Flash Fiction Friday Post Production Pains.

She peeled the headphones off. The sound of her orgasms ripping through her on the soundtrack was a pained delight. He said he’d use them. Threatened. Promised. She never thought he would actually include them in the song.


Red should have known better than to fuck a sound engineer. Worse yet is a Dom who’s a sound engineer. He’d taped their love making session. Worse yet, he’d liked her vocals as she came. All the sobs, cries, moans and giggles as he drew orgasm after orgasm out of her in pained delight. When she didn’t make a noise he liked, he fucked, licked or spanked her until he got the right response. Red had denied that she was a pain slut. Then he made her listen to the noises she made with the nipple clamps on.


Ah, this one was a little difficult. I’ve been writing about werewolves and victorian sex all week and my brain didn’t want to wrap around this modern pic. However, I left it until the last minute and thought of how I’d feel to hear myself when I put on the headphones. Wolf is a sound and lights kinda guy and I thought of all the tricks he’s played with recordings. Then I had it. I played with both word limits too. Hope you enjoyed!

Don’t forget if you’d like to play head over to Panser’s blog on a Monday and see what he’s chosen to tease us with for the week. Our challenge this week was 38-98 words and the phrase, pained delight.

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Post Production Pains.

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  1. Exactly David. What better proof of one’s submission than their own voice? Even if the general public didn’t hear it, she would always know it was there in the background.

  2. And here we go again. Oh to be able to make Blogger work for me! I still haven’t figured out why it isn’t working. Here are the comments I couldn’t leave…
    Tame: You know when you LOL at work that you’ve read a good piece. The first one is good, but I love the grasshopper!
    Max: I love that she was given directions via MP3! Delights all around!
    France: Oh my… Makes you want to know the backstory!
    David: A countdown to orgasm. What a wicked twist! I love it… why? Because I know a gentleman who can do that. bring someone to orgasm with his voice…
    Robert: You took a similar tack to mine. Amazing how we can deny reality until it smacks us upside the ear. Nice work.

  3. I really liked the first one for it’s brevity and the conversations that must have lead up to the recording and using of her voice. The second one was powerful with the thought of him controlling, using, pleasuring her as in instrument to get just the right sounds. very sexy.

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