Flash Fiction Friday A Sunny Disposition

Sunday morning sex was great. Suzie leaned against the stove, her bathrobe open and that smile on her face made him forget the scent of burned coffee in the air.

He’d come downstairs that morning to see her silhouetted in the window. Her expression as she turned and that crazy paper flower in her hair. She’d made breakfast. Not that she knew how to cook, but it didn’t matter. He’d wrapped his arms around Suzie. Kisses, touches and clothes disarranged. Before they knew it, all the dishes were on the floor and they were making crazy love on the table. Suzie’s orgasmic moans and his growls of pleasure echoed of he walls of the kitchen.

They hadn’t come to their senses until Suzie smelled the coffee. The pot was perking away like mad, oblivious to their shared joy. She’d apologized and he’d kissed her tears away. It didn’t matter. They cleared the mess and started over.

Daddy was a surfer. Mama was a hippy. Sunny couldn’t cook for beans. She was great in bed, and Greg got use to the smell of burned coffee, Why? Because Sunny was always smiling. Sex in the morning was a great way to wake up. They’d played for half the morning before Greg finally passed out.

He woke to that smell of burned coffee and stumbled out to find Sunny leaning against the stove, half dressed with a smile bright enough to light up the room. She was looking out the window without a care in the world.

Two slightly different stories. Couldn’t decide which one to go with, so you get both. The girl in the picture reminds me of a friend from high school. A real ditz, that never stayed upset for long. Hopeless when it came to being domestic, but all of her boyfriends smiled.

Hope that all of you have great holidays. Happy FFF! Our challenge this week was to use the phrase burned coffee and 60 to 160 words.

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday A Sunny Disposition

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  1. Very nice. I’m glad you posted both stories. I got a chuckle over your description of your high school friend and her smiling boyfriends. πŸ™‚

  2. For some reason I was hearing your second story as a Chuck Berry song! Good job, it had a great rhythm to the lyrics in my head!

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