Flash Fiction Friday Black Light Bonking

He’d been driving deep as his orgasm washed over him. She’d moved so he could grab her ass tight. The world looked so surreal in black light. The dare had been too good to pass up. Front window of Macy’s on the new couch, with the disco black light flashing.


They stood in the art gallery enjoying the photography. They agreed that exhibitionism was erotic. The photo shoot was at Dave’s house. When they looked through them, one stood out above the rest. Dave titled it Driving Deep and hung it in the gallery like an Andy Warhol. The photo shopped purple wash gave them anonymity.

“You’d never know it was us,” she whispered.

“No, you wouldn’t.” he said.

“Looking at it makes me horny,” she said.

He pointed at an empty office. She smiled and nodded.

This was one that I knew what I wanted to write as soon as I saw the pic. I could see the couple walking through the gallery smiling at their picture. Then I thought of the short one. He’s so obviously coming before she is. Why? What’s going on? A dare? Boom! I had it. 🙂

If you’ve enjoyed my purple prose, check out Pansers’ blog and see what others have written. Better yet, check out his website on Monday and join in the fun! Our challenge was 50-90 words and the phrase driving deep.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Black Light Bonking

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  1. She does look a touch “What. already?” doesn’t she? At any rate, I see it now that you’ve pointed it out. And yet I think I like the second one more; it leads my mind off on delightful tangents.

    1. She really does, doesn’t she. 🙂 I love finding details like that and exploiting them. I have to admit that I needed more of a word count for the second one. 🙂 Lots of fun to write though.

  2. I liked them both, the idea of a dare so public is great, and the anonymity of the gallery photo, while you know who you are, is a great little sexy secret.

    Love them both!

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