Girl’s Night Out part 3

Jenny woke to find Geo’s arm around her waist. Geo was spooned up to her back. It didn’t feel wrong, just warm. She really didn’t have all of her brains in alignment when she started to roll over and then Geo kissed her.

“Wha…” was as far as Jenny got. She blinked and tried to focus.

“Morning, Jen,” said Geo. “You sure are sweet to sleep with.”

“Oh,” was as far as Jenny got. She’d never thought about lesbian sex or lesbian anything. It was as strange to her as that vibrator waiting for her out in the living room.

“You wanna play around a bit?” asked Geo.

“I… um… I’ve never…” stammered Jenny.

“Oh hon, I’m sorry if I startled you. I shoulda… Sorry. My brain is still fried,” apologized Geo.

“It’s okay. I’m just way too vanilla,” said Jenny. She didn’t mind being cuddled up to Geo. It was the first time in a long while since she’d been cuddled.

“Okay. So, do you want to remain a virgin vanilla or would you like a walk on the weird side?” said Geo softly.

Jenny looked at Geo. Dark curls framed an elfin face. Dark eyes blinked sleepily at her. That’s when Jenny noticed that Geo was topless as well. Her nipples were barely covered by the sheet. “Can we go slow?” Jenny asked.

“Sure honey. Let me close the door,” Geo said as she crawled out of the bed. She was wearing the tiniest pair of panties that Jenny had ever seen dignified with the name.

“Why do you bother with undies?” Jen said when Geo crawled back into bed.

“Cos I like to have them taken off,” she said with a smile. Then Geo leaned forward and kissed Jenny on the lips.

Here we go,” thought Jenny as she began to return Geo’s kiss. Her lips were soft and she was warm where their skin touched. Geo brought her hand up to Jenny’s face and gently ran her fingers through her hair. It was short for work, and yet Geo enjoyed playing with it. Her kisses became more insistent and Jenny returned them. Her own hand went to Geo’s waist and ribs.

The two women snuggled closer and began to explore the other’s body. Geo pulled back and tugged at Jenny’s camisole. Jenny pulled it over her head and they started kissing again. Geo kissed and bit her lip and then worked down Jenny’s throat. Jenny gasped when Geo’s mouth took one of her nipples into her mouth. Jenny’s hand moved to Geo’s breast and tentatively began to play with it. Geo pushed herself into Jenny’s hand.

Geo’s breast was warm and her nipple grew taunt under her touch. Geo’s tongue on her nipples was making Jenny begin to squirm. She felt her panties grow damp.

“Shall we stop?” asked Geo with a smile on her face.

“No,” gasped Jenny as Geo teased her nipples.

Geo went back to kissing Jenny and her hands went to Jenny’s hips. When Jenny realized what was happening, she skinned out of her panties and kicked them off. She was rewarded with Geo’s hands touching her ass and then the top of her mound.

“Oh,” Jenny moaned softly. “Please.”

Geo smiled and let her hand slip between Jenny’s thighs. Jenny was wet and Geo’s fingers moved softly. She rubbed her hand across Jenny’s lips and then let one finger slide up and inbetween until it grazed Jenny’s clit. Jenny moaned again and her hips moved towards Geo’s hand.

Geo took Jenny’s hand from her own breast and guided it down to her barely covered crotch. She held Jenny’s hand in front until Jenny realized what she wanted. Jenny’s fingers grazed the tiny swatch of fabric and then slid around it. Geo wasn’t wet, she was soaked.

Geo brought her own fingers up to Jenny’s face. They were wet with Jenny’s juices and she slid them into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny was a little surprised and then licked Geo’s fingers.

“I taste pretty nice,” she thought.

Geo stopped and then pulled off her scrap of panties. Then she moved between Jenny’s legs and began to lick and suck at Jenny’s clit.

“Oh god!” squeaked Jenny.

Geo let her tongue gallop across Jenny’s clit. As Jenny arched and wiggled, she pinned her with a finger in her pussy. Jenny gasped and moaned as Geo brought Jenny to her first orgasm. Jenny squeaked, and bounced on the bed.

Geo laughed as she wiped off her chin. “First one in a while?” she asked.

“Y..yeah. First one in a long time,” Jenny admitted.

“Geeze, don’t you masturbate?” asked Geo.

“By the time I get home, I usually shower and fall asleep in bed,” admitted Jenny as Geo began to touch her again. She felt her nipples tighten in response.

“You want to try me?” Geo asked.

“Sure. Don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll try,” said Jenny. She followed Geo’s suggestions and soon had her lips and tongue trying out Geo’s pussy. She licked the clit and realized that this was much more difficult than giving a blow job. “No wonder men were usually so bad at it,” she thought. Geo mentioned fingers between gasps and Jenny tried to manage a rhythm. It took a minute or two, but Geo was soon grasping her hair and holding her tight as she licked and sucked Geo to orgasm.


“Was that okay?” Jenny asked a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah. You sure this is your first time?” teased Geo.

“Well, I am a nurse and know my anatomy,” Jenny teased back.

“That reminds me!” said Geo and headed naked out to the living room. She came back in with Jenny’s purchase from the night before. “We need to christen your BOB.”

“Oh, I forgot about that,” Jenny said. She felt herself turning red.

“Don’t worry, it’s fun,” said Geo. She ripped open the packaging and popped the batteries into the base of the vibrator. Then she started kissing Jenny. Jenny kissed her back. In a few minutes, Geo had Jenny all hot and horny. Then she reached over and nudged the vibrator between Jenny’s thighs. It was cool to the touch and Jenny gasped. Then Geo slid it into Jenny’s pussy at the same time she kissed her hard.

Jenny felt the cool plastic slide up her pussy and then her mind was distracted by Geo’s kissing and nibbling. She’d felt Geo slide it in and out a few times as it grew warmer. It felt good. Almost as good as Geo’s fingers. Then Geo hit one of the buttons and the vibrator came to life between her lips. She squirmed. It felt really odd and really good at the same time.

“Geo?” she started to ask.

“Yeah Jen?” replied Geo.

“Is it suppose to feel like this?” Jenny asked.

“Like you’re sitting on the washer on the spin cycle?” smiled Geo.

“Yeah, only better,” said Jenny.

“Just you wait honey,” said Geo. She hit another button and the vibrator shifted gears. It was vibrating and wiggling back and forth. Geo moved it so that it was pushing against Jenny’s g-spot. Jenny arched her back and came with more than a squeak.

“Oh… god…” she tried to say, but Geo hadn’t let up. She moved the vibrator to Jenny’s clit and Jenny lost all ability to speak. Her lips opened and closed and Geo wrapped them up in hers. As Jenny came from the vibrator on her clit, Geo slid it back into her pussy and cranked up to high. It didn’t take ten seconds for Jenny to come hard and loud.

The two of them were giggling in the middle of the bed when Annie and the others opened the door to see what was going on.

“You okay?” asked Annie.

“Yeah,” said Jenny, just a little cross-eyed from her third or fourth orgasm. Geo still hadn’t taken the vibrator out of her pussy although she had turned it down.

“We got rid of that pesky vibrator virginity,” said Geo with a smile.

That made all of the women giggle.

4 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out part 3

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    1. At the end of part two, Annie, Kim and Cindy were sound asleep in a heap on the bed. Then, Annie and those two came to see what the noise was… So, there were 5 women in the room although only Geo and Jenny were in bed. Hence all the women… 🙂

      Sometimes doing a story in parts makes for confusing bits. I write it either all in one go or in chapters and always re-read what I wrote. So, I always have continuity. And before you ask, it does make the longer stories a bitch.

      Happy that you are enjoying the story though.

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