Turnabouts Fair Play part 2

“Mistress, may I take a bath?” Greg asked. He was filthy, sweaty and looked like he’d done eight hours of chores.

“Yes, you may slave,” said Gina. She still felt weird using that term, but some of the others Belinda suggested didn’t fit well either. “Come with me,” she said and took him out to the back porch. “Strip off here,” she said.

“What?” Greg said, totally forgetting what was suppose to be going on.

“Slave! You will obey me. Strip off out here. I will not have those filthy rags in my house,” Gina said firmly.

Greg blinked. He didn’t expect that kind of tone out of Gina. She was such a mouse normally. “Yes Mistress,” he said and proceeded to strip. When he was nude, she had him follow her to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and set the temperature. Not as hot as Greg might have liked, but better than the cold that Boris had suggested.

“Shower quickly,” she said. “And no playing with yourself. Your cock and your orgasms are mine for the next three days.”

“Yes Mistress,” said Greg. He couldn’t believe that she had just said that, but then again, he wasn’t sure about a lot of things at this point. He showered quickly and dried off with the towel she had set out. He stood there nude waiting for her as she was getting things out of the bedroom.

Gina walked in with a kilt and a pair of underwear for him. “Put these on please,” she said as she handed them over.

Greg took the underwear first. They were leather and had about as much to them as his wallet did. He started to say something and bit his lip. He slipped them on and after trying to not get the thong at the back in the crack of his ass, he gave up. It was difficult to get his balls and cock in the front bit as well. He finally got things settled and then took the kilt from her. It too was leather. Lightweight, and he felt more naked in it than if he’d been naked. He didn’t know what the extra straps on it were than hung from the belt, but he figured they were just decorations. Once he was dressed, he stood there waiting.

“Kneel,” Gina said.

Greg knelt. She walked around him, pulled his shoulders back and moved his knees apart. That simple difference made him feel exposed. Then he felt Gina put something around his neck. It was a collar. Leather and about an inch wide. She quickly buckled it on and he heard a lock snap shut.

“Come with me slave,” she said and headed for the kitchen. On the table was a single plate with food. Salad, cold smoked salmon, asparagus and carrot sticks. “Kneel,” she said and pointed to a cushion next to the chair. Greg knelt. She cleared her throat and looked down at his knees. Greg adjusted himself to sit like he had in the bathroom. Gina nodded and started to eat.

“Mistress, do I get dinner?” he asked as his stomach growled.

“Yes,” she said and fed him bites of her dinner. He got a bit to every two of hers. Then she fed him a sip of water while she had wine. After all the work he’d done, it was more like a snack than a full meal.

When she was finished, Greg was instructed to wash the dishes. When he finished, he came back to stand beside her in the living room.

“What shall I do now Mistress?” he asked.

“Kneel next to me,” she said. After he did so, she blindfolded him. “Now, the rules of this game is that I may touch you, but you may not touch me. If you do, you will be punished. Do you understand?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” he said trying not to sound peeved. This whole thing was getting on his nerves. “Why in the hell can’t we just fuck?” he wondered. Kneeling there in the dark of the blindfold, he heard her turn on the music. Classical. What he didn’t hear was the door open, and two people walk in and sit silently next to Gina.

Gina started to touch him. She caressed his hair, face and neck. Then she ran her hands down his chest, pinching and pulling his nipples. Greg tried not to squirm. Then Gina ran her hands up and down his thighs, almost touching his cock which had begun to swell and strain against the leather. She ran her fingernails up and down his thighs and on instinct, he reached out to touch her.

“Oh no, slave must not touch Mistress without permission,” said Gina. She reached down next to her and got the leather cuffs. “Hold still,” she said and took his hand and started to put a cuff on.

“What the hell are you doing?” said Greg not thinking at all.

“Your mistress is trying to put cuffs on you,” said a male voice in a whisper next to Greg’s head. The voice startled the hell out of him. A pair of hands came down on his shoulders and held him in place while Gina got the cuffs on. Then she snapped them together behind Greg’s back.

“I suggest you hold very very still,” said a third voice. This one was a woman’s.

“Gina- Mistress, what in the hell is going on?” Greg asked.

“You were told that if you didn’t obey, you would be punished. My two friends here didn’t think that you’d play fair or understand I was serious. So, they came to observe, give me some pointers and to help,” said Gina.

“You… You really mean this don’t you?” asked Greg. He was honestly having trouble wrapping his brain around this. That he’d have to submit to her.

Gina took the crop that Belinda handed her and smacked him on the shoulders lightly. He flinched.

“Yes, I do mean it. Your life is out of control and ruining ours. You’re so obedient at work, that I decided I’d try and see if you could be obedient at home. So far, you aren’t doing a very good job, so I asked for help,” she said.

Greg thought about this for a moment. He was blindfolded, cuffed, collared and half naked. He figured he had two choices. Fight it or go with it. So far fighting wasn’t getting him very far. Worse yet, he was hungry and his cock ached. He shouldn’t be horny, but he was.

“In case you need a little encouragement, let me show you what an artist can do with a crop,” said the other woman’s voice. She then proceeded to stroke Greg’s body with the crop. At the tenth stroke, she delivered a stinging smack to his shoulder. Then a matching one to his other shoulder. She kept going until every other stroke stung and his back turned pink.

Greg gasped as the strokes got harder. He thought of fighting or moving, but the hands on his shoulders held him still.

“What do you have to say for yourself slave?” asked Gina.

“Sorry Mistress. I didn’t understand fully my position,” he said honestly.

“Apology accepted. Now stand up,” Gina said.

Greg stood up a little awkwardly. He felt hands move to the cuffs on his wrists and in a minute, his hands went from being cuffed together to cuffed to straps on his kilt belt. “Duh!” he thought realizing what the odd straps were for. Then he felt something clipped to his collar and he was pulled around the room.

“Come with us slave,” said the male’s voice.

As he walked along, he realized that they were heading outside. He felt the grass on his feet and then the cool metal of the clothesline pole as he was cuffed to it. Hands at his waist undid the kilt and the cool night air caressed his skin. Then he felt hands on his skin. “Oh god, let it be Gina’s hands!” he thought. There was never more than one or two at a time, so he couldn’t tell. He felt himself growing hard in spite of the embarrassment he felt at being outside in his own backyard.

“That’s a very nice erection there Gina,” said the female voice. “Shall we look at it closer?”

“I think so,” said Gina.

Greg felt hands at his hips and then the undies tugged down. His cock sprang free.

“Oh, very nice. Too bad you’ve seen so little of it of late,” said the male voice.

“I agree. It is a lovely cock. Perhaps we need to dress it up a bit more,” said the female voice.

Greg heard things, but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Being blindfolded was driving him crazy. He felt hands slide the undies all the way off. Then he felt two pairs of hands on his body. His cock jumped.

“Now remember, your cock and your orgasms are all mine for the next few days. No coming unless I tell you you can,” said Gina.

“Yes Mistress,” said Greg. He tried to think of all the embarrassing things he could to make himself go soft. It wasn’t working. The two hands were doing something to his cock and balls which wasn’t helping matters. He felt leather and cold metal. He tried not to gasp. Things were tugged and moved and then they stopped. The blindfold was removed. He blinked trying to see in the semi-darkness.

“Well, what do you think of your new clothes slave?” asked the female voice from behind him.

Greg looked down and saw that his cock and balls were out in front, no longer contained in much of anything. His balls had a strap of leather under and around them making them more prominent. His cock wore a mesh net of leather and cord, with a cup around his glans. It somehow snugged to a metal ring under his balls. While soft, it restricted him. If he got an erection, it would keep it snugged against his balls. The whole contraption was attached to straps that went around his hips and legs. Otherwise, he was nude.

“I’m not sure what to think Mistress,” said Greg.

“Thank you would be appropriate,” said the male voice.

“Thank you Mistress,” Greg said quickly. The idea that the crop might be around made him much more obedient. His back still stung in places.

Gina walked up to him and stroked his cock and balls. Greg groaned. He was conflicted. As much as he was embarrassed knowing that two other people were watching him, he wanted to press against her hand. As his erection grew, the contraption around his cock tightened. It was an odd mixture of pleasure and pain and he wasn’t sure how to react.

“Your slave is enjoying that,” said the male voice.

“Yes he is. Which reminds me. I want some pleasure too,” said Gina. She reached up and snapped his cuffs together as Belinda and Boris had shown her and then the leash to his collar. They all walked into the house and into Gina’s bedroom. Greg was told to kneel at the foot of the bed. Gina then undressed and then stretched out on the bed in front of him. With her legs spread, she began to touch herself.

“Do you want to help your Mistress?” asked the male voice behind him. Greg had still not seen either of the other two people. Each time he tried to turn his head, the crop touched his cheek.

“Yes Sir,” he said.

“Then ask,” the male voice said.

“Mmmistress, may I help you?” asked Greg. He was wondering how he’d do that considering that his hands were still cuffed together.

“Yes slave. I’d like your lips and tongue to kiss and lick me,” she said.

Greg crawled onto the bed and started kissing his way up Gina’s legs until he was right between her thighs. When he got to her pussy, he paused. “May I kiss your pussy Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said and spread her legs wider. Greg knelt between her legs and kissed and licked her pussy from clit to opening. She moaned and rubbed herself against his face. As she did this he realized how long it had been since they had done more than quickly fuck and fall asleep. He enjoyed himself in spite of the fact that there were still two others in the room. He wondered for a moment how Gina could deal with this and then forgot as she grabbed his head and held it tight to her pussy as she orgasmed.

Greg worked his tongue and tried to breathe at the same time. He also thought that his cock would break in half if he didn’t get relief soon. Gina came twice more and then moved away from him to catch her breath.

“That was very nice slave. In a minute, I will reward you for being good,” she said.

Greg sat up and wondered what was next. A blindfold slipped over his eyes again, and rather than fight it, he accepted it. The hands on his shoulders reminded him to be smart about things. Then he felt himself being turned around.

“Lay down slave,” said Gina.

Greg did as she said and felt his legs being spread. A bar went between them holding them apart. Then, one at a time, his hands were cuffed to the headboard. He couldn’t move.

“I’ll be back in a minute slave,” said Gina.

“Yes Mistress,” said Greg. There was no fighting it. He was tied and blindfolded. If he pissed her off, she’d just leave him there and he realized it. As he stopped fighting, it was like something in him just gave way. He relaxed.

6 thoughts on “Turnabouts Fair Play part 2

  1. Ohhh! Very good! Not disappointed at all. One of my fave lines: “Why in the hell can’t we just fuck?” LOL! Looking forward to continuation.

  2. I love how she is not only taking control, but allowing others in to watch, guide, and direct. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had a coach to guide us through the learning process?

    1. Yes, it would be great to have guides/coaches/mentors. Some of us are fortunate. Others… not so. I’m lucky that I can pick Wolf’s brain when I have a question.

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