Flash Fiction Friday … Tequila is not your friend…

Betsy sat on the couch enthusiastically watching the porn movie as she drank her tequila. She didn’t care that Cindy was fucking on the couch next to her. It had started out as a girl’s night and they’d been drinking for a couple of hours when Brian came over. They’d all been kissing and necking when suddenly Cindy’s and Brian’s clothes flew off. They were fucking in sync to the couple in the movie. Betsy blinked, refilled her drink and watched her boyfriend and her best friend fuck. She smiled knowing it was her turn next.



Brian couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked into Cindy’s apartment. She and Betsy were drinking and watching porn movies. He snuggled in between the two women and before he had a chance to sip his drink, they were both all over him kissing, touching and being touched. Hands went everywhere.

“Briiii annn,” whispered Cindy as she undid her top. “Waaaana fuck?” she asked.

Brian looked at her. She was drunk. Hot, sexy and drunk. So was Betsy. “Yeah baby. Where?” he asked.

“Right here,” she said as she dropped the last of her clothes. “Come on, get nekkid like in the movie,” she said pointing to the TV.

Brian looked at Betsy. “You okay with this?” he asked.

“Sure,” Betsy said enthusiastically. “As long as I get my turn.”

“Okay,” Brian said not believing his luck. He took off his clothes and barely sat down before Cindy climbed on his lap and started bouncing up and down on his cock enthusiastically.

Brian grabbed Cindy’s ass holding her tight as they fucked. Betsy glanced over from time to time, but watched the porn as much as she did them. This was going to be a wild night.


Cindy was so horny as she watched the porn movie Betsy had brought over. They’d polished off half a bottle of tequila.

“Do you think he’ll want to fuck?” asked Betsy.

“I hope so,” said Cindy.

Brian walked in to find the two women giggling over the porn movie. He put the pizza down and snuggled between the two of them. Cindy started undressing and swaying like the actress on the TV in front of Brian. She dropped her clothes on the floor and stood naked in front of Brian.

“Briiii annn,” whispered Cindy “Waaaana fuck?” she asked. She hoped he did. Otherwise, she and Betsy would go get the toybox and play with each other. While she danced enthusiastically to the music from the TV, Brian talked to Betsy.

Brian got undressed and she climbed on top to of him to give him the best lap dance she could. The world disappeared in a drunken haze as they fucked.


The next morning came loud, bright and way too soon for the three of them. To say that they had partied enthusiastically was an understatement. They’d tried every position in the porn movie. They’d started out on the couch and progressed to the floor and then the bed. At some point, the pizza got eaten or at least partially eaten. Betsy peeled a chunk of pepperoni and cheese off of her left breast. Three bottles of tequila lay on the floor. Cindy was still partially tied to the bed with Brian’s sock. Brian rolled over and looked at the hickeys and bite marks on his torso. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. The bite marks were in a pattern. He started to giggle.

“Who’s idea was it to put a smiley face on my stomach?” he asked.

Betsy and Cindy looked at each other and burst out laughing.



Okay! I just couldn’t decide which way I wanted to go with this picture. I loved the fact that the one woman just sat there like nothing was happening. From there, I realized I needed to play with all three of them.


Thank you Panser for this delightful FFF where we had to use between 78-208 words and the phrase enthusiastically in the story. If you’d like to play, come check out Panser’s blog on Monday and join in the fun!


17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday … Tequila is not your friend…

Add yours

    1. Thank you dear! I have been told that I have a very vivid imagination. Wolf and my friends have learned that whatever they say and do may end up in a story. I even change the names if they ask really nicely.

  1. Nice job – we get the scene from everyone’s perspective. 🙂 And a smiley-face on his stomach? That’s just evil. 🙂

    Happy FFF!

    1. LOL! The um…. smiley face… um… The original was done in dry write marker… um… Blush! Hickies were just too difficult when he wouldn’t hold still. However, tequila was not involved.

        1. Yes. Then we progressed to Crayola washable markers. Only problem with both markers was that they left prints on the sheets if you got sweaty… I was very glad that everything washed.

  2. I loved the first one, and then, as each perspective came in to view, it thought, “What a great triple-play” and then #4 wrapped it up so well!

    You outdid us all this week.

  3. To those that I could not post on their blogs… (yes, still having issues. I noticed that the blogs are all the same kind and wonder what’s going on.)
    Robert: Delightful
    David: A real giggle. Women do that sort of thing too! I love the whole feel of it.
    Max: Max, you are lucky she didn’t pour her coffee on you! Love your take on this pic.
    Tame: So glad to see that she’d finally get some ‘therapy’! Geeze! I enjoyed your story.

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