Twenty Questions

Kelly stretched out on the bed, the sheets beneath her soaked with her juices and Blake’s cum. She smiled thinking about their early morning love making. She drifted back off to sleep.


Kelly woke to feel hands on her thighs, stroking and petting her, spreading her legs apart. “Blake must have come back for seconds,” she thought. Her hair covered her face and hid her lover. The hands felt good on her as they moved higher and higher. One hand urged her to spread her legs farther apart and Kelly obliged. She figured that Blake would crawl up between her legs and slide in deep. She was surprised when the cool touch of a dildo slid into her pussy wet from her early morning fuck.

“Oh!” she gasped.

One hand held her gently to the bed while the other slid the dildo in and out of her pussy. She squirmed as it rubbed all the right places. Kelly figured it was the blue ribbed glass one Blake had gotten her for her birthday.

As she started to arch up off of the bed and turn towards Blake, another pair of hands gently pushed her down on the bed.

“Blake?” she asked with just a touch of worry in her voice.

“Yes,” said the voice that belonged to the hand on her shoulders.

“Who? Who’s here with you?” she asked. The dildo sliding in and out of her pussy made it just a little difficult for her to think.

“You’ll need to guess who it is, and you can’t look,” said Blake. “He’s admired you for a long time and we have been planning this little delight for a few weeks.”

“You what? Please Blake, tell me who it is,” she asked again.

“No, you have to guess. He knows which toy is your favorite. He is smiling as he is running it in and out of that soaked pussy of yours. He’s also one of your admirers that you always hug,” said Blake.

“Oh, Oh god, I hug lots of people,” gasped Kelly as the hands massaged her ass and began to stroke down her slit to her clit as the dildo’s pace varied. “Pplease tell me.”

“Hmm…. No. But I’ll give you a clue for a concession,” said Blake.

“Wwwhat?” Kelly gasped. She could feel her orgasm building.

“First, I get to blindfold you so that we can turn you over,” he said.

“Fine! A cccclue,” she gasped again.

Blake walked away and came back with a soft leather blindfold. He secured it around Kelly’s eyes and as they rolled her over, he whispered in her ear.

“Blue eyes?” is that all I get?” she said.

“Yes. Can you guess?” Blake asked.

“Noooo,” said Kelly. “Someone I hug that has blue eyes? That could be anyone,” she thought.

“May he kiss you?” Blake asked.

“Yes,” said Kelly. She felt the dildo slow and then was surprised to feel lips on her clit and the tickle of a mustache across her mound. The tongue flicked in and out and matched the pace of the dildo. “Oh! Oh…” she gasped trying to wiggle against the dildo. She wanted to come, but each time she got close, the man slowed down. She was frustrated. She was trying to put the clues together, and there just wasn’t enough information.

“Do you know who it is yet?” asked Blake. He was holding her hands so that she couldn’t touch the other man. It was turning him on to hold her like this. His erection was standing proud and he wanted to have her again, but there was a game to play first.

“Noo! Oh please tell me,” she asked.

“Will you let him finger you?” Blake asked.

“Yes!” Kelly cried. She felt the dildo slide out and fingers take it’s place. Large hands. Strong hands. She felt one, two and finally three fingers thrust into her. The tongue returned to play with her clit. She gasped and once again started to orgasm. The hands and tongue slowed.

“Red hair,” whispered Blake. He wasn’t exactly accurate, but if he said sandy blonde, it might be too easy a clue and he wanted to make this last.

“Red hair? Mustache? Blue eyes?” she thought. “That could be three or four different guys!”

“Still no idea?” asked Blake.

“No. Come on Blake, tell me please?” Kelly asked again. The teasing of her body was almost as frustrating as not knowing who was touching her.

“Not yet. Let’s turn you over and get you up on your knees,” he said. With a nod, he and the other man turned Kelly over and brought her up on her knees. Then they switched places. Blake picked up the dildo again and started teasing Kelly. “Will you give him a blowjob?” Blake asked.

“Yes, but tell me who he is,” said Kelly.

The man turned Kelly’s face towards his cock and guided her lips over the head. Then he slid into her mouth. He’d thought about this for a long time, but hadn’t dared mention it to anyone. Her mouth felt so good, that he nearly came. He reined back his passion and just a drop of pre-cum escaped. He kept sliding in and out of her mouth as Blake fucked her with the dildo.

“Big cock,” thought Kelly. “Not that it helps me one bit to know that.” Then she noticed that the man was wearing a distinctive scent. Kelly racked her brain trying to remember where she’d smelled it before. The taste of pre-cum on her tongue made her moan. She so enjoyed the taste of Blake, and this man tasted good too.

“Kelly, do you know who it is yet?” asked Blake.

“Mmmmmmph” was all Kelly could say with a mouth full of cock.

The man withdrew his cock and waited while Kelly answered.

“No,” she said and then had the cock slide back into her mouth. His hand on the back of her head held her tight as he slid in and out.

“Kelly, will you let him fuck you?” asked Blake knowing that she was very close to sensory overload.

Kelly thought for a moment. She was so turned on and horny, that she honestly didn’t care. She wanted to come. She wanted to have a cock in her mouth as well as her pussy. She nodded her head up and down as the cock slid in and out.

“Was that a yes?” asked Blake.

“Yes,” said Kelly as she pulled off of the cock. She felt the men switch places. The dildo left her pussy and then almost at the same time, one cock slid into her pussy as the other one slid into her mouth. She recognized Blake’s cock. She swore she knew every inch of it with her tongue. She flicked the sensitive underskin of his cock as a pair of hands gripped her hips and began to pound in and out of her pussy.

It didn’t take any of them long to come. Blake came in her mouth first. Kelly sucked and swallowed and moaned as she began to come. Her pussy tightened around the cock sliding in and out and that made the man increase his pace. Blake held Kelly as he watched his friend stroke faster and faster until he too came hard. The last strokes of his cock sent Kelly over the edge and she squeezed the sheets in her fingers as she came hard. The teasing had built the orgasm to such an explosion that she nearly passed out. The man behind her didn’t pull out, nor let go of her. He simply moved so that the two of them lay down together on the bed. Blake moved in beside her and the two men cradled Kelly between them.

“Who is it?” gasped Kelly as she lay in the men’s embrace.

The man behind her laughed gently and reached around to stroke her clit. Blake pinched and kissed her nipples as Kelly began to arch in another orgasm. They did this three more times, and then rolled Kelly over to face the man. Blake’s cock had hardened and he slid his cock into Kelly as the other man sucked her nipples.

“Don’t you recognize me Kelly,” the man whispered.

“Nnnnooo,” Kelly moaned. Blake fucking her and this man playing with her nipples and clit was taking away any ability to think that Kelly had left.

“Will you be ours to play with any time we want if we tell you?” asked the voice in a whisper. His words were followed with him sucking her nipples and playing with her clit as Blake began to come. The two men sandwiched her in orgasmic pleasure. Kelly didn’t have time to think, only to come. As Blake went soft after orgasm, the other man rolled Kelly on her back and slid into her sopping pussy. He grabbed her by the hips and fucked her fast. Blake moved to hold her and stroke her face and breasts. Pinching her nipples just enough, he made her arch and drive hard against the other cock.

“Oh god! Oh god! Ohhhh!” Kelly moaned as another orgasm ripped through her. She felt so sated. So fucked. So soaked in come. She liked this. The gentle bondage of hands and the intense lovemaking. “Oh Damn! I hope I do like this guy once I can see him. This all just feels way too good!” she thought. “Yes,” she gasped.

The man increased his rhythm and pounded hard. He came and nearly drove Kelly up into Blake’s arms. He lay on top of her as his orgasm subsided. Once again, Kelly was held between two men. “You will be our playmate?” he asked again in a whisper.

“Yes!” said Kelly as a pair of fingers made her come again. Fingers in her pussy. Fingers on her clit. Hands on her body… Sensory overload.

A hand touched her face as the two men cuddled and held her. The blindfold came off and Kelly blinked a few times to adjust her eyes. Then she saw the other man.

“Eric?” she gasped.

“Yes. Are you disappointed?” Eric asked stroking her face.

“Nno,” she said as another orgasm rolled her. “Not at all.”
“Good. I’ve wanted to touch you, kiss you and fuck you, ever since the first time I met you. I finally told Blake of my fantasy and he said he’d love to see you make love to another man. Especially one he liked and that he knew you liked. So, we had a little planning session,” said Eric.

“And I know you’d never agree to it face to face, so we decided to make your body decide for you instead of your brain,” said Blake.

Kelly smiled. “A wise choice. Now do we have to get up, or can we cuddle for a while?” she asked.

The two men looked at each other. They’d planned for a whole day, not knowing how Kelly’d react. They looked at Kelly and smiled.

“We have all day,” said Eric.

“Or, all the time we want, ever day we want. It’s up to you,” said Blake.

“Oh good. I want to be sandwiched between the two of you and take a little nap. When we wake up, I want to be touched and loved and fucked until I pass out. You think you two are up to that?” Kelly asked.

“Yes,” said both men at once.

Kelly smiled again and tried to decide which way to turn. The men decided for her. While Blake held her to his chest, Eric spooned up behind her with his hand cupping her pussy. Blake pulled the sheet over them and the three of them drifted off to sleep.

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    1. Glad to be of inspiration SSir. 🙂 And it always makes me smile when a Sir enjoys one of my D/s stories. There are days I wonder if I got the tone right or not as it isn’t an easy topic to write about at times.

    1. You’re welcome Advizor. Trust is vital, and something I cherish in my relationship with Wolf. When I started writing this one I wasn’t sure where I’d go with it, which I know sounds strange. However, sometimes when I write, there is a 180 turn right in the middle. I like how it turned out too.

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