Turnabouts Fair Play part 3

Gina hugged Belinda and Boris. “Thanks for your help. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. You were both right. Thank you again,” she said.

“No problem,” said Boris. “If you need us, just call. He isn’t into pain, but he does need to relax. We all get overwhelmed and don’t know how to let go.”

“He’s right. I remember my first time on the cross. Scared, angry and determined not to enjoy it. However, when the whip hit my thighs,… I was soaked,” said Belinda. “Take it slow and easy. He’ll be fine.” Belinda kissed Gina and they left. Gina locked the door and went back to the bedroom quietly. She stood there watching Greg. He’d been testing the bonds at first, and then just relaxed. She smiled and walked over to the edge of the bed.

“Are you ready to please me slave?” she asked as she removed his blindfold.

“Yes Mistress,” he said.

Gina crawled onto the bed and straddled his face. She rubbed her pussy across his lips and let him tongue her. It felt so good, but she didn’t stop there. One little orgasm and then she pulled herself off of his face. Looking down at his cock, she could see it strain against the leather cage. The tip was damp too.

“Remember slave, you must not orgasm until I say so,” she said and stroked his cock with the crop.

“Yyes Mistress,” he said. “Ice, cold showers, boss yelling at me, my parents walking in on me,” he thought trying to settle things down. The leather was holding him snugly in a way that hurt and yet felt good at the same time. He didn’t understand it, but didn’t fight it either.

Gina reached over and got the vibrator that she’d bought the day before. “Watch me slave,” she said as she rubbed it across her wet pussy and then pushed it all the way in. She stroked it in and out of her pussy and then stopped. Catching her breath, she undid one of his hands. “Play with me. Fuck me with this,” she said and handed him the vibrator.
“Yes Mistress,” he said. Using his free hand, he fucked her with the vibrator as she sat across his stomach and chest. Her pussy was only inches from his cock, and he ached. Gina came hard and juices gushed from her pussy. Greg didn’t remember Gina ever doing that before. Then again, their sex life hadn’t been the best lately.

Gina moved off of him and with one hand rubbed the moisture across his chest and then held up her fingers under his nose so that he could smell her.

“Taste me slave,” she said.

Greg licked her hand clean. “Thank you Mistress,” he said hoping that she’d let him come before his cock broke in half.

Gina moved lower and undid part of the cock cage. His cock sprang to attention while his balls were still held snug in the ring. “Remember, you can’t come until I say you can,” she said.

“Yes Mistress,” he said.

Gina licked the head of his cock. Greg groaned. Then she took as much of it in her mouth as she could. Greg groaned louder and she tasted a big of pre-cum on her tongue. She knew he was close to exploding, but she wanted to test his control. She let go of his cock with a pop and then looked at him.

“What do you want slave?” she asked as she casually stroked his cock.

“I want to come Mistress,” he said.

“Do you want to come for your pleasure, or for mine?” she asked. Belinda had given her a list of questions to ask, and this was one of them.

“I… I don’t know Mistress,” he said. I want to come for me, but I want to please you too,” he said honestly.

Gina stroked his cock a few times and then kissed the tip and walked out of the room. She glanced at the clock. Belinda had said to wait fifteen minutes. She picked up her book.

Greg couldn’t believe she walked out of the room. “What the hell did I do wrong?” he wondered. He knew better than to call for her, so he tried to think where he went wrong. Time passed. His cock went soft and he wondered if she was going to leave him here all night. He’d decided to just ask her what he’d done wrong. It had to be easier.

Gina looked up at the clock. Fourteen minutes. She finished the page and went back in and stood at the end of the bed and waited for him to notice her.

“Mistress,” Greg said as soon as he saw her.

“Yes slave,” she said.

“Mistress, what did I do wrong?” he asked.

“Your purpose in life as a slave is to please your Mistress. You were still thinking of your pleasure over mine, and so you needed time to think about things. At work, you think of how to please your Master, the boss. You stay late, work extra days and in general do everything except suck his cock,” said Gina. “At home, you ignore me and only touch me lately when you want to feel good. You might as well be masturbating with my body. That isn’t very nice,” she said.

“No Mistress, it isn’t,” Greg said. As she spoke, her words began to sink in deep. She was right. He was the boss’s bitch. He was neglecting her and himself. The comment about masturbating with her body stung.

“So, I decided that you needed to have a wakeup call. That’s why my friends helped me. That’s why you are my slave for the next three days. I hope it makes you wake up to what you are so close to losing,” she said. “And I mean every damn word of it!” she thought as she stood there.

“Mistress, I’m…. I’m sorry Mistress. I mean it,” he said. That last sentence combined with the look on her face drove home to him just how close to the edge she was about his behavior. “Mistress, could a slave ask forgiveness?”

“Yes, but it will take more than just words,” she said. “What would you do to show me?”

Greg thought for a moment. “Mistress, please put the cock net back on. I don’t deserve to come yet,” he said. Although his balls ached, he knew he couldn’t get it up right now if his life depended on it.

“Alright,” she said. Gina stepped up and laced his cock in snug like Belinda had shown her. “Now what?” she wondered.

“Mistress, I’ve misbehaved. Would it make Mistress feel better to use the crop on me?” he asked. He was hoping she wouldn’t, but then again, he was willing to take the pain for all the shit he’d put her through.

Gina thought about it for a moment. Boris had said he wasn’t into pain and Boris would know. However, maybe he was trying to atone for being such a pain in the ass. She walked over to the nightstand were it sat and picked it up. “So, you want me to spank you?” she asked.

“Yes, if that would make Mistress happy,” he said. “I can’t believe I just said that!” he thought as he braced for the first hit.

“It probably would, but for all the wrong reasons,” she said. “Instead, I want you to hold this crop right here while you stroke me,” she said. She placed the crop between his nose and upper lip and then sat across his chest so that her pussy was right there. He could touch, but not look.

Greg struggled to keep the crop under his nose. He had to touch and play with Gina from memory. As she started to come, he dropped the crop. Before he could even say he was sorry, she took the crop, slapped him across the thighs and put it back under his nose.

Greg gasped and once he could breathe, he started to touch her again. This time he brought her to orgasm without dropping the crop.

“Very good slave,” she said. Looking down, his cock was hard again. She stroked his cock and he moaned. She cradled his balls and then tugged at his cock in it’s little prison. “Do you want to come?” she asked.

“Mistress, I want to make you feel good,” he gasped as she played with him. He’d figured out a few things over the last hour. One of which was that he truly was powerless at this point. She could walk out and leave him here. He realized too, that he’d wronged her on so many levels. He really did want to make her feel good.

“And how would you make me feel good?” she asked.

“Whatever Mistress wanted,” Greg said.

Gina smiled. She got out the really big vibrator that she and Belinda had bought. She ran it over Greg’s body, from nipples to cock and teased him just under the balls. Greg moaned, squirmed and tried to get away from the vibrator. When Gina put it up under his balls and pressed near his prostate, he almost lost it.

“Mmmmistress,” he gasped.

“Yes slave,” Gina asked, not letting up with the vibrator.

“Please, may I come?” he asked. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop himself to be honest even with the cock net in place.

“Not yet slave,” she said and moved the vibrator to just under his ass. It vibrated his butt cheeks. Neither was into anal play, but this was as close as she’d ever gone. Greg jerked and tried to pull away, not knowing how far she’d go, but couldn’t move away from it.

“Hold still slave,” she said.

“Yes Mistress,” he said through gritted teeth. He was trying so hard not to come that it hurt.

Gina undid the cock net and let his cock stand erect. It twitched and there was a big pearl of cum on the tip. She licked it and Greg nearly cried.

“Mistress…Please,” he begged.

Slowly Gina lowered her pussy over his cock. He slid into her soaked pussy and she slowly rocked back and forth.

“Gods! Mistress! Please let me come!” Greg begged. He swore his balls would fall off. Between her hot pussy around his cock and that damned vibrator under his ass, he was losing it.

Gina rocked back and forth, feeling the vibrations come up from under Greg. She rocked back hard once more. “Yes! Come for me slave,” she said in a gasp as she started to come.

Greg grabbed her with his one free hand and felt his orgasm boil up harder than he’d ever come before. It seemed like an hour before he stopped coming. Then he passed out.

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