Teased and Taken

He’d walked past her, his lips brushing the curls next to her ear. She gasped. By the time she turned, he was gone. She sat at her desk, staring at the screen willing him to return. The screen displayed letters and pictures, but nothing was real. She worked in a fog of suspended emotions.


Her scent played across his nose. Looking back, he saw her confusion as he had disappeared. He held his hand near his face to cherish the scent clinging to his skin. He went back to his office and pretended to work.


At lunch, she walked past his office, trying to catch a glimpse of him. Nothing. His door was closed and the blinds down. She sighed and headed for the elevators. As she stood there waiting for the numbers to decrease, she thought of him. The way he moved, the scent he didn’t so much wear as lived. The way his eyes danced when he saw her looking at him. The doors opened and she melded into the crowd.


He watched her leave and headed down the stairs. He watched as the elevator doors opened and she disappeared in the crowded lobby. He moved in behind her and as she turned to go into the sandwich shop, his hand brushed her ass. A slight squeeze, and then she was gone.


Thinking about a salad or a sandwich occupied her mind up until someone touched her ass. Not a glancing touch, but deliberate. A hand squeezed her ass. She turned, and got dumped out of line for her sudden move. She turned back and shook off the feeling that she’d been followed. She got a salad at long last and went back upstairs to eat.


He’d just had time to move a few items on her desk and set the small flower across her keyboard. Then he darted across the room to watch her from the cubicle in the corner. He smiled and wondered if she’d noticed.


She walked mindlessly to her desk. She put her drink down and got ready to move her keyboard over so as to have a place to put her salad when she noticed the flower on her keyboard. A small daisy. It looked so real, until she picked it up. It was made of glass. So delicate. For no logical reason, she brought it to her nose and sniffed. His scent. That mix of sweet, spicy and male. Looking around the room, she didn’t see anyone. She sighed and sat down. Putting the flower back on her keyboard, she ate her lunch and tried not to think of him.


It was his turn to smile. She’d found the flower and hadn’t noticed he’d taken her scarf. It smelled of the rose and citrusy perfume she wore. The scent on his nose from earlier. He tucked it in his pocket and walked back to his office.


She finished her lunch, and went back to the mind numbing work. Data input. Emails. Schedules. The phone rang. She picked it up.

“Carter Securities, how may I help you?” she said. She listened as the person on the other end gave her instructions. “Yes sir. It will take just a few moments sir,” she said and then hung up the phone. She gathered papers from a file cabinet and proceeded down the hall to a conference room. She entered to find a number of people there working around a table. One of them was him. She handed the papers to the man who had called and then started to leave the room.


He saw her enter the board room. He smiled to himself, waiting for her to hand over the papers. As she started to leave, he stood up and walked over to her.

“Would you accompany me to my office? I have some more diagrams I think might aid this meeting,” he said.

“Um, of course,” she replied not knowing why he was even asking for her help.

He opened the door and they headed down the hall. When they reached his office, he opened the door and once she was in the room, he closed it. She stood waiting for him to get the papers when he moved up behind her and inhaled her scent from behind.


She was a bit nervous to be in the same room with the door shut, and almost jumped when he put his nose against her shoulder and inhaled. She turned to face him and met his lips as he grabbed her shoulders and moved up close to her. His lips were hot against hers and she began to melt against him as his scent washed over her. Her hands moved up to his waist and held onto him as the kiss moved down her throat.


He couldn’t resist kissing her. Her lips begged to be kissed. They were succulent and warm. His hands on her shoulders kept her from moving and he was glad when he felt her hands on his hips. Nipping down her neck, he delighted in her taste. Pulling her shirt aside, he tasted the flesh across the top of her chest as it peeked above her bra. She moaned.


She moaned as he kissed the tops of her breasts. She wanted more, feeling herself heat up as he touched her. Felt herself grow wet between her legs. Her hand moved from his hip and down across the front of his trousers. He was hard. His cock pulsed against her hand as she stroked him. It was his turn to gasp.


He almost lost control when her hand brushed his cock. He wanted to bite those nipples beginning to show beneath her blouse. He licked the skin just under the edge of her bra and squeezed her ass with one hand. As his hand traveled down, he swore he felt her heat rise up from between her legs. He wanted to take her right then and yet…


She felt her knees begin to buckle as he squeezed her ass. His cock throbbed against her hand. She wanted him and the little voice in the back of her mind screamed that this was not the place. Not the time. She pulled back, and looked at the clock. It had only been two minutes since they’d walked into the office.

“We must get back,” she said trying to straighten her clothes and calm herself down. She knew she must reek of unrequited lust, but there was no help for that. She looked up at him and felt herself drown in his eyes.


He caught her panic and realized that they must wait. He followed her eyes to the clock and realized that it hadn’t been hours, but just a few minutes. He cleared his throat to clear his head and took a deep breath. Adjusting himself, he grabbed the papers he needed and then left the room. She followed meekly.


She handed him the rest of the files and then headed back to her desk. There she stared at the screen trying to figure out what had just happened. Her body ached for the release he hinted at while her senses swam in his scent and touch. Her panties were soaked, and her nipples chaffed against her bra. Slowly, she brought her mind back to the doldrums of work.


He finished his presentation and then wondered what was next. He wanted her. She wanted him. The office was no place to continue this dance of desires. He looked around his office and found what he wanted. Then he waited. At ten minutes till five, he sent an email.


She was almost ready to turn off her computer and go home for the day when her computer chimed. An email. She opened it.

If you’d like to continue our discussion from earlier, please meet me in my office in five minutes.

No signature, but she knew his email. Did she want to continue? A silly question. She closed down her computer and got ready to leave. At the five minute mark, she walked away from her desk, down the hall and knocked on his door.


Shall I continue?

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  1. I’ve just started following and what great detail you use. Had to laugh at the “shall I continue?”..ha..yes and please came to mind. Lucky me gets to read several parts all at once too. : )

    1. LOL! I have to tease… in order for you to be taken. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the story. In the Series Stories at the top are other long selections. This one is part of the Vanillaverse world.

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