, doing?” asked Dirk.

“I am a very quiet, unassuming research librarian who has a job interview in a week at the university I graduated from. I have a new apartment due to you and I’m going to see about visiting Betsy as soon as I have a chance,” she said.

“Do you intend to play at the club?” asked David.

“Oh yes. I can’t ignore that side of my life any more than you can. We all need our outlets. If we don’t, the monsters come out to play without control. So, I intend to exercise that little monster as often as I can. I found I do enjoy being a Mistress. I like the power, and the control. It gives me a chance to not feel helpless,” she said.

The two men nodded. Each had their own demons to deal with and working at the club helped.

“How is your relationship coping with your two halves, David?” she asked.

“There are days I want to scream and yell. So, I come to the club and beat the stupidity out of some idiot who pays for the privilege. Other days I seriously think of breaking it off,” he said.

“Oh, and why don’t you?” Lynne asked.

“Don’t laugh, but… I really do love her. Some day I may show her the dark side. Just not yet,” said David.

“You Dirk? Anyone in your life?” she asked.

“No. Not a soul. What about you? Are you a participant as well as a player in the BDSM world?” Dirk asked.

“Promise not to laugh?” she asked.

Both men promised.

“After all the training, the whole variety of sexual choices and everything I ever wanted to try and some I never will again, I discovered the kind of sex I like best is Vanilla!” she said with a giggle.

They broke their promise and laughed. The idea that one of the best mistresses they’d seen in ages liked vanilla sex was hilarious.

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