Silver Service part 9

A little change up tonight. It’s been a busy day.  Enjoy!

David returned the cake server after it’s night of fun unwashed to the silver drawer. He smiled at the thought of the haughty women being served cake with the cake server. Two nights later he grabbed it out of the drawer for another night of teasing Lillian. Henry walked in just as he pocketed it.

“Going to the club tonight sir?” he asked glancing to David’s pocket.

“That was my plan, yes. Mrs. Milne has retired early for the night,” said David.

“She has, but she sent me to find you sir. She’d like to see you in her room,” said Henry.

David nodded and headed upstairs. “Wonder what on earth she wants?” he thought. He knocked on her door and entered after she acknowledged his presence.

“Henry said you wanted to see me,” David said standing at the fireplace.

“Yes David. I know I haven’t made many demands on you or for a very long time, but I have decided that it is time for James to have a brother or sister,” Millicent said.

“Oh,” David said as all the implications set in. “Damn!” he thought. “What in the hell am I going to do now?”

“Is that all you have to say David?” she asked.

“No, but isn’t this rather sudden?” he asked. He realized that she was wearing a light nightdress, one that actually showed more than her wrists.

“I’ve been thinking of it for many weeks and after checking my calendar, tonight would be a good time to start,” she said.

“Millicent, I was on my way to the club. Why didn’t you bring this up earlier?” David asked.

“I didn’t think it was a polite subject for the dinner table. Besides, there were servants present,” she said. “Couldn’t your club wait? It usually doesn’t take that long.”

“Dear, it isn’t exactly like an exam or a recipe. These things do take time,” he protested. “Perhaps tomorrow or later in the week?”

“No, tonight. Now. I want to have the baby before the Season starts and that is in just over ten months. Go get yourself ready and come back. You are my husband after all. I thought all that men wanted was to have sex,” she said in a bit of a snit.

“Fine. I will be back in a few minutes. After that I will be going to my club,” he said.

“Alright David. As I said it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. It never has before,” she replied as he left the room.

David stormed down the hall to his bedroom. He was angry, frustrated and most of all, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to perform. After so long playing with Lillian and doing whatever he pleased, he wasn’t sure if Millicent’s pale placid body would arouse him. He opened the door and threw his great coat to the bed. He grabbed his bathrobe, and then proceeded to disrobe. There was a knock at the door. He grabbed his bathrobe and opened the door to find Henry standing there.

“Yes Henry,” he said rather exasperated.

“Sir’s cab is waiting,” said Henry.

“It will have to wait for at least quarter of an hour. Mistress has decided she wants another child and so I must do my duty before heading off to the club,” said David in an ever worsening mood.

“Might I suggest a cancellation of tonight’s trip to the ‘club’ sir?” Henry said.

David gave Henry a look when he realized exactly what the butler had said. “How… how long have you known?” he asked quietly.

Henry looked at David and then down at the floor. “I have um… known almost from the beginning sir. Your use of sheaths rose dramatically and you have never used them with the mistress,” he said.

David slumped against the bed. “Do you intend to blackmail me with this knowledge to gain higher wages?” he asked.

“Sir? Are you joking? I would never do such a thing. However, I do have needs and perhaps we can come to an agreement,” said Henry.

“And just what needs are these and what arrangements?” asked David wondering if paying a higher wage would be simpler. He couldn’t divorce Millicent, nor afford to upset her which meant keeping Henry placated.

“Would you agree Sir, that we are of similar size and coloring?” asked Henry.

David looked at Henry. Same hair color, nearly the same height and build. “Yes, yes we are. Funny I never noticed that before,” said David wondering where this was leading.

“I have seen you while you have been in the bath or undressed and know that we are similar in other ways as well,” said Henry.

“Oh?” David said rather startled.

“Yes. Now, I understand that what I am suggesting is rather impertinent, but it is a solution,” said Henry.

“Yes, get on with it man!” said David knowing that he had to get back to Millicent’s room soon.

“What I suggest is that you go into the mistresses room and begin to give her what she wants. Feign a need to break off and leave the room. Then you and I will switch places. By then the candles will have been blown out as she won’t do anything with the lights on. I will have Millicent and you may go off to the Chelsea house,” said Henry wondering if he was risking his position by suggesting a surrogate sexual partner.

“What? My God man! That’s a stroke of bloody genius. Are you sure you’ll be able to get it up? Have to admit that is my fear. That I’ll get in there and my bloody cock won’t stand up to do his duty,” said David.

“Yes sir, I’m certain that I can perform this duty. My wife passed on prior to me accepting this post and I’ve had no time to pursue any kind of social life. It has been at least six years since I’ve had anything to entertain me besides my own hand,” admitted Henry.

David looked at him and thought for a moment. “Henry, it’s a deal. She doesn’t have a clue about sex or how much fun it can be. Her mother poisoned her years ago, telling her it was a duty that shouldn’t be enjoyed. So, have your way with her,” said David. “I appreciate this more than you may know.”

“Oh sir, I think we will both appreciate this arrangement,” said Henry. “I’m glad to know too that your mistress enjoys sex. Just be careful though, as the cake server does bend.”

David looked at him and then laughed. “See you in a moment,” he said and headed out the door to Millicent’s room.

Henry watched him go and began to undress. He’d known for ages what had been going on. He’d run across the other house by accident while running an errand and had kept the knowledge to himself. After the cake server disappeared the first time and came back bent and smelling of sandalwood oil, he was certain of what was happening. That is when he started plotting his own release. It had been far too long since he’d bedded a woman. Millicent wasn’t bad looking, but she certainly was not the woman for his master. He finished undressing and sat next to the fire and waited.

David walked into the room and blew out the candles as Millicent preferred. He dropped the bathrobe to the chair and walked naked over to the bed. He could see by the light of the fire that she had her hand over her eyes. He got under the covers and moved between her legs. Reaching between her legs, he realized that she was dry.

“Millicent, are you sure?” he asked knowing he’d have to finger her which she didn’t enjoy and complained about when he did it.

“Yes. Now hurry up. Are you hard?” she asked getting as close to sexually aware as she ever managed.

“Nearly. You though are not wet enough for me to enter,” he said and started to finger her.

“David! Stop that disgusting behavior. Just put it in me and get it over with,” she said.

David fingered her for a moment more and while she wasn’t really ready, he tried to enter her. He was too soft. “Dear, would you kiss me? Touch me? I’m having a little difficulty here,” he admitted.

His cock was going softer by the second.

“No! Just get on with it. Sex is so disgusting,” she said and lay there with her legs open and her arm across her eyes.

David was totally limp. “Just a moment. I’m going to get a drink to see if that helps since you won’t,” he said and got up out of the bed.

Millicent sighed. “Men! Rutting beasts when we don’t want them and the moment we do, they can’t cope. Damn them!” she thought.

David moved quickly to his room. He looked over to where Henry was sitting and threw him the robe. He didn’t care that he was naked in front of his butler and saviour this night. “Take a quick shot of the Scotch on the mantle. I told her I was coming in for some liquid courage. She won’t kiss or touch you. Oh, and she’s dry as salt. You’ll need spit or grease to get in,” said David.

“Figured as much,” said Henry as he took a drink. “My missus wasn’t much for sex either, so I’m use to it. I’ll service her and be out without a word. You have a fine evening,” said Henry as he headed out of the room.

David dressed and quietly walked downstairs. The cab had left, but it only took a moment to hail another one. He was off to the Chelsea house only twenty minutes late.

Henry walked back in and dropped the bathrobe on the chair. He climbed into the bed and moved between Millicent’s legs. A quick touch confirmed what David had said. He started to finger her.

“David, I said I don’t like that. Please stop and just do your duty,” she complained.

“Fine,” Henry said in a low whisper. His voice was similar to David’s as well, which he had discovered early on in his service to the family. He spit on his fingers and wiped it on his cock which was hard. The idea of fucking his stuck up mistress warmed a wicked bit of his soul. He wiped the rest of the spit on her dry opening and before she could say another word, he drove in deep. As he suspected, she lay there and let him do what he wanted, which was to relieve his frustrations fast and hard. She did pull her knees up as he tried to lift her ass to give him a better angle, but that was it. A few minutes later, he stroked in hard and felt himself come for the first time in ages in something other than his hand. He shuddered as his release left him boneless. He started to lay down next to Millicent, and before he could even pull out completely, she was yammering at him.

“David! You know our agreement. Once you have your release, you get out and leave me alone. You are not to break that agreement and try to spend the night even if we are trying for a baby,” she said almost hissing.

“Fine,” said Henry as he stood up out of the bed. He grabbed the bathrobe and headed for David’s room. Once there, he crawled into the bed to catch his breath. He made sure he wiped himself off on the sheets. This way when the chambermaids came to make the bed in the morning they would find the stains here as well as in Millicent’s bed. After an hour he got up, dressed and went to check the house before going to bed. It had been a good evening.

David’s late arrival had worried Lillian and Aya. When he finally arrived, they were downstairs in the parlor. He took off his coat after pocketing the cake server and then strode into where the women waited.

“Oh David, I began to wonder that you weren’t coming,” said Lillian.

“I nearly didn’t, but providence was on my side,” he said. “I require a brandy.”

“Of course Saahab,” said Aya as she had risen to pour tea. Instead, she turned to the shelf where the brandy, port and sherry resided. She poured him a snifter and handed it to him. Then she sat off to one side at the fire.

David took a sip and then related his evening with Millicent and Henry to the two women. Aya nodded as if it were no great event as concubines and mistresses were common happenings to her. Lillian on the other hand gasped and tried not to giggle at the thought of Henry taking David’s place.

“Do you think she’ll notice?” asked Lillian.

“No. Not at all. He does look and even sound like me. She isn’t like you dearest. Sex is a horrid duty to her, not something to be enjoyed,” said David.

“Saahab, are you concerned about a cuckoo in the nest?” asked Aya softly.

“Aya, You know, I hadn’t even thought of that. However, in all honesty, James is first born and will inherit. As for any other children, I’m not bothered. I know that sounds odd, but I’m truly not. Besides, to be honest, Henry was a butler at my uncle’s house where his mother was housekeeper. We are near the same age and I never knew Henry’s mother to have a husband…” David trailed off as the possibilities rattled around in his head. “Henry may well be my cousin. Must ask if he knows.”

Lillian just stared at David unable to decide whether to giggle or be shocked.

“Ah, that is many the times what happens in families where the servants live with a family for generations. I myself know that my mother was the child of one of the Shah’s brothers. It happens,” she said very nonchalantly.

“David, are you able to stay for the evening?” Lillian asked looking up at the clock. Between him being late and the long chat once he’d gotten here it was nearly 10pm.

“I decided on the way over here that I was going to spend the night. Millicent has had her way and I intend to enjoy myself. Henry will cover and tell her no doubt that I was up before dawn and out. Shall we go upstairs?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” Lillian said.

They barely had the door closed to Lillian’s room before David took her in his arms. He held her close and kissed the top of her head.

“I am so sorry that I had to come from her bed to yours Lillian,” David said.

“It is of no consequence,” said Lillian. “It is obvious to me that she is no longer your problem. I suspect that Henry will be able to service her for the rest of your marriage, and should she ever discover the ruse, her pride would never let her admit it.”

David thought for a moment and realized that Lillian was most likely correct. Millicent was haughty enough that were she to discover she was being topped by a servant she’d never admit it. Or, if she did, she would be in such a bind with David that he’d be able to deal with her in any fashion he chose. He started to undress and put the cake server on the table.

“Ah, I see you brought your favorite toy,” said Lillian with a smile.

“Yes, I have to admit that it was the cake server which led to my freedom and Henry’s sexual enjoyment,” said David. He explained a bit more than he had in the parlor. Lillian laughed and then turned for David to help her out of her corset. He loosened the strings on the back and then undid the busk in front. Lillian sighed and relaxed as she experienced the relief of not wearing the tight corset.

David cradled her breasts through her chemise and then picked her up and put her on the bed. She giggled as he dropped her to the mattress.

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  1. Only problem — a slight one — is that it really didn’t GO anywhere. I thought you’d have a twist of some sort. (And David didn’t even get his spanking!)

    Hugz, Justine

    1. LOL! This one was a linkage piece from the other chapters. I had to split it somewhere otherwise it would have been way too long. The twist for that one was Henry getting to screw the mistress of the other household. More later when I am not so tired or stressed. 🙂

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