Teased and Taken Finale

She woke sore and satisfied late Sunday morning. After she’d come so hard that she passed out, he had cuddled her in bed. When she woke, they’d had sex and then gone to sleep. She had to pee, so she slowly got out of bed and was almost to the bathroom door when he spoke.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To the bathroom Sir,” she said.

“Be quick and start a bath for us,” he said. He wasn’t into humiliation games. At least not when it came to bodily functions. He listened and heard the water running in the tub soon after the toilet flushed. When the water shut off, he got up out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. She was just headed out and he stopped her.

“Get in the bath. I’ll be there in a second,” he said as it was his turn to pee.

She got into the bath and waited. The hot water was soaking into her skin and she felt herself relax even though her nipples and pussy were sore. Her ass was another dimension of awareness. He finished and crawled into the tub. The water nearly reached the top of the tub. He sighed as he relaxed in the water.

“So, how do you feel this morning?” he asked.

“Relaxed, sore, well fucked and almost content Sir,” she said.

“Good. And do you have any more questions?” he asked. He knew she did, but this time he didn’t plan to make her sit on a vibrator.

“Yes. How are we going to relate at work? And will we play like this every weekend? Once a month? I need to know Sir,” she said.

“Some of that is up to you. At work, I would like to continue as we are. Congenial co-workers. I would prefer for no one to know what we do behind closed doors. Or that we even date, but I doubt that will go undetected forever,” he said.

“Alright Sir. And the rest?” she said.

“We shall see. I’d like to have our weekends here. If that doesn’t work, we can adjust things,” he said.

“Not working out? As in you’d like to see less of each other Sir?” she asked. She wasn’t sure how often she’d like to have sex, but this was better than she’d expected and didn’t know if she could take a once a month or every other week schedule.

“No, as in our weekends not being enough,” he said. “In some ways I am a very selfish man. I’d like to have you in my bed every night to play with as I pleased. However, I don’t know your social life and would not wish to totally interrupt it.”

“Oh… Sir,” she said belatedly. The idea of living with him hadn’t occurred to her.

“Are you opposed to that idea?” he asked.

“Nno Sir. It simply hadn’t occurred to me,” she said truthfully. “I’d like to see how I’d feel after I go home and think about it a bit Sir.”

“That’s fine. After our bath, I figured we’d have something to eat and then I’d take you back to your car. That way you could have at least part of Sunday to get ready for the week,” he said.

“Alright Sir,” she said quietly.

He heard the tone in her voice and pulled her to him. Putting his finger to her lips, he bade her to be quiet. He scrubbed her and made sure he paid good attention to her pussy. As she shuddered with an orgasm, he turned her and slid his cock up between her lips and into her pussy. They had slow wet sex in the tub. After he came, they rinsed off with the shower and got out of the tub. They dried off and went to make some food.


After they washed up the dishes, they went and found her clothing. She dressed and they headed out to the car. He drove them back to the parking garage. He pulled up to her car and before she got out, he took her wrist. He kissed her hand.

“Now, at any point you need me, all you need to do is come to my office and give me the glass flower. Do you understand?” he asked. They hadn’t spoken much since they left the house.

“Yes Sir,” she said softly. He hadn’t touched her except to kiss since the bath. She almost felt empty.

“If at any point during the week you decide you want to stop this relationship, just let me know. I’ll understand,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said and with that she got out of the car. He watched until her car started and then she was alone for the first time since Friday.

She drove home and walked around her apartment. It felt so empty. So quiet. She made dinner and watched a bit of TV. After a long shower, she went to bed. It took forever to fall asleep. When she finally did, it felt like the alarm went off ten seconds later.

At work, she fell into routines and yet she kept looking at the glass daisy. “No, I’m being silly. Two days of sex do not make a relationship. I don’t need to be fucked every day. I’m not that desperate,” she thought to herself every time she found herself glancing at his door. She made it through the first day.

Wednesday morning, she couldn’t concentrate. She hadn’t seen him all day Tuesday. She hadn’t slept. Masturbation didn’t help settle her. “What the fuck is my problem?” she thought. She did her work, but her heart wasn’t in it. “I can deal with this. I can wait until Friday,” she thought. At lunchtime, she left the building and took a walk. She regained a little bit of composure and went back to work. By 3pm, she was scattered. She saw him walk by across the office. He nodded back at her and disappeared into a conference room. Oddly enough, she felt calmer just for having seen him. She finished her work and at the end of the day she headed home.

He watched her leave the office. It had taken restraint not to walk over to her and touch her. He knew that he had to let her make the decision. He knew he’d be out of the office for most of Thursday. Friday afternoon was a long way away.



Thursday morning she was fine until she realized that the lights in his office were off. “Where is he”she wondered. After lunch, she walked by and saw that the office was still dark. She was getting anxious. She took a break to walk down to the coffee shop in the lobby. While sitting there with a latte, she saw him walk across the front of the building. That’s when she realized that he must have been at the big corporate meeting with the rest of the executives. She watched him head upstairs. Finishing her coffee, she went back to her desk.

On her desk when she got there was a single rose in a vase. No note. She sat down dumbfounded.

“Gee, someone likes you,” said the woman from the next cubicle.

“I… I guess so,” she said. She sniffed the rose and almost hidden by the flower’s scent was his cologne. She sniffed the rose again and realized that her nipples were hardening and her panties were growing wet. What I the hell am I doing?” she thought as she sat there.


He watched her find the rose. After she’d smelled it, he smiled and walked back to his desk.


She picked up the glass daisy. “What the hell,” she thought. She stood up and walked to his office and knocked on the door. He looked up.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” he asked almost coldly.

“Um, Sir, I think I found something that belongs to you,” she said.

“And what would that be?” he asked.

She walked up to his desk and handed him the daisy. “Me,” she said.

He looked into her eyes as he took the daisy. “Thank you,” he said and went back to work.

She left his office, not knowing what to think. She sat at her desk almost devoid of feeling. She’d given herself to him and he’d said nothing except thank you. She thought of leaving so that no one would see her cry as she felt the tears welling up. Then her computer chirped. An email. She opened it.

“6pm. Do not be late.” is all it said and then there was an address at the bottom. She recognized it as his home address. She copied it down and then deleted the email. Looking up at the clock, she realized she had an hour before she could leave.


He watched again as she cleaned up her desk. She had a subtle smile crossing her face as she grabbed her briefcase and headed out. He smiled, and ten minutes later headed home.


She packed just a few items. Clothes for tomorrow and her briefcase. She put it in the car and headed to his house. Traffic was light, for which she was grateful. She had left with plenty of time to get there, but didn’t want to be late. She pulled up in front of his house with two minutes to spare. She left everything in the car and headed up to the front door. On it was a note.

“Enter, you know where everything belongs.” is all it said. She grabbed the note, opened the door and headed upstairs. When she reached his room, it was quiet. Almost too quiet and she realized she was alone in the house. She stripped off her clothes, put them on a chair and knelt on the bed. She closed her eyes and tried to steady her breathing. Her heart was pounding in her ears.


He’d watched from the closet. He almost gave in when she bent over and he saw her beautiful ass. He gritted his teeth and waited. He watched as she knelt on the bed and closed her eyes. As she zoned out, he quietly left the closet. Walking across the carpeted floor kept her from hearing him. He stopped a foot from the bed.

“Hello,” he said.

She jumped. She hadn’t heard him. “Hhhello Sir,” she said turning to look at him.

“so, you found something that was mine?” he asked again.

“Yes Sir. I realized I missed you. Missed being touched,” she said.

“Missed being fucked?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she answered.

“Did you miss being spanked?” he asked.

She hesitated for a moment. “I, I think so,” she said honestly.

He smiled. “Are you hear for the night? The weekend? Or what?” he asked.

She looked down at the bed. She had thought about this as she packed. She’d thought about this most of the week. “I… I’d like to stay here every night Sir, unless you don’t want me,” she said.

He heard the longing in her voice. “Let’s see how this goes. We won’t rush it. If it works, you may stay. If not, we can work out another arrangement,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said softly. She realized that she wanted it to work out. She wanted him to take her in his arms. She even realized she wanted to be spanked, teased and made to come when he said. She ached.

He stepped up to her and raised her head. He reached into his pocket. “Will you wear this?” he asked.

She expected the nipple clamps, but instead saw a broad silver chain. A necklace. She blinked and choked back a gasp. “Yyes Sir,” she said.

He moved her hair aside and clasped the chain around her neck. It fell to just below her collar bone. To everyone else, it would look like just a necklace. To them, it was her collar. The sign of her submission. Then he took her into his arms and kissed her. As she melted into his arms, she knew herself to have been well teased and taken.

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