Girl’s Night Out part 2

Jenny could hear the giggling through the door before she knocked as she stood in the hall. She knocked and Annie opened the door. Inside were half a dozen young women her age. Jenny handed Annie the cookies she’d grabbed from the bakery. It was more of an apartment than a dorm room. Jenny wondered what happened to the cramped cubicles she had lived in not so long ago.

“Thanks! I’m glad you came over,” said Annie. “Bets brought her Passion Parties stuff and we’re all having a look.”

Jenny nodded and found a place on the couch. “That would explain the giggling,” she thought as she looked at the coffee table. Vibrators, wands, bullets, lube, toys she didn’t recognize, dice and lots of lingerie covered the table.

“If you see anything you like or want to look at the catalog, I’ve got a 15% discount going on tonight,” said Bets.

“Thanks,” said Jenny. She’d really never used any of this stuff and didn’t know whether to blush or bluster her way through things. She picked up a catalog and was leafing through it.

“Have some pizza,” said Annie. “Oh, and this is Cindy, Bets, Angie, Kim and Geo.”

“GeeeO?” asked Jenny copying the pronunciation.

“Short for Georgina. My mom had this stupid idea of naming me after her favorite aunt,” said Geo. “So I shortened it.”

“Oh damn. That’s almost as bad as the nurse who goes by Con,” said Jenny. She ate a bite of pizza.

“Why Con?” asked Angie.

“She’s Hispanic and her mom named her Conception,” Jenny.

That made everyone laugh. Annie turned on the TV and started up the DVD of Dirty Dancing.

Three pizzas and a case of beer later, the girls were giggling. The movie had been great, especially when Bets and Kim got up to do their version of dirty dancing. Then Cindy joined in and that started the laughter.

Annie wove into the kitchen through the bodies and grabbed the big bucket of ice cream, bowls and chocolate syrup. “Anyone want dessert?” she asked.

All of them grabbed some. Jenny realized she hadn’t relaxed this much in ages. With her head against Kim’s knee, they ate ice cream and started talking about the toys on the table.

“I keep breaking my rabbit,” said Geo.

“How do you break a rabbit?” asked Angie.

“Well, ya know, I have these fantastic pelvic muscles… all those kegles I do.” laughed Geo.

“Maybe you should try one of these,” said Bets handing her a dildo. “Fewer moving parts,”

That made them all giggle.

Jenny picked up a “U” shaped toy. “What’s this for?” she asked.

“Oh man, that’s a g-spot vibrator. Very popular. It slides in and hits your clit and g-spot at the same time. Talk about a ride. Plus, you can have your boyfriend slid in too. Oh man!” said Bets.

“Wwhat?” said Kim. “You gotta be joking! That things bigger than Billy!”

“You’re kidding!” said Annie.

“No! I think I have the only guy hung like a hamster on this whole campus,” Kim moaned.

“Honey, most men are hung like hamsters,” said Jenny.

“And how would you know?” asked Cindy. They had talked earlier about their current or former boyfriends.

“I’m a nurse. You see all sorts of things you really don’t want,” said Jenny.

“Yeah? So… you see every dinky dick that walks in?” asked Geo.

“Not all of them, but more than I ever wanted when I was in training. Bedpan duty sucks,” she said.

“Didn’t think about it,” said Kim. “Wow. Ever see anything nice?”

“Yeah. We all took turns giving this one guy a bed bath and having fantasies about crawling in bed with him,” said Jenny.

“Well, did you do anything?” asked Angie.

“No. His boyfriend came in one afternoon and popped our little bubble,” said Jenny.

“Damn,” said Annie.

“Hey, if it works for him, fine I say,” said Cindy. “I’ve had a few lesbian friends.”

“Me too,” said Geo.

“Hey, at least we know how the plumbing works. Right?” said Annie.

Everyone nodded.

“So, Jenny, what you gonna buy to keep you occupied on those long days off you get?” teased Cindy.

“Days off? You have to be joking! I’m lucky most weeks to get a day off and even then I get interrupted,” said Jenny. She looked at the rabbit and the g-spot toys again. “Although a little stress relief might be just what the doctor ordered,” she thought.

“Well, we’ve all played with toys. Which one do you like best?” asked Bets. “I like my Dolphin.”

“Rabbit,” said Geo.

“My G-spot Dolphin,” said Angie.

“Dolphin deluxe” chimed in Annie.

“My glass dildo,” said Cindy.

“Do I gotta choose?” asked Kim.

They all nodded at her.

“My Duckie!” she said holding up a picture of a rubber duck that vibrated in three speeds. That made everyone laugh.

Jenny didn’t say anything.

“Jen?” asked Bets.

“I… I don’t have one,” she admitted. She felt the blush run up her face.

“Oh honey! You can’t go through life without a BOB!” said Cindy.

“BOB?” asked Jenny.

“Battery Operated Boyfriend,” they all said.

“Oh. Well… you like the dolphin and you like the rabbit. Which is better?” she asked pointing to the women and then the toys.

“It depends on what you want. The dolphin is more like a cock, and the rabbit, well I swear it does tricks,” said Bets. She held up one of each and then showed Jenny what each did. Then she handed one of each to Jenny.

Jenny looked at them and played with the buttons. She laughed at the rabbit ears that vibrated when turned on. She shook her head and handed it back to Bets. Then she looked at the dolphin. Soft, blue and it didn’t feel too bad in her hand. “Hmm, I think I’d like to try that one,” she said. “You do realize that vibrators were invented to cure women of hysterics.”
“What?” asked a few of them at the same time.

Jenny explained how in the Victorian era doctors manually stimulated their female patients to orgasm to ‘relieve hysteria.’ Then they built machines to do it and thus was born the sex toy industry. By that point, they were all laughing again.

Annie brought in some chocolate liqueur and they sipped it while finishing up their purchases. Bets gave out a bunch of freebies like lube, condoms, and a glow in the dark cock ring. Geo dared Annie to wear it to work as a necklace. That made them all howl with laughter.

By the end of the evening, Jenny was feeling no pain. She hadn’t been this drunk in ages. She was curled up on the couch with Geo and Annie watching The Wedding Planner. She dozed off. The last thing she remembered was answering Annie’s question about going to work. She didn’t have to until tomorrow night.

“Jen, You want to sleep on the couch or with me?” asked Geo.

Jenny blinked and realized that the movie was over and it was late. She also realized her head was not as firmly attached as she remembered leaving it. Sleeping on the couch didn’t sound comfy. “I’ll um… guess I’ll crash with you,” she said.

Geo helped her stand up. Geo shared the small apartment with Annie and as they headed to her room, they passed the door to Annie’s room. Annie, Kim and Cindy were sound asleep in a heap on the bed.

Jenny dropped her jeans and shirt on the floor. She crawled into bed in her camisole and undies. Her head hit the pillow and that was it.

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