Cowboy Finale

“Come on sleepyhead!” said Cat from somewhere above Nick’s head. He blinked and looked up. Cat had already showered and was partially dressed. “Damn!” he thought.

“How did you get out of bed without me noticing?” he asked as he got up. He was sticky with last nights play.

“Easy. You rolled over when the alarm went off and I got up. Go get showered before I decide I want to go back to bed,” she said with a smile. Cat picked BOB up out of the bed, wiped it with the edge of her towel and stuck it back in the drawer.

“Damn. I didn’t dream that then,” he said as he headed off to the shower after kissing Cat.

Cat followed him down the stairs and headed to the kitchen while he showered. She had the coffee ready and two slices of pie on plates when he walked out in his cowboy boots and nothing else.

“A little light on the clothing there cowboy,” she said smiling as his cock bounced up and down with a mind of it’s own.

“I don’t have any clean clothes in here,” he said. With that he took a sip of coffee and headed off to the bunk house.

Cat watched his ass all the way to the bunk house. “Oh damn. That man is going to be the death of me! That ass, those legs, arms… and Damn! Got to get my mind out of the gutter!” she thought as he finally disappeared into the building. She sat down to the table and started on her pie. She was almost finished when Nick came back in dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. He sat down and ate his pie.

“More coffee?” he asked.

Cat gave him a look that said “Duh!” and poured him another cup. She put her plates in the sink. She sat down and waited for him to finish his coffee.

“Okay, what’s on your mind,” he said.

“Nick, Where’s this going?” she asked. She’d thought about it the entire time she was in the shower. She knew what she’d like, but didn’t know him well enough.

“Well, I thought we were mowing two hayfields today and checking pastures,” he answered. He knew what she wanted to hear, but he dragged it out just a little.

“Nick! You know what I mean,” she said.

“Yes, just had to tease,” he said with a smile. “Where do you want this to go?” he asked turning it around on her. He had his mind made up and figured she did too.

“I… um… damn this is difficult. I don’t want to sound like I’m begging or desperate or anything, but I… I like you. I like having sex with you. Hell, I enjoy sex with you. You’re also good around the ranch,” she paused because she realized she was rambling. “Would you like to stay? Move into the house? Into my bed?” she asked.

Nick took a sip of coffee, sat down his cup and smiled. “Yes,” he said.

Cat smiled. She wanted to grab Nick and haul him back to bed but the hay couldn’t wait any longer. “Shall we go get that hay cut then?” she said trying not to giggle.

“Yes,” he said with a smile. He could tell she didn’t want to cut hay, but he’d roll her in it after it was cut.



The hay was cut and drying when they took a break. Sitting under the tree drinking iced tea from the cooler, Cat rested against Nick. She was content. Nick ran his hand through her sweaty hair and tickled her ear.

“Nick!” she squeaked.

“What?” he answered with a smile. He finished his tea and put the cup back in the lunch box.

“You are a brat,” she said.

Nick took her tea glass away from her and then tackled her. “Yes I am and I haven’t had my way with you in at least eighteen hours. I want to ravish you here,” he said.

“Oh no you don’t! We still have animals to feed and eggs to coll…” was as far as she got when he covered her mouth with a kiss. She melted.


An hour later, they put their clothes back on and headed to the barn to finish up the chores. Cat had a smile on her face that wouldn’t go away. Nick wasn’t too unhappy either. He whistled as he drove the tractor back to the barn.

Cat hopped off the tractor and started feeding the animals. They’d done a fast job that morning, but needed to finish things off before dinner. She watched Nick park the tractor and head off to hunt eggs.

Diablo nuzzled her head as she fed him. “Yes, I still love you. We’ll go for a ride later,” she said. She felt confident enough to ride now that Nick was there. Yes, she could still sit on the damn horse if the vertigo hit, but it wasn’t fun. She grabbed the hose and filled water troughs next.

When the chores were finally done, Cat and Nick headed back to the house and made supper. They were both hungry and after hamburgers, salad and corn on the cob, they had the last of the pie for dessert. Dishes were done quickly and the two of them headed for the shower.

Cat let the water pummel her back. Nick then turned her around and soaped and massaged her back. Then it was his turn. After he’d rinsed off, he soaped and massaged her front and she tried to work on him at the same time. It didn’t work.

“Just hold still. I want to play with your breasts,” he said teasing her.

“But that thing keeps pointing at me,” she said dropping a dollop of soap on the head of his cock.

“Yes, and if you play with it too much, it will go off,” he said as he continued to stroke her skin.

Cat gave up and let him play with her. They rinsed off and got out of the shower. After they dried off, they started to head upstairs when he grabbed her hand and headed for the front porch.

“Nick, what are you up to?” she asked.

“I want to make love on the porch swing,” he said.

Cat smiled. They spread their towels on the swing and Nick sat back while Cat straddled him. He was already hard and it didn’t take long for him to make Cat wet enough to let him slide into her. As she rode him, he gently swung the swing back and forth. The push and pull of gravity added to the depth of his strokes and it didn’t take long before Cat was moaning and beginning to orgasm. She came and Nick held her tight against his cock. A few more swings and he came too, pumping cum deep into Cat. She fell forward in exhausted joy and let the swing carry them back and forth.

As they lay there, a thought struck Nick. “Um… Cat, I have a question,” he said.

“Yeah?” she asked very relaxed.

“Um. We haven’t been using condoms. Are you um… Do we have a problem?” he asked.

“Sokay, Fixed. Tubes tied,” she said softly.

“Oh, Okay. Sorry I didn’t ask sooner. I just didn’t think,” he said. He felt really stupid for not asking.

“Sokay. We better head up to bed, I’m melted,” Cat said.

They disentangled and headed up to bed after a quick stop at the bathroom to clean up. Cat hadn’t gotten more than in the door when cum started to run down her leg.

“Just how much of this stuff do you make?” she teased.

“Um… a lot. One of my girlfriends accused me of trying to drown her. It’s just the way I am,” said Nick.

“Okay. Just wondered. Whatshisname barely shot a thimble full. Granted, he could have used a thimble as a condom,” said Cat. She and Bobby had played show and tell, and when she saw her ex, she had been very disappointed.

“He was that small?” Nick just couldn’t resist asking.

Cat held up her hand, and marked off about four inches and a circle with thumb and forefinger that made about a one inch diameter.

“Damn!” he said.

“Yeah. I was surprised I could walk this morning. Also realized that if it wasn’t for BOB, I would probably been virginally tight,” Cat said walking up the stairs.

Nick just shook his head. They crawled in bed and snuggled. They were too tired for a second round.



Marty was getting antsy. Cat hadn’t called. Nick hadn’t shown up on the curb with a bag. She had tried calling and there had been no answer at the ranch. She checked on her two customers and then checked on the prep cook in the kitchen.

“Where in the hell are those two?” she wondered. It was Tuesday and the bus was due anytime now. The door creaked and she looked up. Two cowboys walked in, took off their hats and settled into a corner booth. She took their order and then went to the kitchen with the order.

Marty came in ten minutes later with the food for the cowboys and saw Nick with his back to her putting something up on the bulletin board. She didn’t see Cat, and wondered if everything had blown up on them. “I’ll whup one of them or both of them if they screwed this up!” she thought. She walked up to Nick and tried to see what he was doing.

“What are you putting on my board Nick?” she asked.

“My ticket. Free to a good home,” he said with a smile.

Marty stood there gobsmacked. Nick could have pushed her over with a feather. Instead, he walked over to the counter and sat down next to Cat who’d come in the back door to watch Marty and Nick. They both smiled at Marty. It wasn’t often that anyone rendered her speechless.

“Well, um. Damn! You two got me good,” she said.

Cat smiled “Marty, can we have two specials?” she asked softly and enjoying every moment of Marty’s confusion.

“Oh! Where’s my manners? Acourse!” she said and headed for the kitchen. In a few minutes, she was back with plates of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and green beans covered in gravy. Iced tea followed. Nick and Cat smiled and then started to eat as more customers came in and took Marty away from the counter.

Marty took orders and headed back to the kitchen. She talked to the dishwasher who nodded and ran out the back door on an errand. Marty went out and served lunches, refilled glasses and kept an eye on Nick and Cat. She brought them each a piece of cherry pie with ice cream and continued to flit around the diner.

“I’m stuffed,” said Nick. “Think we better say goodbye and head home.”

“Yeah. She’ll be chewing on this for months,” said Cat with a smile. They stood up to leave and Marty came over a minute later.

“Glad everything worked out,” said Marty with a smile.

“So am I,” said Cat. “Although I thought you were crazy last week.” She gave Marty a huge hug and so did Nick. Then they headed out the door. They walked down the block and over to where Cat always parked her truck. When they turned the corner it was their turn to stand staring.

The truck had ribbons, tin cans and shoes tied to the bumper. The antenna was covered in ribbons as well and across the back window was written:

Finally Got Laid!


Nick started to giggle. Then he laughed.

“When? When on earth did she have time to do this? I know she didn’t know before we told her!” said Cat. By this point, she was laughing too.

“I don’t know,” Nick gasped between laughs. He walked around the truck and noticed that there were hearts on the windows, a huge bow on the front and a cow bell almost as big as a plate on the front bumper. He motioned for Cat to come look.

While they were gawking, Marty and the kitchen help along with what seemed like half the town showed up. Marty just stood there with her arms crossed and smiled.

“You did me out of a wedding first time round,” Marty said. “An I don’t think I’m gonna get to have fun with one this time. So, I got yer truck.”

Cat smiled, walked over to Marty and gave her a hug. The two of them hugged and cried and then Cat headed back to the truck. Nick gave Marty a hug as well and then climbed into the truck.

As they drove off to people waving and whistling, Nick noticed a box on the seat.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“No idea,” said Cat.

Nick opened the box and found a lemon meringue pie inside and a note taped to the inside of the box.

“Enjoy life! You’ve both had enough lemons, so make pie! Love Marty”

Nick read the note to Cat and then closed up the box. He put the box off to one side and slid next to Cat and put an arm around her as she drove. He kissed her cheek and she returned it at the stop sign. Then they headed home. There was hay to bale, pie to eat and love to be made.

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    1. Thank you Nilla. I enjoyed writing that one. Wolf inspired that one. He was walking down the street ahead of me and that ass… in black jeans and his hat…. Damn, I’m drooling.

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