Flash Fiction Friday….. The Ebay Bride

He bit Katherina’s silk covered thigh as she lay on the desk. He pinched her breast and listened to her moan. Katherina arched against him waiting for him to lick her pussy. It ached. She ached. Nearly 8000 miles she traveled to meet the man she’d talked to all those nights on the computer. She’d worn the clothes he’d sent. They made out in the taxi. He almost blew his load when she kissed him and pulled his fingers to her breasts. They barely closed the hotel room door. They devoured each other with kisses and caresses. She lost her mind as he slid his fingers deep in her pussy.







They were both satisfied by this Ebay purchase.


I liked this picture. The illustration style is one I like and have seen before. The way the clothes were just shoved aside led me to think that they were in such a rush to touch one another that they didn’t undress. Trying to find an angle, I looked at the name of the picture and then BING! I had it. And for the curious, yes… there are dating sites on Ebay… LOL!

There are exactly 124 words and the required phrase. Hurry Back Panser!


13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday….. The Ebay Bride

Add yours

    1. LOL! Yeah! Funny bit is if you go to Ebay and type in personals or even mail order brides, there are things on the web. However, the interesting stuff are all the “related websites” at the bottom.

  1. Interesting, the eBay connection, Katherina ehh? Now, where is that old eBay account password and where does the bidding start?

    Nicely done, Happy FFF.

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