Fallow Clouds

“How are  you feeling now?” he asked. He was worried about her.

“Honestly, I want to curl up in a ball and sleep. Maybe when I wake up, I’ll feel better,” she said.

“Have you eaten today?” he asked. He knew that when she was upset that she would forget to eat. Today seemed no exception.

“A little. Tea and a burrito,” she said.

“That isn’t enough,” he countered.

“No, but I’m not really hungry. Just sleepy,” she said and headed down the hall to their room.

He followed her as he was worried. “Not even horny?” he asked.

“No,” she said as she dropped her clothes to the floor.

He stood there stunned. “Not horny? That’s like the sun not rising in the east. Or, like forgetting to exhale. She must be upset,”  he thought. He watched her climb into bed and curl up to go to sleep. He sat down beside her on the bed. “You sure you don’t want to watch a movie or have a bath?”

“No,” she said. “Just let me sleep.” She then rolled over and pulled the covers over her head. He got up and left the room.

Two hours went by. He showered and then walked into the bedroom. No lights on, just the glow of the clock for illumination. He crawled onto the bed and slowly pulled the covers away. He began to touch and stroke her body, and as she moved and rolled on her stomach, he let his hand slip between her legs. He caressed her from ass to clit softly.

She moaned in her sleep.

He became more ardent in his touches. His hand stroked her ass and lower back. She moaned again in her sleep, but still didn’t wake. As his hand moved down to her ass, he lifted it up and lightly spanked her. She groaned and moved. He gently pulled her back and then started spanking her in earnest. Short sharp stingy strokes.

“Ow!” she cried. “Why are you spanking me?”

He said nothing, just continued to spank her. She squirmed. wiggled and tried to pull away, but he held her fast,

“Owwwww! Oh! Stop!” she cried.

He paused, rubbing the spots that glowed red. Then he started up again. After a dozen more spanks, he could tell by the way she was moving that she was getting turned on. “You ready to stop sulking?” he asked.

“Hey! I was upset!” she cried and flinched as he spanked.

“Are you over it?” he asked.

“Ow! Geeze! Do I have a choice?” she gasped.

“No. You don’t. You’ve had two hours and I’ve had enough,” he said. He smacked her twice more on the reddest spot and then pulled her to her feet. “You are going to come with me to the kitchen and eat. Then we are coming back here to play. Understand?” he asked.

“Yyyyes,” she said softly as he rubbed her sore ass. She’d been upset by someone and had let it affect her mood all day. She knew he’d tried to snap her out of it by taking her to lunch and for a drive, which helped, but she still felt so tired which is why she’d taken a nap. What she hadn’t expected was Spank Therapy.

They walked to the kitchen where dinner waited in the oven. He plated dinner and set hers before her. She was hesitant to sit, and he didn’t let her get away with it. He pushed her into a chair and smiled as she gasped. Hot naked ass on a cold wooden chair. Before she could say a word, he glared at her. She picked up her fork and ate. She knew it didn’t work to fight him in this mood.

Health and safety issue he called it. Once a Dom, always a Dom. Care and feeding… Even when for the most part they were equals. Played as equals, lived as equals. Still there were days. She felt the moisture from her pussy pool under her on the chair as she ate. She squirmed, tried to hold still as her body woke. Hungry for touch. Hungry for sex. A faint smile traced over her lips.

He smiled. She was coming back to herself.

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