Dream Sex

She was alone tonight. He’d had to work. It couldn’t be helped. Heading for bed, she locked doors, turned out lights and crawled into bed. She lay on the edge of sleep, her world soft and warm. Dreams began to fill her head. Her body relaxed as sleep claimed her.

She dreamed that he crawled naked into her bed, snuggling up behind her. His body fit to hers like a second skin. His hand caressed her hip, coming to rest on her breast. It was warm. In her sleep, she wiggled her hips against his thighs to snuggle closer.

She felt his cock grow against her ass, pressing gently. She could feel his blood pulsing through the vein in his cock. She sighed in her sleep.

He got in late, after a hectic day at work. He got home after she’d gone to bed. Crawling into bed carefully, he spooned up against her back. His hand caressed her hip, pulling her closer to him. His cock snuggled up against her ass throbbing softly.

She dreamed of sex. His cock sliding between her thighs, and into her. She wanted to feel that wild ride of orgasm shudder through her body. To be held tight as her body rejoiced in pleasure. A moan escaped her lips.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Her ass, warm and pressing against his cock decided his course of action. He slid his hand between her thighs and found her wet. Slowly, gently, he worked his cock between her legs. With just a little adjustment, he was inside of her. He rocked back slowly, his hands on her hip. She moaned in her sleep.

He wasn’t sure if she was awake or just waking up, so he moved slowly. After a few minutes, he couldn’t hold to the slow pace. He held her hip and began to speed up his strokes.

In her dream, he increased his pace. She could feel her body react, getting wetter, her heart beating faster… She woke.

“I.. I thought you had to work,” she gasped as she woke to find her dream true.

“All work and no play makes for an unhappy man,” he said.

“I’d never want you to be unhappy,” she said and moved his hand to her breast.

He grabbed her breast and drove home hard. A few strokes later, he came. As he did, he felt her start to come. Reaching around, he stroked her clit and helped her climax. She shuddered and froze with pleasure, his cock still deep inside. She sighed and relaxed, still snuggled tight to him. He held her close as they drifted off to sleep.

10 thoughts on “Dream Sex

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      1. yup, he’s right — it IS a delightful bedtime story. so… did he go to sleep, immediately after his story? lol! don’t answer that. 😉

            1. LOL! Last night, he did just curl up and go to sleep. Snuggled up to me. We’d had a really rough day with lots of physical work, so he was exhausted. However, there was this tickle fight this morning…

  1. I love this one, and I LOVED your ticklefight! (Have you recovered from that spanking yet?) Also, let it be noted, your writing is fabulous: “…She wanted to feel that wild ride of orgasm shudder through her body. To be held tight as her body rejoiced in pleasure.”

    A perfect summary of cumming.

    BTW Do you ever write F/F? As a confirmed lesbian, I’d adore reading that.

    Kisses, Justine

    1. Thank you! I had fun with these last two. Should have been cloud stories, but I didn’t. I do write f/f stories . Not all of the make it past my internal critic. However, did you see The Sketch, the other day?

      And yes, my ass is recovered. Wolf is very umm… gentle and yet firm with his affections. 🙂 Plus, he knows if he gets me too wound up, that he’ll never get any rest. 😛

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