Teased and Taken, part 2

Alright, another chapter for all of you… You do realize that the more you comment, the more I have something to work with when I write, don’t you… 🙂


“Come in,” he said. He was busy with papers as she stood in the doorway. Her coat was over her arm and her bag on her shoulder.

“I’m here to finish our discussion,” she said.

“Are you willing to have this discussion here or somewhere else?” he asked. He would take her here if she wanted, but he desired to take her home. To have her helpless in his arms. All his for the taking. Or was that giving?

“I… I believe I’d like this discussion to continue somewhere else,” she said. Anywhere would be fine, but what the hell am I thinking?” she wondered. Her body was overriding her mind and common sense.

“Fine. We will leave in a few minutes,” he said and finished his work. He grabbed his coat and briefcase and they headed out the door. They said nothing in the elevator or the lobby as they headed for the parking garage. As he turned, she hesitated for a second. He looked at her with a questioning glance.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Your car or mine?” she said softly.

“Mine,” he said and walked on. She followed. He walked to his car, opened the passenger door and she got into the seat. He leaned in and asked her a question. She nodded. He pulled her scarf out of his pocket and wrapped it around her eyes. Then he fastened her safety belt and closed the door. He got into the car and headed home. He turned the radio on to the classical station.

She was surprised at how calm she was when he asked if he could blindfold her. She had been surprised when he’d pulled her scarf from his pocket. It seemed the most natural thing and yet she had never thought of herself as submissive. She wondered where they were going, but didn’t try to peek beneath her scarf. She simply sat and listened to the music.

He pulled into his garage and closed the door with the control. He opened her door and guided her into the house. Once they reached the bedroom, he bade her to stay still as he moved a few things. He was amazed at her compliance, and yet he felt he’d been right in his appraisal of her. He took off his coat and tie as he kicked off his shoes. Then he walked over to her.

“Will you trust me?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“I will not take off the blindfold right away,” he said. “However, I will undress you.”

She nodded and awaited his hands on her body. She wasn’t disappointed as she felt his hands unbutton her blouse and pull it from her body. Then her skirt. She was left standing in her panties, stockings and bra. Her nipples were hard nubs and goosebumps trailed over her skin.

He looked at her standing there and began to kiss her. Lips, neck, tops of her breasts. She gasped. He removed her bra and began to suckle her breasts. Lips on one breast and fingertips on the other. Suck, pinch, lick, roll. Then he switched nipples. She moaned and arched against him. He could smell her arousal overriding her perfume. As he kissed her breasts, he slowly lowered her panties. The little scrap of silk was sopping wet. As he knelt down to help her step out of them, he couldn’t help himself. He buried his nose in her mound and began to kiss and lick her as his hands held her ass.

“Oh,” she gasped and her hands moved to his shoulders. First to steady herself and second to touch him. Hold him against her as he assaulted her with his tongue. She wanted to touch more of him, but as she tried to, his hands and tongue became more insistent in their exploration of her body. He pulled her legs apart and while his tongue flicked her clit, his fingers slid between her lips and into her pussy. She gasped.

His hand stroked her body and then his fingers penetrated her pussy, pushing in and upwards until she was on her toes. His tongue laved her clit and she gasped and moaned. He stood up and placed her on the bed. He put her hands up over her head and spread her legs. As she clasped her hands together, he smiled. She lay there just as he had positioned her. He got undressed and climbed up on the bed between her legs. She was beautiful. As he stroked her puffy lips, she wiggled.

“Will you stay put, or would you mind if I secured you to the bed?” he asked. He had wanted to tie her up from the very beginning, but he wasn’t sure about her. Not at first.

“I… I could try to not wiggle, but it feels so good,” she said.

It wasn’t a refusal, but it wasn’t consent either. He stroked her clit again, bringing her close to orgasm. She wiggled and moved around on the bed. She hadn’t tried to remove the blindfold, but it too had slipped a bit.

“Hands? Or hands and feet?” he said.

“Hhhands,” she said hesitantly. She wanted this, but at the same time was afraid to say it outloud. Her heart pounded as he took first one hand and then the other and tied them to something with soft cords. “It must be a fourposter bed,” she thought. He arranged pillows under her head and then kissed and bit her breasts and nipples until she moaned. He worked his way back down to her pussy.

He loved how she looked tied to his bed. Pliant with just a hint of nervous defiance. He’d been right in his suspicions. He mixed pleasure and pain as he moved down her body. He wanted her so sated with pleasure that she would be his to mold. His to have. He reached her mound and began to kiss and bite here as well. As his tongue licked her clit, he fingered her. First one, then two and finally three fingers opening her pussy. Stretching it so that when he took her, it would be pleasure, not pain. What she couldn’t see was that his cock was large. Not longer than average, but big around. His fingers told him that he’d fit.

She moaned as he fingered her. It felt so good. It had been far too long since her last lover. Even longer since she’d had a god lover. He was filling her with his fingers and she wanted more. Arching against his hand, she ached to come. He backed off when he sensed her getting close and she wanted to cry out, but didn’t. Then she felt him move between her legs.

He knew she was ready. Her body wanted release as did his. His cock throbbed and ached. He wet the head of his cock with her juices that dripped from his fingers. He nudged his cock against her opening and gently pushed forward. There was a little resistance and then he slowly worked his way in. When he was mostly in, he pulled back and then stroked forward. She gasped beneath him.

She felt his cock nudge between her lips. He felt bigger than her last lover. Much bigger. Then she felt the head slide in and knew he was much bigger. “Oh my god!” she thought. He pushed in and then slowly moved out. In, out. In, out. She felt herself grow wetter and he moved more easily in and out of her pussy. Then he drove all the way in.

“OH!” she gasped. She felt his hands on her hips and his rhythm increase. Then one hand moved up to pinch and caress her breast as his cock drove in and out of her pussy. It felt so good. Better than she could have imagined. She tried to arch up to meet his thrusts. She wrapped her legs around him and he increased his pace.

As she wrapped her legs around him, he moved faster. Thrusting deep into her pussy. It felt good. So good. His hands moved from breasts to hips and back. He grabbed one hip to hold steady and then played with her clit for a moment. She bucked wildly and he grabbed her by the hips and pounded in and out of her. Her muscles began to clench around his cock and he knew that she was coming. He kept on going and as his own orgasm rolled over him, he felt her come as well.

“Oh!” she moaned and felt herself shatter with pleasure. He came almost at the same time and then with a shudder, withdrew from her pussy and lay beside her.

More? Or should I stop?

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