Silver Service part 2

It was probably the longest two days of David’s life. He was invited for tea on Saturday. Elsa had arranged a meeting. Millicent had been unhappy at him being gone, but when he suggested that he break his appointment to stay home and ‘comfort’ her, she changed her mind. He arrived at his brother’s house ten minutes early. A maid let him in and showed him into the front parlor.

“Oh David, I’m so happy you could get away,” said Elsa. She greeted him with a kiss and then sat down across from him on a small settee.

“I am as well, although I’m a little nervous. Will she be here?” David asked.

“I’m already here,” said a soft voice from behind David. Lillian walked in and sat next to Elsa.

David stood and took her hand and introduced himself. He then settled himself down in the high backed chair. “You startled me,” he said once tea had been poured.

Lillian smiled over her teacup as she sipped her tea. “Aya always told me that it is the woman who should delight and entice the man. However, you being startled delighted me.”

David smiled. Lillian had a lilt to her voice that must have come with growing up in India. The small talk went on for a few minutes between the three of them and then Elsa’s maid appeared in the door.

“Ma’am, the grocer is here,” she said.

“Tell him I’ll be there in a moment,” said Elsa. “Excuse me, I must see to the accounts. Please continue as if I was here,” she said and left the room. The maid closed the door behind her leaving the two of them alone.

David felt very awkward and wasn’t sure where to start. He took another piece of shortbread from the tray and nibbled on it.

“Elsa told me that your wife is rather unsatisfactory and that you are looking for a mistress,” said Lillian.

David choked and sputtered, nearly spilling his tea. “She… she wasn’t that blunt was she?” he asked trying to compose himself.

“Oh, most certainly. In fact, I believe her exact words were, ‘Millicent is a frigid twit and David deserves so much more’ I believe,” said Lillian with a smile.

“Oh my god! I’m… I’m so…” he fumbled and sat down his teacup before he spilled it.

“Embarrassed?” asked Lillian.

“Yes. I’ve never even thought how this was suppose to go and now I feel awkward as a school boy,” admitted David.

“Well,” Lillian started. “We have a few minutes to get to know each other and decide if we’d like to come to an arrangement.” Lillian stood up and came over to where David sat. She arranged herself on the footstool to his right next to the fire. “This way, if someone should come in unannounced, I am simply warming myself next to the fire. After all, England is so chilly in comparison to India,” she said.

David felt his heart race. As Lillian sat, her perfume wafted up to entice his nose. As she put her hand on his, he realized that she wasn’t pale like Millicent, but ever so slightly tanned. Her hand was warm, and when he looked into her eyes, he felt himself lost in their hazel depths.

They must have talked for twenty minutes before Elsa came back into the room.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry to have been gone so long,” she said noticing that Lillian had moved next to the fire and that the two of them barely registered her presence.

“Ah, Elsa,” said Lillian as she rose from the footstool. “I’m so glad that you had a fire going today. I know it is only June, but I still find English weather so chilly.”

“It is at that. I take it that David was good company while I was gone?” Elsa asked.

“Yes, he was a gentleman and told me of so many entertaining things to see in London. Better yet, he said that if I was inclined, he would be more than happy to escort the two of us to Newmarket for the races,” said Lillian.

Elsa smiled. “That would be wonderful.” She knew that these two would work out just fine.

David walked into his house with a smile on his face. The afternoon had been a rousing success. He had to laugh at Lillian’s choice of phrase to let Elsa know that the arrangement was satisfactory. Newmarket was known for two things, horse races and Nell Gwynn, the mistress of King Charles II. So, by saying that he’d take them to Newmarket, Lillian let Elsa know that everything was okay.

“How was your tea?” asked Millicent.

“It was alright. Paul and Elsa want me to go in on a financial arrangement,” David said.

“Oh? What kind of arrangement?” she asked.

“We are going to buy some rental properties,” he said.

“Oh. Well, if you think that will be profitable, by all means go ahead,” she said. “What do I care as long as he leaves me alone,” she thought.

“I knew you’d be fine with it. Do you want to see them?” he asked.

“Oh heavens no. It isn’t my place,” she said and headed up to her room.

~ ~ ~

David bought the house in Chelsea and had it furnished to Lillian’s tastes. It was far enough away from his house in Kensington that the two ladies should never meet. Lillian had told her parents that she had taken on a position as a nanny in a house in Wales. They wrote and wished her luck and sent her the rest of her allowance for the year. This she promptly turned into a ticket for Aya to come England. David was fine with this arrangement.

He arrived at the house in the early evening and let himself into the house. Lillian had not hired a cook or butler so the house was quiet. He found her sitting in the small library reading a book.

“Hello Lillian,” he said.

“Hello David. Are you able to spend the evening or just a few hours?” she asked. Their relationship had been moving slowly as Millicent’s social calendar had interfered.

“I have the evening to myself. Everyone thinks I’m at the club and Barrent at the club knows to ring me here if there is any problem,” David said. He walked over and pulled Lillian to her feet. Wrapping his arms around her, he began to kiss her lips and nibble her ears. She giggled. Kisses and cuddling on the settee had been about all they’d had time for and the urge to rip her clothes off raced through his mind.

Lillian pulled back from his kisses for a moment. “Would… would you like to go upstairs?” she asked.

David looked at her face and saw a hunger that matched his. “Yes,” he said. “I’ve got safes.”

“Oh. Yes,” she said having forgotten all about some sort of birth control. While she might want a child eventually, she certainly didn’t want one yet. She took his hand and lead him upstairs to her bedroom. It had a huge four poster bed. The theme of the room though was a mixture of India and England. The exotic nature of the room enticed David.

Lillian stood next to the bed, not knowing how things would go. She’d never had a lover although Aya had told her many things her mother would be shocked to hear. “Do you like how I decorated it?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s beautiful, like you are,” he said meaning every word. He walked over to Lillian and began to kiss her again. She accepted a few kisses and then wiggled out of his grasp. “Is something the matter?” he asked wondering if he’d moved too fast.

“No, I want to get undressed. I want you to touch more than just my face and hands. I tingle all over and…” was as far as she got. David reached over and began to unbutton her bodice. As she had no maid, her clothes were simple enough for her to dress herself. None of the fancy lacings and hidden fasteners round the back that Millicent had on her clothes. He undid the bodice and gasped as he pulled it open to see her breasts rounded over the top of her corset and barely concealed by a lace camisole. He kissed the tops of her breasts and then stood back and took off his coat, waistcoat and cravat. Lillian had placed her bodice on the chair and was slipping her heavy skirts off. She stood there in her underclothes, camisole, corset, petticoats, drawers, stockings and chemise.

David looked at Lillian and felt himself straining against the fabric of his breeches. Lillian walked over to him and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open. His chest was muscled and not too hairy. She put her nose against his undershirt and inhaled the scent of his soap and him. Then she kissed his chest.

David moaned. She had been more intimate in five minutes than Millicent had been in five years. His hands went to the front of her camisole and lifted it off of her. He undid the tie on her petticoats and they billowed to the floor. Lillian stepped out of her petticoats and then knelt to help David off with his boots.

David enjoyed the view of her breasts as she bent over to help him with his boots. He ran his fingertips over them. Lillian looked up and smiled. David stood up, and cupped her breasts with his hands. With a slight inward push, he popped the corset busk open. Lillian sighed and took the corset off the rest of the way. She stood there in chemise, drawers and stockings.

David slipped out of his trousers and draped them over the chair. He took off his undershirt and turned towards her knowing that his erection had made a tent of his drawers.

Lillian giggled and turned towards the bed to turn it down and get under the sheet. David followed. Once in the bed, he wrapper her in his arms and they began to kiss. His hands went to her breasts and touched and squeezed them until her nipples were hard little buttons. Lillian moaned. Her own hands had been exploring his chest and back, with a tentative venture to his waist. David held her close and as he kissed her, his hand ventured down her hips to the crease between her legs. Her drawers, like all women’s were seamless down the middle and allowed him to work his fingers up until he touched her skin.

Lillian gasped as he touched her. It felt delightfully naughty and good all at the same time. She tried to remember what Aya had read her from the Kama Sutra and took a breath and tried to relax. It was difficult while David was kissing and touching her. His mouth closed over her nipple thought the linen of the chemise. He sucked on her nipple as his fingertips slid up and down her opening.

David touched her clit lightly and she moaned. His fingers were growing wetter and before she could stop him, he reached up and undid the buttons of her drawers. She was naked except for her stockings and chemise. Then he unbuttoned her chemise between kisses and took it off.

David gazed at Lillian. Her dark hair had come undone and cascaded across the pillow. Her nipples crinkled as the cooler air hit them and her soft flat belly drew his eyes to her mound covered by soft curls. His mouth returned to her lips as his hand moved back between her legs as they lay side by side on the bed. His fingertips found her soaked and he slowly slid a finger into her pussy.

“Oh!” Lillian gasped.

David worked slowly and gently. He kissed and caressed her as he worked his finger in and out of her pussy. He could feel the barrier of her hymen and gently stroked it. He wanted her as aroused as possible before he slid his cock inside of her. Stroking her clit in tandem with fingering her pussy made her start to moan and whimper with pleasure. David enjoyed touching her and knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. After a kiss, he got up out of bed and got the sheath he’d pocketed earlier today. He dropped his drawers and walked back to the bed, letting Lillian see him naked for the first time.

Lillian was sitting up in bed trying to catch her breath from all the petting and kissing. She saw his cock and realized that Aya and the illustrations in the Kama Sutra had not been wrong. What she saw between his legs both fascinated and terrified her.

“Are you ready?” he asked. “Bloody well hope so! I’m going to explode,” he thought.

“I think so. Will you touch me again and make me feel floaty before you enter me?” she asked.

“Yes Lillian. And I have a sheath as well. First though, touch me,” he said as he climbed back in bed.

Lillian reached out and touched his cock with her fingertips. It was hot, silky and throbbed under her touch. She ran her fingers up and down him and cupped his balls as well. David moaned. He reached between her legs and stroked her up and down until she moaned. Then he slipped the sheath over his cock, wiped his wet fingers on it and then moved between Lillian’s legs.

Lillian opened up her legs as she’d seen in the pictures of the Kama Sutra and as Aya had told her it was done. She knew there’d be a little pain, and then great pleasure. David touched her opening and then she felt his cock touch her.

David guided himself in as best he could. She was a virgin and he knew it would hurt. However, he could be gentle so as to make it easier on her. He’d learned a lot from the maids he’d deflowered and gentleness was a boon. He slid in slightly and then out. Each time he went a little deeper until he felt that little bit of resistance. On the next stroke, he drove all the way in.

Lillian wasn’t sure what she should be feeling, but what he was doing felt good, right up until he pushed all the way inside. There was a sharp pain for a moment and then she felt wetter and a little sore. David was moving in and out of her slowly and after a moment, it felt good again. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer to her.

David was trying to go slowly, but when her legs wrapped around him, he could hold back no longer. He increased his pace and in a moment, he felt himself coming. He slammed hard against her as he came and froze for a moment in orgasm.

Lillian felt his pace increase and felt a heat building insider her. As David orgasmed, she felt a stirring that felt good, but she wasn’t sure if this was the ascent to heaven that Aya had talked about.

David grasped the sheath and pulled out of Lillian. He didn’t think she had orgasmed, but he wasn’t sure. Then again, he wasn’t sure virgins had as much fun the first time. He lay down beside her and cuddled her to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“A little sore, but okay,” Lillian said.

“It will be better next time,” he said as he held her close.

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    1. More coming up in about thirty minutes. You’ll actually get to read it before Wolf does. I started reading it to him last night and he fell asleep! And yes, I had to tease him!!!

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