Buster’s Story, part 2

Buster brought Grandma Davy her herbs. After he set them down on the table, he walked over to where she stood at the stove and gave her a hug. “Thank you Grandma,” he said.

“For wa..” she started to say, and then the scent of Natalie hit her nose. “Ah, you find that young one up in your meadow? Have a good time?”

“Aye. She’s feisty. We make love twice and then we came home,” Brian said.

“You tellin’ the family?” she asked.

“Non. Gonna wait. See ifin’ she’s with child first,” he said.

“Fine. I don’t say nothin’. Wouldn’t be the first time. You were a six month baby,” she said with a smile.

“I what?” asked Brian.

“Your parents. They married, she was three-four months pregnant,” said Grandma Davy with a smile. “You think you invent sex?”

Brian smiled and shook his head no. “I best go home and wash fore I go to the saloon,” he said.

“Better. That Big Joe running around shouting how he kill the man what took Natalie’s virginity,” she said. “Put this in that water,” she said and handed him a small jar of tincture.

“What this?” he asked as he started to open the jar.

“Mint and pine,” Grandma Davy said as the scent hit his nose.

“Whoa! No one smell me with that,” Brian said.

“That the idea,” she said and went back to her cooking.

Brian took the bottle and headed out the door.

Three days later, the saloon was hopping. People listening to the radio and Sally serving beer and whiskey ditches as fast as she could.

“A beer Sally,” said Brian.

She nodded. Setting down the beer, she nodded her head towards the crowd around the radio. “You heard the latest?” she asked.

“Non,” said Brian.

“They forming the Canadian Expedition Force. Calling for volunteers and them is trying to decide if they should go,” said Sally.

“Yeah. Don’ know if they should go as soldiers or dogs,” said a very old man.

Brian shook his head, grabbed his beer and walked over to the crowd around the radio.

“Sure I’m going!” said one man.

“Well, someone’s gotta stay here. Winter’ll be hard,” said another.

“Me, my brothers, we all sign up,” said Big Joe. He thumped his nearest sibling on the shoulder and made him spill his beer.

“You sure you want do that?” asked another man. You shift in battle, they shoot you.”

“Yeah, but we don’ go, it gonna look funny. People call us cowardly. Can’t have that. Can’t live like that,” said the first man.

“You be smart, you go in a group. All same battalion. Keep eye on who shifts, who don’t. Make sure no one get hurt, or be wrong shape, wrong time,” said an older man.

“He’s right. Plus, those krauts, they don’ speak Metis. We can…” the man started before another one cut him off.

“You don’ parle kraut!” the man said.

“Aye!” said another.

“I do. My maman she marry this kraut. Ich spreche Deutsche!” the man said in his defense.

“Metis can speak kraut?” said another laughing. That made everyone laugh.

“Brian, you goin’?” asked Big Joe.

“I don’ know. Maybe,” Brian said.

“You better,” said Big Joe with a feral grin on his face.

“Why? You need someone hold your hand when guns go boom?” asked Brian.

“Non! I hold your hand you piss your pants,” teased Big Joe.

“Non!” said Brian. “You still not tell me why I should go.”

“Cause all my family go!” said Big Joe.

“I not one of your brothers what you order around,” Brian said wondering what Joe was up to.

“Non, but you gonna marry my sister Natalie for sure!” Big Joe said standing up and moving towards Brian.

Brian stood there frozen. He saw Big Joe moving towards him and expected a fist to drive through his face. “Oh fuckin hell!” he thought. Instead, Big Joe punched him in the arm and then gave Brian a hug.

“Come! I buy you a beer,” said Big Joe.

“I… I thought you’d kill me,” said Brian.

“Non. Maman, she won’ let me. Say Natalie is big girl and ifin’ I mess this up, she skin me,” said Big Joe. “Don’ go tellin’ no one I’m afraid my maman though.”

Brian shook his head and accepted the beer from Sally. Celia had to be the scariest bitch in town. Five foot nothing and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. However, she was fast, mean and kept all ten of her children in line even though most of them were grown. If Celia had said to leave him alone, Big Joe would.

“How you find out?” Brian asked Big Joe.

“Maman ask Natalie straight out who she sneakin’ out to see. Natalie say she not doin’ no sneakin’ out. Maman got all growly and tol Natalie no lying. She can smell sex and mint an pine. They yellin’ and I realize you smell like mint and pine. I smile and afore I can say who Natalie been with, Maman grab her by the ear and shake her. Natalie spill your name fast,” said Big Joe.

“Then what happened?” Brian asked.

“Them Maman look at Natalie, smile and say fine. Then she look at me and tell me I hit you, I hurt you or even think of killin’ you, she kill me slow,” Big Joe said.

Brian nodded, knowing the look that Celia must have given Big Joe. As kids they all snitched a pie off the window and got caught by her. “So, you not too mad?” Brian asked Big Joe.

“Yes, but I no kill you. Take you to war with me, let them krauts kill you. Easier,” said Big Joe.

“Merde!” thought Brian. How am I gonna tell Natalie? Better marry her first.”

“Maman she go talk to Grandma Davy. They two plannin’ a weddin’ and fixin’ Natalie a dress fore she too big to wear it,” said Big Joe.

“She pregnant?” asked Brian. He’d only seen her last night and she hadn’t said anything.

“She don’ know, but the way you two been at it, she should be,” said Big Joe.

Brian nodded. He drank the last of his beer and headed home. If Celia and Grandma Davy were plotting, he’d be married before the end of the week.

Kent laughed when Brian told him what happened at the saloon. Then he went on to say that Grandma Davy had stopped by and wanted to see Brian tomorrow morning. Brian nodded and after cleaning up a bit, crawled into bed.

“Bri, you sleep?” a soft voice spoke next to his ear.

“Non. You wake me up Natalie,” he said.

“Move over, it’s cold,” she said and slipped between the covers. She was naked and her body was chilled.

“Damn woman, can’t you wear clothes?” asked Brian as he felt his cock shrink from contact with her cold thighs.

“Non! I had to shift and leave. Maman and Grandma Davy, they plan and cook and plan some more,” said Natalie.

“Our wedding?” he asked wondering when that was going to be.

“Aye. They will tell you tomorrow, but it is on Saturday,” she said. Her nipples were rubbing against his chest and he brought his fingers up to squeeze them.

“Ahh! Brian,” she gasped.

“What? You come in my bed like that and think you can just leave? Non! I will play with you and have my wicked way with you!” he said and moved his fingers from her nipples and wiggled them between her thighs. She was cold and wet. “See, you are wet little bitch. Need to be fucked.”

Natalie giggled and wiggled down under the covers where she locked her lips around his cock which was half erect. She sucked on it until it was hard and throbbing in her mouth. Brian had grabbed her hair in his hand and was thrusting with his hips. Her mouth felt almost as good as her pussy. When he couldn’t take it a moment longer, he moved her off his cock and turned her so that he could enter her from behind. The combination of hot mouth, cool air and then hot pussy nearly undid him. Brian thrust into Natalie and grabbed her hips for balance.

Natalie tried to find purchase on the bed, but the blanket slipped and her nipples grazed the mattress as Brian pummeled her from behind. It felt so good that she didn’t care. Pushing back against him sent him deeper into her. That tingle and warmth started and then raced up her spine as she came.

“Ahhh!” she moaned.

Brian held on tight as Natalie squirmed in his hands and on his cock as she came. It felt so good and sent him over the edge. He froze in pleasure and then the two of them melted to the bed. When the knot finally relaxed, Natalie would head home.

Brian entered Grandma Davy’s kitchen. Women were everywhere. Celia and Grandma were at the table in the back with a pile of fabric between them.

“Grandma Davy,” called Brian as he couldn’t get close to her for all the people.

“Yes Brian, come round here,” she said pointing from the door to the sink and back to her.

Brian navigated the room.

“You and my Natalie, you get married in two days,” said Celia.

“Aye, you need me do anythin’?” he asked.

“Aye, you make sure you there. Don go runnin’ off. Don join that Army too damn soon,” said Celia with Grandma Davy nodding in agreement.

“No ma’am! I be there,” said Brian.

“I have your Papa’s suit for you,” said Grandma Davy. She pointed to a suit hanging in the corner of the room.

Brian nodded. “Where we get married?” he asked.

“The meadow across from the saloon. Easier that way and no Fr. Dion cursing us as demons,” said Celia. She had a real hatred for the Catholic church.

Brian nodded and left. Going to war was going to be much safer than staying in town with Celia as a mother-in-law.

Saturday was bright and sunny for late September. Brian stood waiting with the justice of the peace, Kent, Big Joe and his six brothers. Celia’s three daughters stood opposite them. The rest of the town sat on benches, chairs and logs. Grandma Davy had her kitchen chair. Brian turned to watch Natalie walk across the meadow holding her papa’s arm as Raphael and Tomas fiddled music. Natalie looked so beautiful in her dress. It was cream and had a floaty veil. She even had shoes on that weren’t boots.

Brian smiled and took her hand as she came to stand beside him. Her papa leaned over Brian’s shoulder and whispered something. Brian nodded and then turned towards the justice of the peace.

Thirty minutes later, everyone was in the saloon where food and drink flowed. Natalie was being danced around the room by every man able. Raphael and Tomas played and drank and played some more. Brian smiled at his bride and hoped he wouldn’t have to dance too much. He’d already stepped on her toes twice.

“Hey, what did Nat’s papa whisper in your ear?” Kent asked.

“He say ‘You break her heart by dying, I bring you back just to kill you. Then I bring you back and let Celia kill you. Don you die that war!’ is what he said,” said Brian.

“Then you better not die. I can see you dealin’ with him, but Celia? Non,” said Kent.

Brian nodded. Most of the young men were joining up. They were going to try and enlist as a group, and make sure that at least some of them stayed together. Brian sipped his beer and looked over to see Natalie beaconing to him. He put down his beer and went over to her.

“Dance with me Brian,” she said.

“I try not to step on your feet this time,” he said. Then he twirled her in time to the music.

When it was time for the bride and groom to leave, the whole town escorted them to the small cabin on the hill. Kent had moved out and the women had decorated it. Garlands of late flowers, herbs and other greenery festooned the cabin. The bed had been replaced with a matrimonial sized frame with a feather bed. It too was covered with greenery. Candles and lanterns gave a soft glow to the room. Brian carried Natalie over the threshold and tried to close the door. He knew what was coming, but it still didn’t help.

Every time he started to close the door, another person wanted to say something or sing a song. Finally after about forty minutes of this Brian closed the door. They went into the bedroom and Brian barely had his shoes off before he heard Big Joe, Kent and half the men singing lewd songs near the windows. When they’d stop, the women would start up. Natalie was laughing so hard she could barely take off her dress. It took them nearly an hour to undress and get into bed.

“Good thing this is not the first time, aye?” she said.

Brian nodded. “I think this is why everyone fools around. Can you see virgins trying to do it with all that racket?” he said as he blew out the candles.

“Non! Impossible,” giggled Natalie. “Oh! Listen!”

Brian realized that most of the heckling had stopped and Raphael, Tomas and one person singing was serenading them with love songs. When the first one finished, they could hear everyone clapping. Then Raphael started up another fiddle tune and a high clear voice began to sing.

“Oh! It is Maman!” gasped Natalie.

“Her voice is beautiful when heard like that,” said Brian. He refrained from saying that it was amazing that someone so bitchy could sing so sweetly.

The singing and soft music lasted for another song and then slowly they crowd and the music drifted off. They were alone at last.

Brian kissed Natalie and soon passion overtook tiredness. He kissed her nipples and bit at them gently. Natalie gasped. Then he nibbled down her stomach until he kissed the curls on the top of her mound. As he kissed, he caressed her with his fingers and slowly moved them in and out of her pussy. His tongue licked and sucked her clit until Natalie gasped in pleasure. As she shuddered, he licked his fingers and slid his cock into her. She was soaked.

He rocked back and forth, his cock hitting all the right spots to make her moan. Natalie reached up and grabbed his ribs and held him tight to her so that he could move faster. She liked the quick rhythm as it brought her to orgasm. She let her body’s reaction to Brian roll though her and felt her muscles contract tightly around his cock.

“Oh… myyhhh,” she moaned as she came.

Brian reacted and came starting mid stroke. He felt like he filled her with every drop of cum he’d ever had. He rolled to one side and cradled her to him.

“Je t’aime,” the two of them whispered to each other.

Their honeymoon lasted for a week. Brian kissed Natalie goodbye on Friday morning. He as well as most young men under thirty had decided to enlist. A long discussion on who should stay and who should go went on and ended with forty men heading to Vancouver. Their plan was to join the 29th Vancouver Battalion of the Canadian Expedition Force. The men were some of the first to join when it was formed in October of 1914. None of them knew what they were going to face or how it would change them forever.

Natalie waited until the last of them were out of sight before she went back into her cabin. She cried as she cradled Brian’s flannel shirt to her chest.

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