Silver Service part 8

David had finally worked out a system by which Lillian could post letters to him. She would write a note to Elsa and include a note to David. Elsa in return would either call on David and deliver the note or have it sent round to his club. It was a bit of a bother, but it allowed David and Lillian to communicate. It was especially helpful if Lillian needed something, or was ill. David had been very careful to burn each letter as he had no secure place to store them.

He was trying to get out the door to meet Lillian when James rocketed into him. James’ hand went into his pocket and then came back out. David picked him up and discovered that James had frosting and cake crumbs on his face.

“And what have you been up to James?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“Nuffin’,” James said softly.

“Nothing? And what would Henry say?” David asked as the butler came up behind James.

“Um..,” James started.

“I think sir, that I would have to say that Mrs. Milne would be most upset to find that the remains of the cake from the Ladies Literary Club had a slice missing. However, if you give the young man to me, I’ll get him in the bath rather quickly and let the cook take the blame,” said Henry.

David smiled, kissed James on the forehead and handed him over to Henry. “Ah, what would we do without you Henry?” he said.

“Why sir, you’d be up to your ears in cake crumbs, and upset women,” he said as he headed upstairs. “Have a good evening sir.”

“Thank you Henry. Goodnight James,” David said. He buttoned up his coat and headed out the door to where the cab waited.


Lillian waited impatiently for David to arrive. After the night where she’d danced for David, she’d caught a nasty cold and had been sick in bed for a week. Then her menses showed up. She was happy for that, but sad as David wouldn’t touch her when she was even barely bleeding. Then his schedule had been full of business and dinners with Millicent. It had been over three weeks, and even walking made her horny. Aya had offered her a solution which had worked for a bit, but it just wasn’t the same as having David there. She heard the door open and ran to the edge of the second floor banister. She saw him take off his hat and overcoat and hand it to Betsy. Then he stopped for a minute. Lillian turned and went to check the room to see if everything was ready. When she was sure, she went back to the landing to find David almost at the top of the stairs.

“Hello David,” Lillian said.

“Hello Lillian. It has been so long, that I fair thought you a figment of my imagination,” he said.

Lillian could wait no longer and snuggled into his arms. David kissed her face and then the two of them walked into her room. On the tray next to the fire were Welsh cakes and tea. He unbuttoned his coat and sat down. It had become a bit of a ritual to have tea and relax for a few moments before they began to play.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” David said after sipping his tea.

“Oh, so am I. It was so good though to write to Elsa and let her send on my note. Even better to receive your letter the next post,” said Lillian.

“I must agree,” he said setting down his cup of tea. They had made no set plans for tonight, and yet David had an idea. “Now, how have you been keeping with me gone for so long?” he asked.

“Keeping? What do you mean?” Lillian asked.

“Well, I know that after two weeks I needed to settle myself at night before I could sleep,” he said. It still embarrassed him to admit that he masturbated.

“Oh. I understand. I… um… well.” she stuttered and blushed.

“Well,” David said waiting for her to explain.

“I… um… I have a phallus to play with,” she finally said blushing furiously.

“What!” said David. He was hoping she didn’t mean another man. If so…

“Here David. This. This is what I have,” she said running to a drawer next to her bed and pulled out a box. She handed it to David quickly as the look on his face scared her.

David took the box and carefully opened it not knowing what to expect. Inside were two penis shaped objects. Very lifelike and made out of ivory. “Lillian?” he asked knowing and yet not knowing what they were.

“These… these are toys that women in the harem use when there are no men around. To… to satisfy that itch that all women have,” she said trying to explain to David what was such a normal thing to her.

“So, you’re saying that in India when women are aroused, that they play with themselves and it calms them down?” he asked.

“Yes. It works, but it still isn’t as nice as a man,” said Lillian.

David thought for a moment. Then he smiled. “I want you to show me how you use these,” he said.

“Oh, but David, you are here,” said Lillian. “You are so much warmer and nicer than those.”

“I understand, but I want to watch you touch and play with yourself,” he said.

“And… and if I don’t please myself, or don’t want to do so?” she asked.

“Then I will spank you,” he said.

“Oh,” she replied. They had discovered by accident that they both enjoyed spankings. Lillian being the one to be spanked and David giving them. It had started as a casual swat and had gone from there. The last time they were together had been a delightful time and Lillian had sat gingerly for days afterwards.

“Shall I take off your clothes?” Lillian asked.

“No, I want you to strip and then show me how you play with these toys,” he said.

Lillian stripped and got up on the bed. She knew she was damp and yet was a little apprehensive. David handed her the smaller of the two ivory carvings. It had a slight curve to it, a bulbous head and rather realistic veins carved into it. It was a little smaller than David.

Lillian took it and began to rub it between her legs. One leg was drawn up so that her heel was near her ass. She stroked the tip between her lips to wet it. It felt good and it had been so long since David had touched her. Having him watch her as she played with herself made her wetter and more aroused. Lillian slipped the phallus between her lips and up into her pussy. She moved it in and out.

David watched with fascination as the ivory toy slid in and out of Lillian. It was getting very wet and her juices were beginning to puddle beneath her. Lillian began to pant as she neared climax and she moved the toy faster. David saw the flush begin to cross her skin.

“Stop,” he said.

Lillian moaned and yet stopped. She pulled the phallus out of her pussy and handed it to David who was holding out his hand for it.

David climbed up on the bed after undressing. He sat next to her, looking at his beautiful mistress.

“Are we going to make love now?” she asked. Her pussy ached.

David traced a finger from her breast to her mound. “No, I want to be the one to move this in and out of you,” he said holding up the other phallus. It was bigger in diameter and the same length as David. However, this one had ridges that ringed it all the way down and about a finger width apart.

“Oh, but David,” Lillian begged. She had only used that phallus once. It was a tight fit and it had been so long that she felt tight. Even the other phallus had been a bit of a snug fit at first.

“Either I get to play with you or I get to spank you,” he said.

Lillian opened her legs. She liked the spankings after a bit, but at first it stung. She didn’t want that, she wanted to come.

“Good choice,” David said. Then he took the thick phallus and stroked it up and down her wet lips. When it had the head coated, he slid it from her clit down and into her pussy.

“Oh!” Lillian squeaked. She felt so full. So very full.

David smiled at her reaction and stroked it in and out of her slowly. He watched as her body arched towards it and he increased his pace. His own cock twitched and semen pearled at the head. It had been so long and he wanted to last when he finally entered her. “Lillian, move so that you can take me in your mouth,” he asked.

Lillian got on her knees and knelt next to David. David lay back on the bed and propped his head on the pillows so he could watch her take him in his mouth at the same time he could play with the phallus and her pussy. As she sucked on his cock, he could feel her muscles contract around the toy, making it harder to keep a rhythm. He plunged it in deep and held it there as he felt himself go off. Lillian bucked a little as her mouth and her pussy were filled. She licked him clean and tried to turn.

“David, please, let me come,” she asked.

“Well, maybe,” he said and put down the phallus as he got off the bed and went to his coat. He pulled something out of his pocket and came back to the bed. He climbed onto the bed. “I want to play a bit while I recover,” he said.

“Oh David,” Lillian said very needy with the desire to come.

“I like the way you feel when you squirm across my lap. Especially when I spank you,” he said as he sat on the bed and leaned on the pillows,

“Spanked? But what have I done wrong?” she asked falling into line with whatever game he was thinking of in his head.

“You didn’t tell me you had these lovely toys. That you play with yourself when I’m not around,” he said.

“But…” she started to protest.

“I’m not mad at you, but these are delightful and I wish I’d known of them sooner,” David said.

“Aya only gave them to me a month ago,” said Lillian.

“Well, come here and we shall see,” he said and gestured for her to lay across his lap. Lillian moved so that her breasts were on one leg, his cock up against her belly and her mound on his other leg. She felt him stroke her back and ass and awaited the first sting. Instead, she felt the bigger of the two toys shove deep into her.

“Oh,” she moaned.

David smiled and moved the phallus in and out of her wet pussy. He pushed it in deep and then grabbed the object that James had left in his pocket. He turned it just so and began to spank Lillian with it.

“Oh! Ow! Ow! David, Owwwwww!” she cried. Whatever he was spanking her with was cold, hard and stung. She also realized that he was holding the phallus so that she couldn’t wiggle off of it.

David smiled as the object began to leave a pattern across Lillian’s ass. He was grateful that he could spank her with his left hand while rubbing that phallus in and out of her pussy. In spite of her cries and protests, her juices were running down her pussy and soaking the bedding under his leg.

“Ddddavid, oww! Ow! Oh ow!” she cried. “Oh, oh no, oh…nooooo,” she moaned a second later.

David spanked her harder and moved the phallus in and out as fast as he could as Lillian came hard. She arched up and then came so hard she nearly passed out. David put down the object and rubbed the reddened skin on her ass. He had slowed but not stopped the phallus. His own cock was hard beneath Lillian. He hadn’t recovered that fast since their first night.

“On your knees and don’t drop this,” David said as he pushed the phallus deep into Lillian. Lillian did as he said. She heard the drawer open and knew he was putting on the sheath. Head on the bed, with her elbows supporting her body, she felt him caress her tender ass. He moved the phallus in and out which caused her to moan as the ribs on it hit interesting spots inside her. It still filled her so much. Then David pulled it out. She heard it drop to the bed.

She sighed knowing that the next thing would be his cock entering her. She was wrong. The slapping sting of that object snapped her out of her daze. “David!” she gasped.

“Yes?” he asked as he spanked her again and again. He watched as she pulled away, and yet arched back, her pussy aching to be filled. He spanked her and then slid the object between her legs. He teased her clit and opening with it, never letting it slide in, but covered it with her juices.

“David, please,” she begged. The line between pleasure and pain and blurred and the ache of her pussy consumed her. She felt the metal, now warm from spanking her ass slide between her legs. He teased her and then spanked her. The juices on it made the spanking sting and she arched and as she tried to settle back, David drove deep into her pussy.

David grabbed her hips and drove in deep. He dropped the object and drove in as if he was starving. Lillian’s muscles contracted around his cock, and nearly drove him over the edge too soon. He took a deep breath and let loose of her hip to stroke her reddened ass. He caressed it as he slowed his strokes. Lillian moaned and pushed back against his hips. He moved with her until he couldn’t take it any more.

Lillian felt him stroke her ass and then he thrust in hard and deep. He held her so tightly as he pumped in and out. She felt her orgasm roll over her. So long denied, then spanked and now David so deep inside of her was too much. She cried out as her orgasm ripped through her senses.

As Lillian cried out and came, David roared his release. He felt like he came for ages. When the last spasm stopped, he grabbed the sheath and pulled out of Lillian. Collapsed forward on her arms, with her ass still in the air, David couldn’t resist. He reached between her legs and stroked her clit.

Lillian gasped as David stroked her to another orgasm with his fingers. This time she came so hard that she fell to her side and passed out.

David wiped himself off and crawled back on the bed. Lillian was just opening her eyes.

“Oh David,” she sighed.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Yes and no,” she said. “What was that you spanked me with?”

“Something James tried to get rid of,” David said. He reached down and picked up the object that he’d spanked Lillian with until she had a pattern of glowing redness on her ass.

“A cake server?” she said not believing what she saw.

“Yes, Millicent’s favorite cake server. And if she’s lucky, I might wash it off before I put it back in the silver drawer,” said David laughing.

That started Lillian laughing. The thought of his uptight wife serving cake with that after David had spanked and fucked her with it was just too much.

5 thoughts on “Silver Service part 8

  1. oh truly this entire piece is utterly enjoyable…the feel of it is perfectly period themed…and of course, how could i not love a fucking silver cake thingy?

    (and that bit about his rubbing/nearly fucking her with it…i never said that part out loud…smart woman!)

    this was tender, sexy, and so delightful.

    kind of like a nice, thick slice of sex-cake…*wink*

    loved loved loved it (worth waiting for, to be sure!)


    1. Huzzah! 🙂 I am so glad that you enjoyed this bit, and the whole story. I have to admit that I saw the FSCT over a month ago and this story has been percolating and waiting to be written. There are still a few more chapters before it is finished.

      As to fucking her with it… LOL! Of course he would.

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