Teased and Taken part 5

I didn’t get as much writing time as I expected. Life interrupted. Enjoy!


By the time she’d finished the dishes, she wasn’t sure which was wetter. Her thighs or the front of his shirt. Every time he passed her, he either spanked her ass, fingered her pussy or pinched her nipples. It had been very distracting.

When she dried off her hands, she went over to where he sat reading the paper.

“I’m finished Sir,” she said.

“Good. Go to the bedroom and make a choice,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said not knowing what she was agreeing to or what she was suppose to choose. She walked to the bedroom and there on the bed were objects she’d heard about, but either never used or never seen. She was still looking at the items on the bed when he walked up behind her.

“Have you made your choice?” he asked.

“Sir, I’m not sure what I’m suppose to choose as I don’t know all of what these are,” she said.

“Well, you know what a vibrator or a dildo is don’t you?” he asked pointing to them.

“Yes Sir,” she said. “But I don’t know what these are for.” She pointed to what looked like manuscript clips, a chain, two silver balls and a riding crop.

“Then I will explain,” he said. “These are nipple clamps. They are for your nipples and the chain hangs between them to add weight. The balls go up inside of you and the crop, well… That is to spank you with my dear,” he said.

“Oh,” she said almost whispering. “Oh Sir, I’m… I’ve never played with any of these.”

“Not even to masturbate?” he asked. “I thought all women had at least a dildo,” he thought.

“No Sir,” she said. She’d thought about it, but every time she looked on line at them, she’d blush and stop right there.

“Then we will have to educate you. You’ve already been spanked, so we will leave the crop out for now. I’ll leave the clamps for later as well. So, we will start with the balls. These go up inside of you and you have to use your muscles to hold them in,” he said. He further explained that there was a second ball inside that rolled back and forth causing pleasant vibrations. He had her lay across the bed and then put them in place. Then he had her walk across the room. She got half way there before the first ball dropped to the floor.


She stopped, embarrassed that one ball had slipped from her pussy. She bent to pick it up and before she could rise, he had bent her over and popped it back in. Then he smacked her reddened ass.

“Try again,” was all he said.

This time she made it from the bed to the door. As she turned, she felt one start to slip and tried to keep it in place. It hit the floor. Once again, he replaced it and then spanked her. Five trips and four spankings later, she made it clear across the room and back.

“Good. Now come here,” he said.

She walked to where he was on the bed and climbed up where he patted. He had a vibrator in his hand.

“You’ve been good, so I’m going to give you a treat,” he said and turned on the vibrator and held it against her lips. It felt good. She arched up towards it as he ran it up and down her slit from clit to opening. Then he slid it deep inside her and touched it against the balls inside of her.

“OH! Sir! Oh my!” she gasped.

As he stroked the vibrator in and out, he caressed her sore ass totally mixing up her senses. He let her almost reach orgasm and stopped.

“Oh, Sir, please,” she asked.

“No, you are mine, and I will let you know when you may orgasm. Do you understand?” he asked. In all honesty, he expected her to revolt. To deny him and yet she didn’t. So, he kept pushing her limits.

“But Sir, what if I can’t help it?” she asked.

“Well, then we will have to see about that,” he said with a smile. She was pliant, but she did think which was a good thing. He stood her up and reached for the clamps.

“Hold still,” he said.


She held still. She was afraid that if she moved too much, the little balls would slip out again. He reached over and started to suck on her nipple. When his mouth moved to the other nipple, he pinched the first one. He started gently and slowly pinched harder. Soon he was pinching both nipples and she gasped.

“Sir,” she said.

“Hold still,” he said and this time instead of pinching her hard little nipples, he put a clamp on each one.

“OH! Ow Sir,” she whimpered. “This hurts.”

“Yes, and you will learn to cope with it,” he said. He then reached between her legs and stroked her clit.

She was totally confused at this point. Her nipples hurt, she was trying to hold the balls in place and she wanted to come. “Sir, please may I come?” she asked.

“Yes, you may,” he said and stroked her clit harder. He expected the balls to hit the carpet and wasn’t surprised when they did as she came hard against his hand.

“Oh… oh… I dropped the balls Sir,” she gasped. She wasn’t sure how, but the pleasure of coming had lessened the pain on her nipples. Or, maybe it just distracted her.

“Pick them up and give them to me. We will play with them later,” he said.

She picked them up and he placed them in a small velvet sack. She stood waiting for him, not knowing what to do next.

“Now you will learn some postures. When I tell you to kneel, you will sit back on your heels with your knees spread and your hands behind your back. I want your head raised, eyes lowered and your breasts jutting forward,” he said. “Kneel.”

She did as he said. He adjusted her posture, but it wasn’t that hard to do. He kissed her on the top of her head and then he helped her stand up. Next he showed her how to stand against the wall.

“Head to one side, nipples tight against the wall and the tops of your thighs right there too. Legs spread so that I can touch your pussy from behind,” he said. “Hands either at your sides or up equal to your shoulders.”

Once again, she got it mostly right and he made slight adjustments. She was standing there when the riding crop came down on her ass. She cried out and came off the wall.

“I said, stay on the wall,” he whispered in her ear as he shoved her back. She stood there as he smacked her ass with the crop five more times. Then he walked away leaving her up against the wall. She stood there for at least five minutes even though it felt like an hour.

“Turn around,” he said.

She did so and he pressed her tender ass up against the wall. She gasped and as she did so, he clipped the chain to her nipple clamps. The fire slid up her body and then strangely ran straight to her pussy. She squirmed.

“Sir?” she asked as she stood against the wall.

“Yes,” he said.

“Why is it that you give me pain and my pussy reacts like you are giving me pleasure?” she asked.

“Because I have been mixing up the two and now your body is reacting to the stimulus,” he said. “In many ways it is like Pavlov and his dogs. He fed them after ringing a bell. After a while, he’d ring a bell and they’d salivate. I have given you pain and then pleasure. Your body reacts to the endorphins. Now, when you receive pain, your body reacts as if I had pleasured you.”

“Alright Sir,” she said. She thought she understood all of his explanations.

He walked up to her and took the chain in his hand. “Come with me,” he said. He walked over to the bed and sat down. She was facing him. He looked up at her and then took the nipple clamps off. The rush of sensation and blood flow back to her nipples almost brought her to her knees.

“Oh Sir,” she gasped.

He took each nipple in turn into his mouth and sucked on it gently. As he did so, he also rubbed and caressed her ass. It was time for pleasure.

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  1. I’ve been away too long, hope life is squared away for you and back where you want it to be. This is a very wonderful story as I said before, and it is a pleasure to see her learn. Tip

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