He sat there watching Eddie Izzard do his riff which includes the line, “Cake or Death”; which was what she heard as she walked into the living room.

“Cake or death eh?” she said.

“Yeah. Some choice,” he said.

“How about Cake or Blowjob”, she said.

“Oh, that’s an easy one. Blowjob,” he said.

“Oh? Not my homemade chocolate cake?” she asked.

“Sweetie, your chocolate cake is excellent. Would rather eat it than any other cake. However, your blowjobs are even better,” he said.

“You know just what to say to a woman,” she said as she smiled.

“So, when do I get that blowjob?” he asked as he turned off the tv.

“As soon as you get in the bedroom,” she said walking off down the hall.

7 thoughts on “Decisions…Decisions…Decisions

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    1. LOL… he obviously didn’t think of that now did he? I almost wrote the line as “Oh, that’s an easy one,” he said as the sound of the zipper could be heard.” But I changed my mind.
      Best part of this one was that the idea came from a conversation I had with Wolf. LOL…. He’s still blushing.

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