Teased and Taken part 3

Okay, I didn’t stop. This has just been too fun of a story.

She could feel his come leak from her pussy, unsure of how long it had been since she’d orgasmed. Her arms were still tied and the blindfold had even managed to stay put. She wasn’t sure where he was, but could hear him. She moved to bring her legs together and felt a hand on her ankle.

“No,” was all he said.

She obeyed. She felt the weight of him climbing onto the bed and then felt his hand between her legs again. He slid his fingers from her clit down to her pussy. He slid a finger up inside her and she moaned. He added a finger and then another. The pressure was pleasant and then he moved his hand and the pressure was more insistent. It bordered on pain, and then he’d back off. He repeated this again and again. It felt good and yet hurt and just when she thought she couldn’t cope a second longer, he’d stroke her clit and the pain would be replaced by pleasure. She felt her orgasm building.

He watched her as he fingered her. He pushed her pain boundaries and rewarded her with clit strokes. He muddied the line between pleasure and pain. His cock was hard again, ready to go. He knew she’d be a little sore from the first time, and had decided to see how long he could play with her. She was so close to orgasm, and she had no idea that he nearly had his whole hand up inside of her. She moaned and he moved his hand out and slid his cock in. Even with all his play, she still fit snuggly around his cock. He turned her on her side just as far as the ropes that held her hands would allow. He straddled her leg and pulled the top one up and slammed in and out of her as fast as he could.

She moved as he directed and gasped as he drove in and out of her pussy. It was tender and yet felt so good to be filled. She was a bit surprised that she let herself be tied up, but deep down inside it was okay. Almost right. Where this came from, she didn’t understand. Then she didn’t care as her body gave itself over to an orgasm that crawled up her body and exploded. She cried out as the orgasm wracked her body.

He felt her orgasm start and was amazed at how she came and came. He stroked in and out a few more times and gave in to his own body’s desire to come. It boiled up his spine and melted his bones. He rocked back on his heels and gasped for air. Slowly, his cock softened and slid from her body. He reached up and untied her hands and took off the blindfold. She curled up against him.

She still felt like she was floating when she realized that her hands were free and she could see his face. The bed was a fourposter and huge. She curled up to him and snuggled in his arms. He smiled down at her and one hand moved between her legs. His fingers stroked her clit as his arm held her close to him. She moaned as the orgasm made her shudder. He did it again and again until she shook her head no.

“Yes, you will come until I decide you have had enough,” he said.

“Nnno,” she moaned as he brought her again.

“Yes. You will learn who is Master here,” he said. Two, three, four more orgasms and she arched higher and higher off of the bed. Her juices mixed with his come dripped from her, soaking her leg and puddling under her on the bedding.

“Oh, ppplease,” she moaned.

“Of course,” he said ignoring what she really meant. Five, six, seven more orgasms.

“Uuuhhh,” she cried, unable to stop orgasming.

He held her close and dipping his fingers in deep into her pussy and thumbing her clit he worked towards one final orgasm for her. She arched, gasping for breath as he rolled her clit. She stiffened, the heat of this orgasm burning through her body and then she cried out as she shattered in his arms. She lay there trying to catch her breath. Besotted by pleasure, she couldn’t move.

He stroked her face as she slowly came back to him. His cock was hard again and he debated between fucking her again or seeing if she could take him in her mouth. He made his decision.

“Roll onto your knees,” he said.

“Wwhat?” she said groggily.

“Up on your knees,” he said. He wiped the juices that were on his hand onto his cock.

She got on her knees and felt him move between her legs. His cock nudged the opening of her pussy.

“Oh, no. I ccan’t,” she said softly.

“Yes, you can. You will,” he said gently and guided his cock into her pussy. He felt her muscles start to clamp around his cock almost with the first stroke.

“Oh, oh… oh my,” she moaned into the bedding as she braced herself against his thrusts. His hips held her captive as he increased the pace. His balls slapped against her, teasing her clit. The change in position rubbed different spots and soon she found herself orgasming. She bucked and came and yet he still thrust in and out. He moved faster and she orgasmed again. She couldn’t stop, as his cock hit a spot deep inside of her that undid her senses.

He knew he was hitting her g-spot just right as she came almost with each thrust. It felt so good and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. His hands tightened on her hips as this last orgasm rolled through his body. She was orgasming with him and even as he froze with pleasure. After a long moment, the two of the collapsed to the bed.

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