Versatile Blogger… Who me?

Apparently so according to Der Erzahler.  He enjoys my blog and thought he’d let other people know. 🙂 It was a very nice surprise in the midst of such a hectic week. Thank you very much Der Erzahler. Or should that be Schönen Dank? 🙂

Now, according to the ‘rules’, I should…

  1. Thank my nominator(s) (above), and link to site.
  2. Nominate 15 blogs that excite and delight me, and tell them that I’ve done so.
  3. Tell you 7 things about myself

Fifteen Blogs eh? Hmmm… I started out trying to say a little about each blog and found myself repeating phrases. Many of these blogs belong to a crazy group that writes a story every Friday. Flash Fiction Friday is run by Panser and gives us all a run for our money when it comes to writing. Others I know through comments on my blog or via other people’s blog lists. And of course, it is all Nilla’s fault. LOL!  In no particular order…

Vanillamom      Tempting Sweets     View From The Top      Free Advice is worth what you pay for it       Taking the Reins

Exploits of Lexi      Finding My Submission      Thoughts from a Mystic Satyr      Insatiabear    Jack & Jill

Ashley Madison      Dangerous Delight       Tame in Comparison     Salacious Days  Sometimes the world begins


As most of you read my blog for FFF, and I am still having issues with some Blogger sites, consider yourself notified that I find you delightful Versatile Bloggers!

Now for the more difficult bit. Seven things about myself.

  • I’m the gray haired, computer geek, hippy grandma walking down the street you’d never notice.
  • I’ll use just about anything I observe or hear in a story. Nothing and no one is safe.
  • I love dark chocolate.
  • I’ve been told the sexiest things about me are my brains and my eyes.
  • Sex is one of my favorite forms of exercise.
  • I love English Tea.
  • I’m a flirt.



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