Silver Service part 4

The post had brought a note from David letting her know that he would be there tonight. It had only been three days since his last visit and she wasn’t sure how she was going to entice him. In the end, she decided to simply let him do what he wanted. After her bath, she put on her green corset, the matching stockings and the wrapper. She made sure tea was ready and then waited by reading a book.

The door opened at half past seven and she went out into the hall to meet him.

“Hello David,” she said as she helped him with his coat and hat.

“Ah Lillian, such a treat on a long tiring day,” he said.

“Oh? Is anything the matter?” she asked.

“No, It has just been a long day. Millicent was having ‘vapors’ or ‘hysteria’ and had locked herself in her room. James was lonesome and fussy and once I got him settled, all I wanted to do was lay with you in my arms,” he said.

“Have you eaten?” she asked.

“Yes, a bit of tea with James,” he said.

“Would you like a bit of tea?” Lillian asked.

David looked at her, and saw her as something more than just a plaything. “Yes, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” he replied.

“Of course not. Here, sit by the fire and I’ll be right back,” she said heading down to the kitchen. She was very glad she had been shopping. The water was warm, so it didn’t take long to boil. She had just enough time to set up the tray when the water boiled. She poured it in the teapot and set it on the tray. By the time she had carried the tray upstairs it would be just about brewed.

David had fallen asleep in the chair in front of the fire. Lillian debated whether to wake him or to let him sleep. In the end, she poured him a cup of tea and then softly spoke his name.

“Oh, I drifted off. Some lover I am,” he said accepting the cup of tea.

“It’s alright David. I enjoy your company in or out of the bed,” Lillian said. She meant it too.

David smiled. “Why couldn’t I have met you first?” he wondered to himself. He sipped his tea, and took a Welsh cake. Lillian curled up on a footstool next to David and had her tea. They sat there quietly enjoying tea and cakes while David relaxed from the stresses of the day.


Lillian took the tea tray down and David looked at the time. It was only nine. There was still time to play around if she didn’t mind. He knew that he was of a mind to have a bit of enjoyment. When Lillian came back up, he wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss down her neck. As he had noticed, she was wearing that beautiful corset again. The scent of sandalwood mixed with her scent was a heady perfume. David felt himself growing hard.

“Would you like a wee tumble?” he asked.

“Yes, of course David. I find that I like sex,” she said. “Let me undress you.”

David tried to stand still as she undid the buttons of his shirt. In the end, he started to help her. Soon he was naked and he took off her wrapper. Holding Lillian against his skin while she wore that corset made him gasp.

“Kneel in front of the fire,” he asked her as he found the sheath.

Lillian did as he asked, recognizing what position he was going to try. She was very glad Aya had taught her many things before her parents interfered. David knelt on the floor next to her and as they kissed, he fingered her breasts and her clit. Lillian moaned and when she was wet, he had her kneel on hands and knees and moved in behind her to enter. He’d only done this a time or two with the maids, but he remembered how good it had felt.

Lillian arched her back and rolled her hips so that her inner lips were available. David fingered her and then slid home. She gasped at the force of his thrusts, but soon figured how to brace herself. Her breasts began to wiggle free of her corset and her nipples grazed the carpet. The sensation rippled through her body and she knew that she was about to ascend the heavens.

“Oh! Oh David,” she gasped.

David felt so good that he held her hips tightly and slammed into her as hard as he could. It didn’t take long for him to feel the pressure building and then his orgasm racing up his spine. He came and came until they both came. He felt Lillian’s muscles squeeze him tightly as she orgasmed.

Once he caught his breath, he grabbed the sheath and pulled out of Lillian. She shuddered with the sensation and melted to the carpet in front of the fire. David smiled and reached over to stroke her between the legs. His fingers stroked her clit and she gasped as she came again. He sat next to her as she caught her breath.

“I must go Lillian,” he said.

“I know. Some night you will get to stay and we will enjoy ourselves until dawn,” she said with a sleepy smile.

“I must dress and you need to get to bed,” he said as he stood up.

Lillian nodded. Her nipples were tender and caught on the top of the corset. David kissed each one in turn and then popped the busk. He tucked her into bed and then left for Kensington.

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