Girl’s Night Out

Alright, deep breath. This one is a little slower paced than the last few stories. 🙂 It just wouldn’t be rushed.

Annie fidgeted. She couldn’t sit still. She wasn’t sure what was distracting her more. Her ass, her nipples or her body that wanted one more fuck. Her attentions certainly weren’t on her class. In fact, if asked she couldn’t tell anyone what the lecture had been about. As soon as the bell rang, she ran for the door. Maybe, just maybe Jeff would be there waiting for her.

She never saw the bike that ran into her, nor remembered hitting her head on the sidewalk. Once second she was running down the broad sidewalk from the lecture hall and the next, someone was shining a bright light in her eyes.

“What the fuu…” she started to say and realized that her head felt fuzzy. Hurt.

“Miss, you’ve been in an accident. You hit your head. Do you know what day it is?” the voice asked.

“Um… no, but that isn’t unusual. I work nights so my days and nights are all screwy,” she said. She knew she sounded like an airhead, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Can you tell me your name?” asked the voice.

“Annie Teal,” Annie said.

“And your address?” was the next question.

“ Number 417 B, 3750, College Row,” said Annie. She lived in the dorms. “I’m in hospital, right?”

“Yes, in the emergency room. You were out for about twenty minutes and we need to check you for concussion. We are going to have you stay overnight,” said the voice.

“Oh, Okay,” said Annie. She drifted off to sleep again.


They woke her every hour to check on her. The first couple of times, she was still a little loopy. By 3am, she was snarling at the little CNA who left in a huff. At 4am, they sent a regular nurse. Once she checked that Annie felt alright, she left a note on the chart to let her sleep until she woke naturally.

Annie woke around 11am. She rang the call button and the nurse came in. They talked about head injury care and got the discharge paperwork ready.

“Annie, I have a few questions to ask you before I finish the paperwork,” said Jenny.

“What?” asked Annie. She still had a bit of a headache, which made her short tempered.

“Who’s been beating you?” Jenny asked.

“Huh?” said Annie.

“The marks on your ass and breasts. You have bruises. Someone did that,” said Jenny.

“Yeah, my boyfriend,” said Annie with a giggle.

“You… your laughing about being beaten?” asked Jenny who was totally confused.

“Um, just how vanilla are you?” asked Annie.

“Vanilla?” said Jenny.

“Vanilla refers to sexual preferences. Plain boring missionary sex is vanilla. I’m into kinky stuff. Spankings, nipple clamps, that kind of thing. It leaves marks,” said Annie. “And, it turns me on. I was so distracted yesterday by my ass and how horny it was making me that I walked into a bicycle and cracked my head.”

“Oh. Sorry I misunderstood,” said Jenny. She could feel the blush rush up her face.

“Hey, it’s okay. Geeze. You’re only a year or so older than me, haven’t you ever played around with things like that?” asked Annie.

“No. My boyfriend was sort of a meat and potatoes sex kinda guy. Plain, simple and don’t change up his routine,” said Jenny feeling very naïve.

“Oh, shit. Sorry,” said Annie. “You still with him?”

“No, I’m not. He wanted me to quit nursing and go have babies for god sake!” said Jenny.

Annie laughed. Or tried to. Her head hurt too much to do more than giggle. “Hey, How soon before I can drink?” she asked.

“About a week,” said Jenny. “Otherwise, you could get really sick and if you vomited, it would be ugly.”

Annie nodded. “What are you doing on Saturday, in a week?”

“I’m… I’m probably doing my laundry,” admitted Jenny.

“How about you come to my dorm. We usually have a girl’s night and kick out all the guys. Food, beer, bullshit and we even watch chick flicks,” said Annie.

Jenny thought for a moment. It had been ages since she’d been out. “Sure. I’ve got your address,” she said.

Annie smiled and got dressed while Jenny finished up the paperwork.

13 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

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  1. True, you have written much and your ‘nilla readers seem to be entertained. I would hope the sight of Annie’s rosey cheeks and musky scent would have turned Jenny towards the dark side and that girl’s night would in fact be a submissive’s boot camp, lol. Hopefully I’ll inspire your cute little ass enough to finish……..get back to writing ! wink……

    1. So, have you finished up the Girl’s night out series? As for getting back to writing… I plan to. First time I’ve felt really good in over a week. I have at least three stories in my head.

      1. Yeah, The last entry which I was able to find was the “discharge” from the hospital where poor Jenny’s was pondering a Girl’s Night… Annie teased her ass and then left. Bad girl!
        I read another story you wrote and smiled at your use of “cunt”…coincidentally the young lady i brought home last night was a fan of the word as well as her own. I think she was trying to shock the wrong guy.
        Have you not been feeling well this past week?? I enjoy your notes. xo

        1. Ah, the rest of the story chapters can be found on December 4th, 6th & 7th.

          Cunt is one of those words that works in some stories and not others. My favorite insult is “don’t call her a cunt. she lacks the depth and the warmth”. 🙂

          And no, I’ve not been well. I got sick about two weeks ago and my partner, Wolf, is very protective (a good thing) and wouldn’t let me sit at the computer to write. Instead, he put me to bed. No computers, no O’s, no playtime, just healing. I got better for a bit and then ill again. I’m just now feeling good enough to get back to work and back to writing stories.

  2. I just can’t seem to fing the GNO series………..Arrrrrrrrrrrg. I’m searching like a fool for the 4th, 6th & 7th
    Thats a great cum-back line re: “cunt”. Should I be surprised that it might come from your lips? (pun so not intended)
    I’m glad your Man is taking good care of you.

    1. Head to the home page and then just scroll down. Or put Girl’s Night Out into the search bar…. Hunting through the blog…

      Glad you like my cunt-back line. It ranks up with “you fellate deceased ursines” (you blow dead bears)

      I’m glad Wolf takes care of me too. He also provides such good material for stories. Especially when he doesn’t intend to do so.

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