Silver Service part 6

Aya brought Lillian the letter that Betsy took from the postman. Lillian tore it open. It was from David and said that he would be there by 7 pm at the very latest. Lillian smiled and headed upstairs to get ready.

Aya, Betsy and Lillian had worked to get everything ready for this evening for the last two days. Aya had painted the mehendi designs all over Lillian’s hands and feet and in a few special places on her body hidden by her clothes. Aya had made traditional sweets and savory snacks and chai. Betsy had been fascinated by everything. Aya did her best to show Betsy how to do things as they were done in Jaipur.

Now it was time to dress Lillian and have her ready for David. She was bathed and perfumed with sandalwood. Her hair was done up with jewels and pins. Finally, they dressed her in the red sari with the gold embroidery. When Aya stepped back from adjusting the final drape, Betsy stood there gobsmacked.

“Oh my, She don’ look like no Englishwoman no more,” said Betsy.

“No, she is my Beti, my daughter. A princess ready to be married to her sanam, her lover,” said Aya.

“Do I look alright?” asked Lillian. She was nervous. The outfit felt right and rustled when she moved, and the jewelry jingled.

“You are beautiful. Now, Do you want Betsy to bring your David upstairs or will you come downstairs?” Aya asked.

“Have Betsy bring him upstairs and will you bring him into my room? This way I can stay right here,” Lillian asked after a moment’s thought.

“Of course Beti,” said Aya. She made a final adjustment to the sari folds and then she went to stand in the hall guarding the door while Betsy went downstairs.


David barely got the door unlocked before the door was literally pulled out of his hand.

“Oh!” he said startled.

“Evening Sir,” said Betsy as she bobbed in a curtsy.

“Evening. And you are?” he asked.

“Betsy Sir. Your sister-in-law Mrs. Milne sent me over to help Miss Walters as you hadn’t gotten her a maid or a cook,” said Betsy saying more than she meant to.

“Oh good grief! Thank you Betsy. I must talk to Elsa and see what else I’ve overlooked. Is Miss Walters upstairs or in the parlor?” he asked wondering how things had evolved at the Chelsea house.

“Miss Walters is upstairs. Aya is waiting to take you in to her,” said Betsy.

“Aya? Her servant from India?” asked David. He knew that Lillian had sent for the woman, but didn’t know she had arrived. That inability to communicate was driving him crazy.

“Yes Sir,” Betsy said and headed towards the stairs. David followed and then ascended them two at a time and came face to face with a small woman in an odd dress on the top landing.

Saahab David,” Aya said as she bowed from the waist with her hands pressed together at chest level.

“Um… Nice to meet you Aya,” said David. He felt totally out of place and didn’t know how to treat this woman who was a servant and yet a mother figure to Lillian.

“Come this way Saahab,” said Aya who turned and escorted David into Lillian’s bedroom. She opened the door and then stood to one side allowing David to enter the room.

The room had been transformed. Flowers were in various vases as well as garlanded around the room. The air was scented with a tangy scent and Lillian’s favorite perfume, sandalwood. Candles were lit and the fireplace had a fire which sent a glowing light across the floor. In the middle, stood Lillian. Or at least he assumed it was Lillian. Before him was an apparition of beauty. The dress draped in a cloud around her. Jewels glinted in the candlelight and David swore he heard bells as she moved forward to greet him. Behind him, Aya left the room and closed the door.

“Lillian? Is that really you under that cloud of silk?” he asked still too stunned to move.

“Yes, it is. I come to you tonight dressed as for a Hindu wedding. Aya brought me a trousseau of saris, jewelry and other things Indian. Tonight, I am your bride,” she said.

David walked up to her and took her hands which she held out to him. He marveled at the intricate designs painted on them. He looked at the whole picture the women had created and then ever so gently, took Lillian in his arms. The silk rustled and yet was soft. It felt so good to hold Lillian in his arms. They kissed.

David finally let go of her and they sat in front of the fire and caught each other up on their lives. Lillian fed David the sweet and savory treats and gave him a cup of chai. When they’d had enough, David pulled Lillian to her feet. He had been astonished to find them decorated as well. Lillian was so exotic looking that he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. To look at her or ravish her…

“Now, how does an Indian gentleman unwrap his wife from all of this fabric?” David asked.

Lillian smiled. She handed him a corner of the silk sari and slowly pulled back, which allowed the fabric to unwind from her body. David quickly caught on and gently tugged as the yards and yards of fabric fell away from her body. Once the sari had slipped from her, she was left standing in her petticoat, choli, and jewelry. David walked around her and found the tie for the petticoat. He tugged and watched as it fell. Around her waist was a silver chain. Then, he untied the choli and eased it off her shoulders. Lillian stood in front of him dressed only in her jewelry. A chain around her waist, bracelets on her wrists and ankles, earrings in her ears and various pins in her hair. He could see that there were more designs painted on her body as well.

“How do I?” he started, pointing to her hair.

Lillian pulled the various pins and let her hair fall to her waist. She took out the heavy earrings that caressed her shoulders and left everything else on. She chimed when she walked over to him.

“You are wearing too many clothes my saanam,” she said.

“Saanam? What does that mean?” he asked as she undid his buttons.

“It is Hindi for lover,” she said. Lillian explained the other words that he had heard that he didn’t understand.

David stood there as she undressed him slowly with kisses and caresses. David felt as if he would burst before he was naked. As his breeches fell to the floor, his cock stood out from his body, throbbing and glistening with pre-cum.

Lillian pushed him back on the bed and knelt between his legs. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked and licked him until he exploded in her mouth.

“Oh Lillian,” he gasped.

“And now you can enjoy yourself without all that pressure,” she teased.

“For at least a few minutes,” he said. David moved further onto the bed and held out his hand to Lillian. As she crawled onto the bed, he took a better look at her. Her nipples were dyed to match her hands and tendrils and leaves connected her pubic mound with her breasts. On the saddle of her back were more designs. “You’re beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you my saanam,” she said. She stretched to let him see how the designs trailed between her legs.

“Oh my,” he said softly as he pulled her closer to him. His fingers traced the patterns on her skin and as he came to her center, he noticed how wet she was. David slid his fingertips across her skin and dipped them between her lips. Lillian moaned and arched towards his fingers. He pulls Lillian to him and works his fingers deeper into pussy. Lillian pressed her breasts to his face as she began to orgasm. David sucked her nipple into his mouth. She tasted sweet.

They rolled on the bed and giggled. David traced his fingers across the chain around her waist and across to her arms and around the bangles.

“How do you sound like you’re wearing bells when I don’t see any?” he asked.

“There are tiny bells inside the bracelets,” she said and shook her hand which made the bells ring.

David smiled and began kissing down her throat and across her breasts. He sucked and kissed her breasts and then started to kiss down her stomach. When he got to the chain at her waist, he thought for a second and then started kissing towards her mound.

“What the hell,” he thought and kissed her mound. Lillian moaned. David tentatively licked her and as she responded to his attentions, he licked deeper and deeper. The sweet salt taste intrigued him. He found her clit with his tongue and Lillian squeaked.

“Dddavid,” she said as she squirmed.

David looked at her and smiled. Then he licked her again bringing her close to orgasm. “This isn’t so bad,” he thought as he licked and sucked Lillian’s flesh. He realized he was hard again and moved his mouth from her mound long enough to find the sheath he’d left in the nightstand on a previous visit. Once he slid it on, he crawled back onto the bed and slid his cock deep inside of Lillian.

“Oh David,” she gasped.

“Llllilian,” he replied as he slowly worked to increase his rhythm. His hands gripped her waist and held her tight. Lillian moaned as she started to orgasm. David increased his pace as he felt his orgasm boil up his spine and exploded from his center. Lillian wasn’t far behind him and as he shuddered his release, she arched in her own sweet explosion. They came to the sound of softly ringing bells.

David gently lowered her to the bed and rolled to one side grabbing the sheath. He looked at the time and realized that he must leave. It tore him in two to do so, but he realized that he must, at least for now.

“Lillian, I must go,” he said softly.

“I know my love,” she said.

David pulled the covers up over her, kissed her good night and found his clothes. He dressed quickly and left. Aya was in the hall, sitting on a chair.

“Goodnight “Saahab,” she said bowing low.

“Goodnight Aya,” he said. David went down the stairs and left the Chelsea house in the wee hours of the night.

3 thoughts on “Silver Service part 6

  1. Another great story! I’m enjoying this one as well as Buster’s. …Dave and Buster! LOL, lame, yeah, blahblahnlah. 😉

    It’s good to have you back, especially because I know how busy you stay. So, thank you!

    1. Thank you Jesse. You have no idea of how difficult it is to come up with names some days. Plus, people around me know I use odd phrases and funny things that happen in my stories. And for some reason they get real twitchy if i use their names… teeheehee….

  2. A great story! I am glad you shared. I have enjoyed looking back through your previous stories too.

    You, my friend, have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. See my page for more…

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