Turnabouts Fair Play

Life’s been a bit hectic, and my writing time has been limited. Hope you enjoy this new installment in the Vanillaverse stories. It is a bit of a slow start…


It had been a long week, and no sex made it even longer. Gina knew he said that they’d have a date tonight, but here it was nearly 8pm and no sign of him. She changed out of her nice jeans and into a pair of sweats. Looking through the fridge, Gina found some leftovers that hadn’t turned into a science experiment and heated them up. After the microwave dinged, she took the bowl to the living room and curled up with her book.

An hour later, the door opened and Greg walked in looking like someone had dragged him behind a car. He dropped his briefcase on the floor and plopped into a chair.

“Hi,” he said softly.

“Hey there. Where have you been?” Gina asked.

“Working. I hate the phone,” Greg said. “It wouldn’t stop ringing.”

“Okay. If you had called me at least it would have stopped for at least five minutes,” she said tersely.

Greg took a good look at her and realized that she was pissed and then he remembered why. “Oh hon! I’m sorry. I forgot all about our date tonight,” he said.

“Yeah. You know, it would be a lot easier to forgive you if it wasn’t every date in the last month that has gone this way,” Gina said.

He put his hand on his head and just sat there for a moment. He knew he needed to make it up to her, but the question was how. “Hon, I am so sorry. What can I do to make up for it?” Greg asked.

Gina thought for a minute. She started to open her mouth and then closed it. She thought for another few minutes and then sat up. “I have a proposition. You have a week of vacation due right?” she asked.

“Yes,” Greg said.

“Okay. If you will agree to this, it will make up for all the missed dates,” she said.

“Well, what is ‘this’? I’d like to know before I agree to it,” he said.

“For half of your vacation, you will be totally and utterly mine. You will do what I want, when I want it,” Gina said.

“Sounds like you want a servant or a slave,” he said.

“Exactly! Would that be so hard to do three days out of seven?” she asked.

“Well, um… Can I think on it?” he asked.

“Sure. Until you decide though, I’ll be in the bathtub,” Gina said.

“Can I join you?” Greg asked.

“No, not until you decide. I’m still pissed and need time to cool off,” she said.



Greg sat in the kitchen eating cold mac and cheese, and thinking over her request. He had been an ass. Working too many hours when he could have gone home. Worse yet, he’d actually volunteered to stay late some nights thinking she’d forgive him for being late. Like tonight. He could have been home at six. Instead, he decided he wanted to get some extra work done so that maybe he might have a free weekend. By the time he’d made up his mind, the bathroom was dark. Greg took a quick shower and climbed into bed. Gina was wearing pj’s. “No sex for me tonight,” he thought. He curled up and went to sleep.


There was a single piece of paper on the table the next morning with a single word on it. Gina picked it up and looked at it.



She smiled and called her friend who was the kinkiest bitch she knew. Belinda always had the answers. After an hour on the phone, she had her shopping list and a couple of shops to visit. Grabbing her sweater, she headed for the car.

Greg left the office at 6pm Friday night. He didn’t want to make things worse by being late tonight. His servitude started in the morning. Dinner was quiet as he was the only one home. Gina was out with a girlfriend. He showered and went to bed.

“Time to wake up,” said Gina. She was standing by the side of the bed.

“Good morning,” he said smiling up at her.

“That’s good morning Mistress,” said Gina. Belinda had told her to be firm, but she felt really silly.

“Huh?” Greg said sleepily.

“You will address me as Mistress. Otherwise, you will be punished,” she said.

“You really mean this?” Greg said hoping that somehow he’d get out of this.

“Yes! Your clothes are there. Get dressed and come to the kitchen,” Gina said.

Greg got up and got dressed. Old jeans, no undies, old teeshirt, shoes and socks. He headed for the kitchen and stood next to Gina. She ignored him for a moment and then looked up.

“Yes?” she said.

“I’m… I’m ready for the morning… Mistress,” he said trying not to want to choke on the words. He felt so damn stupid doing this.

“Good. Your breakfast is on the counter. Eat it, wash the dishes and then come back here,” she said.

He walked over to the counter and found toast and coffee. He started to move back to the table and thought better of it. She hadn’t mentioned the table. He ate quickly, washed up the dishes and returned to her side.

“I’m ready Mistress,” he said still not too happy with this situation.

“Here is the list of chores. I want them done quickly and without issue. I’ll check on you later,” she said and went back to her tea.

Greg looked at the list. It was full of all the stuff he had been putting off for the last six months. He realized that she had organized it in a logical order. He grabbed his work gloves and headed outside.

Gina watched him from the window. He had finished three of the tasks already. The sweat had begun to soak his teeshirt. She went back to the table and looked at the notes she’d taken after talking to Belinda. Greg was bigger than she was and Gina was uncertain that she’d be able to make him obey. There were cuffs and a gag in her drawer as well as a small crop to spank him if she needed. Gina knew she needed a way to explain to Greg that he was working too much and ignoring their relationship. She just wasn’t certain that this was the way to fix it. However, Belinda and Boris had both recommended this switch in roles. Both had offered to help if needed. Gina hoped she didn’t need to call either one of them.

Gina looked up when she heard the back door open. “Yes?” she asked as Greg stood there.

“Mistress, may I have a drink of water?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said. Gina stood up, got the water and gave him the cup. He drank it and then after thanking her, went back to work outside. “Maybe this won’t be so difficult after all,” she thought.

Greg finished the list. It was late afternoon and while he’d gotten water during the day, he had yet to eat. What he wanted was a long hot shower and a steak. He suspected that he would get neither. He’d had a lot of time to think while working his way through the list. His behavior of late had not been very good. All work and no play made for very poor relationships. As long as this didn’t get too silly, he’d give it a chance. “Besides, what did Gina know of this kind of thing anyway?” he thought.

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