Silver Service part 10

“Ow! Hey! Come on now wench! Stop that! OW!” David cried. He had agreed to let Lillian spank him. She’d grabbed the cake server and sat on his legs. Then she proceeded to spank his ass as he had hers.

“Ah, but you spank me and don’t stop when I cry,” she said.

“Yes, but… OW! Damnit woman! Owww!” he cried again. “I don’t seem to be getting turned on in the same way you do. Stop!” he cried.

Lillian stopped. She sat off to one side and let him up. His ass was cherry red, and his cock was as withdrawn as she’d ever seen it. She had enjoyed spanking him but tried to look contrite now that he was obviously upset. “I’m sorry David,” she said softly. She went to rub his ass and he flinched. She was more gentle, and he coped with that. However, it was not a sexual turn on for him.

“I think we will stick to spanking you as you seem to enjoy it,” he said trying to figure a comfortable way to sit down.

“I agree David. Would you like a cup of tea?” she said.

“Yes please,” he replied laying down. His ass felt on fire. Sex was the last thing on his mind and tea did sound good. She brought him a cup and sat next to him with hers.

“So, now that we know I don’t like spanking, what are we going to do?” he asked.

“Well, we could always let you tie me up for being such a bad wench,” she said.

“I like that idea. Especially as I have all night to make you pay for such heinous treatment of my flesh. How do you sit down afterwards?” he asked.

“Gently. Plus, for me, each time I touch my ass, I remember your hands on me. The way you make me feel and how wet it makes me. Often I have to get my toys out and touch myself just so that I can think. Orgasms clear my head,” she said.

“Well, once I’ve finished my tea, I think that we will put this beautiful bed to good use,” said David.

Lillian smiled and sipped her tea.


David tied Lillian to the bed by the headboard posts. Her arms suspended above her and her knees just gracing the pillows. She was still dressed in her corset, chemise, drawers and stockings. He’d made her re-dress just a bit as part of the game.

“So, you thought you could spank me eh?” he said.

“Yes. You deserved it for the way you tried to take me,” she said.

“You’re mine to do with as I please,” David said. “This is my house, my bed and you are mine.”

“No, I’m not. You can’t have me,” Lillian said defiantly. She was trying not to giggle.

“Ah, but there you are wrong. You’re all tied up and I can play with you as I please,” he said.

“No!” Lillian said almost in a whisper.

David didn’t say a thing, but instead, he knelt in front of her and kissed her lips. As she tried to pull away, he squeezed her breasts at the top of her corset. Lillian gasped. Then his hand slid down her belly and between her legs. His hand traced the slit in her drawers and then caressed her. She was wet.

“For someone who says they want to be left alone, you certainly are ready for a man,” he teased.

“No,” she said shaking her head back and forth. She tried to close her legs and David knelt between them, forcing them open wide. He fingered her again and then reached over to the side of the bed where her toys were kept. He didn’t bother to remove her drawers, but instead pulled them open a bit more and slowly slid the smaller phallus up and into her.

Lillian gasped. She felt David push her legs together. Tight.

“Hold your legs together. If you don’t, I get to spank you. Understood?” he said.

“Yes,” Lillian answered.

David then reached behind Lillian and about half way down her corset, began to tighten the laces. He was pulling her corset in to delineate her waist. He pulled and pulled until Lillian gasped for breath. He tied off the laces and sat back. Then he reached up and pulled her breasts as free of the top of the corset as he could. Her nipples just peeked above the top of the corset. Lillian breathed a little easier.

David checked to see if the phallus was still in place. It was, and he took great pleasure in moving it in and out of Lillian. By the time he was done, she was dripping with juices. Her breath was coming in short pants as she became more and more stimulated.

“David, please,” she begged. “Please take me down.”

“Why?” he asked as he slipped a sheath over his cock.

“I want to please you and I want to come. My body…” she didn’t finish as he ran the phallus up and down her nether lips.

“Aches? Wants?” he asked.

Lillian nodded. She really did want to come. She arched her hips towards David. He kept playing with the phallus, and then drew it out. Lillian moaned with disappointment. He moved up close to her body, letting her feel his cock against her thighs. It rubbed up and down the slit of her drawers, teasing her pussy.

“Oh please,” she begged.

“Maybe,” he said. He placed his cock at the opening of her pussy and held it there. As she tried to move herself onto his cock, he slowly undid the busk, one hook at a time. When he got to the waist he had to loosen her laces. Lillian gasped as her ribs became unbound and she could breathe. As she did, David thrust deep and hard into her pussy.

“Oh! David!” Lillian cried. She wrapped her legs around him to hold him close. He grabbed her breasts and held onto her as he fucked her hard and fast. It didn’t take long before he came, shuddering his release as he held her. He moved out of her body and sat back on the bed.

“David, please let me come,” she begged. Her body hadn’t had it’s release.

“Not yet dear one,” he said. He stripped off the sheath, rinsed it out and set it aside. Then he came back to Lillian on the bed. In his hand he had the other phallus.

Lillian looked at David. Free from the corset, her chemise floated around her breasts and her drawers and the tops of her stocking were soaked. He touched her and fondled her clit and breasts. He enjoyed that he could touch her and she could do nothing about it. Taking the phallus, he slowly stroked it across her nether lips. Then, without warning, he slid it deep into her. Lillian gasped.

“Oh god! So good,” she thought. She loved the feel of being full. She was so stimulated by all the play that she wanted to come. To feel that ascent to heaven that she enjoyed so much. David continued to tease her. He slid the phallus with it’s ridges up and down, catching her sensitive spots and stroking her clit. However, before she could climax, he would stop.

“David…” she moaned. “Please.”

“Not yet. I am still torturing you for spanking me. Oh, and that reminds me. Hold this,” he said as he put the phallus inside of her again.

Lillian moaned. She felt first one hand released and held and then the other. He tied her hands together so that she was still tethered by a long scarf to one bedpost. Her head was on the pillows and her feet pointed towards the foot of the bed. She tried to hold the phallus in, but with all the movement, she could feel it slipping. She squirmed and then felt it slip to the bed.

“I thought I told you to hold onto this?” David said.

“I couldn’t. It slipped,” said Lillian. She was so wet, she was amazed it had stayed in place as long as it did.

“There is a price for failure,” David said. He slipped the phallus back between her legs and wrapped a scarf around them to hold her legs together. Then he flipped her on her stomach and began to spank her. First it was little stingy smacks. Then he interspersed them with thuddy spanks. As Lillian moaned and wiggled, the phallus was worked in and out of her pussy, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. David then reached over and picked up the cake server.

Lillian saw what was coming and shook her head no. “No, David, please,” she begged.

David ignored her and began to spank her with the cake server. Slow deliberate smacks. He reached his hand down to her thighs and felt for the phallus. It was still there and he pulled it in and out quickly to intensify her need. He pushed it back in place and continued to spank her.

Lillian cried out and her reward was that David smoothed her burning flesh with his hand. The sensitized skin felt on fire and increased her want of an orgasm because of all the sensations. “Ppplease,” she begged softly.

David spanked her a few more times and then set the cake server aside. He left her face down on the bed as he got the sheath and slid it over his cock. Spanking her made him hard every time. He undid the scarf around her legs and pulled the phallus from her pussy. Then he pulled her up on her knees and after smacking her ass one last time, he drove in as deep and hard as he could.

Lillian started to come almost before his first stroke finished. She ascended the heavens and screamed her orgasm into the pillows of the bed as David pounded in and out. She came again and again as his balls and stomach slapped her sensitive skin where she’d been spanked. As David came, her own orgasm ripped through her so hard that she passed out.


David finished his orgasm and slowly lowered the two of them to the bed. He withdrew and cleaned himself up. By the time he came back to the bed, Lillian was just opening her eyes. He smiled and untied her from the bed. She smiled up at him.

“This is usually the point where I have to dress and go back to my cold bed,” he said.

“Yes, only tonight you get to cuddle my burning ass and keep warm all night long,” teased Lillian.

That brought a smile to David’s face. He crawled into bed and snuggled up to Lillian’s ass and wrapped his arms around her. They drifted off to sleep.


Lillian woke to the feeling of David’s cock pressing against her ass. She started to move away when he grabbed her and pulled her tight to him. His cock slid between her legs and nestled almost between her lips.

“David,” she said softly.

“Hmmm?” he said half asleep.

“Please, we mustn’t,” she said.

“Mustn’t wha?” David said. He wasn’t awake, but his cock was and as Lillian wriggled to move away, he slid up and into Lillian. He gasped and woke.

“David, stop!” said Lillian.

“Oh gods, I’d forgotten how good it feels to not wear a sheath,” he said, his hips rocking back and forth.

“We mustn’t David! I can’t have your child,” she said. Her mind knew this was wrong, but her body wanted this. It felt so good. So right.

David heard Lillian. “Are you sure?” he said trying to hold still. He wanted to see Lillian heavy with his child, and yet… He pulled out of her. “Did we go too far?” he asked. He didn’t feel as if he’d come, but he wasn’t sure.

“I… I don’t know. I don’t think so,” she said.

David rolled over and grabbed the sheath. He pulled it on and slid back into Lillian. He was still hard and wanted to make her wriggle in joy as he came. Babies could wait. David held her tight and slowly stroked in and out of her. They came nearly together. As David rolled back to catch his breath, Lillian got up and called for Aya. She ordered breakfast and bath water.

She crawled back into bed and snuggled up to David. “You aren’t mad at me are you?” she asked.

“No, you were right. It just feels so good not to wear this thing,” he said holding up the sheath filled with come.

“Someday I may have your baby. Until then, we must put up with such things,” she said.

David nodded. Someday, he thought. Someday soon.

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