Silver Service part 7

Lillian waited in her room for David to arrive. Ever since the night she’d dressed as his bride, they had played at dressing up and indulging in whatever the other wanted. They talked in the dark of her room and planned ahead. One night they had dressed her up as a man and David had taken her to his club. Another night, David had taken her for a ride in the carriage and and they’d had sex while the carriage passed the Houses of Parliament. Another time they had sex in the park while sitting in a secluded area. Tonight though they had planned more dress up.

Lillian wore a light petticoat and a cotton sari. Her hair was braided down her back and she wore dancing bells on her waist, ankles and wrists. The fire was the only light. She heard the sound of the door opening and closing as well as his tread up the stairs. The door to her room opened and she heard him walk in.

“Ah, and what kind of entertainment am I to have tonight?” he asked as he sat in his chair.

“Saahab, I am here to dance for you,” Lillian said demurely.

“Then dance,” David said.

Lillian stood gracefully and began to dance to a tune only heard in her head. It was a kind of dance taught to her and other village girls in India and meant to entice men. She moved her arms and feet in a seductive rhythm punctuated by the bells on her body. There were sly glances, undulating hips and arms and swift foot movements. Her long braid swayed with her body in graceful arches. Her breasts swayed under her choli, and her sweat mingled with the incense and sandalwood to provide a scent that David found enticing. With a swift swirl and sudden planting of feet, Lillian stopped. She froze in a position that was part bow, part statuesque pose.

David clapped softly. “Now come here girl,” he said.

Lillian walked up to David, eyes down and head bowed.

“Take off your clothes girl,” he said.

“But Saahab,” she started to protest.

“You will do as I say,” David said firmly.

“Oh please Saahab,” she tried again.

“You will strip or you will be punished. Now,” he said. “Do not remove your bells.”

“Yes Saahab,” said Lillian trying to sound upset. In truth, his words were making her horny. She could feel her juices beginning to seep down her legs. Slowly and as seductively as she could, Lillian removed her sari, petticoat and choli. Finally she stood in just her bracelets and bells. Her nipples had been mhendi dyed and designs painted on her body. David had delighted over the the designs the first time.

“Dance,” David said, his voice betraying the feelings of lust that were bubbling to the surface. His clothing felt too restrictive, especially around his loins. Adjusting himself slightly, he watched Lillian begin to dance once more.

Lillian enjoyed moving in the patterns of the dance. It felt good dressed in the sari, and even better just in her bells. As she moved, she realized how certain postures opened her up to David’s eyes. Others moved her so that her muscles tightened or rubbed parts of her own body, which in turn made her horny. By the time she got to the end of her dance, her thighs were wet.

“Much better this time. Your reward is to undress me,” he said as he stood up.

“Yes Saahab,” she said softly. Lillian undressed David quickly and when he stood there naked, she went back to her knees with her head bowed.

“Take me in your mouth girl,” he said.

Lillian moved forward and knelt before David. She lifted his cock with her hands and slid her mouth over his cock. Licking and sucking, she soon brought him to orgasm. He gripped her shoulders to keep his balance. Once she had licked him clean, he walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Come here girl,” he said.

Lillian did as he requested. Standing in front of him, she spread her legs apart slightly and arched her arms over her head in a pose like one of the statues on the temple near where she had lived in India. It was provocative and yet graceful. David took a deep breath and began to traces his fingers over her body. He pinched her nipples to make them stand up hard and firm. Then tracing the mehendi marks, he found his way to her patch of curls. Dipping his fingers between her legs, he found her soaked. Slowly he rubbed his fingertips back and forth lightly touching her clit and opening.

Lillian tried to hold still, and moaned slightly. She was so ready to be touched.

“Hold still,” he said firmly.

Lillian took a deep breath and tried to hold still as David sat forward and sucked first one nipple and then the other. Just as she thought she couldn’t take another touch, he dipped his fingers deeply inside her and wiggled them about. Lillian gasped again.

“Quiet girl. Hold still,” he said.

“But Saahab, you touch me and I can’t help it but to wiggle and moan,” she said in English laced with Hindi cadence.

“If you do not do as I say, you will be punished,” David said as he fingered her again and pinched her nipples with his other hand.

Lillian tried to hold still, but as he brought his hand up and thumbed her clit, she exploded and melted against David. “Oh Saahab, I am ever so sorry,” she gasped as he continued to play with her clit.

“Obviously not sorry enough,” David said. He took her by the hands and draped her over his lap. His erection thrummed against her stomach. Lillian’s breasts pressed against his left leg while her mound lay on top of his right.

“Oh please Saahab, please don’t punish me. I’ll dance again for you. I’ll take you in my mouth again,” she begged.

“No, that will not do this time,” he said and with his hand cupped he began to spank her. Each strike hit on an upward angle, and then swooshed up. This provided a blow that stung the skin, and echoed deep in her pussy. He gave her ten swats on each cheek.

“Oh! Oh Saahab!” Lillian cried. “Please, I will be good.”

David stroked the reddened flesh. It was hot under his hand. He could also feel her juices running down his right leg. “Oh, I don’t know. I think you like this,” he said and began to spank her just a little more.

Lillian moaned. It did feel good in a very strange way. It stung and then the way the muscles moved as he spanked her pulled and rubbed in all the right ways. She tried to hold still, but couldn’t help rubbing her mound against his leg.

David felt the change in Lillian and after a rather solid spank, he rubbed her ass again and then swiftly fingered her pussy. She was sopping wet. He pulled his fingers out of her and wiped them on her ass. He spanked her twice more and then stood her on her feet. The bells chimed as she swayed.

“Hold still girl,” he said as he reached into the drawer to find the sheath. He rolled it over his cock and then stood up. “Come here,” he said.

Lillian came to him and he placed her on the bed bent over at the waist. He nudged her feet apart and then grabbing her reddened cheeks, he slid into her pussy.

Lillian winced at the pain and then gasped as the feeling of his cock driving in from behind flooded her with exquisite sensations. He held her hips as he slammed in and out of her from behind. Each time he drove in deep, his skin rubbed against her tender ass. The line between pleasure and pain twisted, mixed and melded until she came hard, screaming her orgasm into the bedcovers. As she bucked and squirmed against his cock, David came as well. Spent, the two of them collapsed to the bed.

David grasped the sheath and pulled out of Lillian. Her ass was still red and hot to his touch. He loved the way she reacted when he touched her. He slowly caressed her ass and as she moaned and arched up, he spanked her again. Her reaction was a sharp gasp and he swore she was getting wetter. David spanked her again and this time he rubbed his hand up and down her lips to her clit.

“Oh, oh please don’t… don’t…” Lillian gasped.

“Don’t what?” David asked as he watched her body arch and react to his touch.

“Don’t stop touching me. Let me come,” she begged.

David smiled. He stood up between her legs, holding them open wider as he stroked her ass with one hand and fingered her with the other. Lillian bucked and came again, this time sopping his hand with her juices as she orgasmed. He continued to stroke her and touch her until she almost passed out from coming. He realized that his cock was standing at attention again. The sheath was soaked, and he didn’t want to wash it out again. He didn’t want to go home aching either.

“Girl, attend me,” he said as he lay down on the bed.

Lillian got up on her knees and crawled to where he was on the bed. She took him in her mouth and as she sucked and licked him, he turned her so that he could play with her ass and her pussy. It felt so good to touch her and play with her. David felt his orgasm begin to boil up and he grabbed her head with one hand to hold her in place as he came and grabbed her ass and slid his fingers deep inside her as he orgasmed. Lillian came too, as she tried to swallow his seed.

Laying there spent, David held Lillian close. How he hated the fact that he had to leave.

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