Back at long last. So glad I had stories in the queue when I got sick. Also glad to have Wolf no longer growling at me for staying at the computer too long! Two more stories in the pipeline and hopefully a chapter of Silver Service or Buster’s Story soon!

“Spanking is an art,” he said. “You have to understand the mechanics, the mindset and your subject.”

“Oh?” Chele replied. “How so? What’s the difference between a good BDSM or Dom spanking and your average beat your butt till it’s red spanking?

“The difference is that a Dom well versed in spanking can achieve more in five minutes than an idiot beating someone half to death. The idea isn’t to cause damage and incapacitate your sub, but to heighten her senses and bring her to an emotional state whereby she experiences pleasure, pain and desire,” Eric stated. “Some call it sub space.”

“Yet from what I read or seen on Porntube, it’s how long you are beaten, how many bruises and welts you have and how long your ass stays cherry red,” she said.

“Only if you are into pain,” said Eric. “Or if you’re a sadistic bastard.”

“Oh. Well, that isn’t the way it’s portrayed in the stories and films,” said Chele.

“Too bad. It means that a lot of people are suffering needlessly. A Dom’s job is to keep their sub safe and to guide them so that they grow as human beings. Some will always be subs while others grow and will morph into whole beings or perhaps Doms.” said Eric.

“Yeah right,” she said.

“Yes. If a Dom does their job, a sub grows, matures and learns. It isn’t easy. It doesn’t always work. However, subs are a Dom’s to mold into something more than they are,” he said.

“Damn, you talk a pretty piece. When did you go to Dom school?” she asked sarcastically. There were days she didn’t believe half the stuff Eric spouted. This stuff about Doms ranked right up at the top.

“When I lived back east,” he said. He knew where this was going. Chele was baiting him and he’d just about had enough. Ignoring her hadn’t worked and Eric was deciding just how far to take things. After all, she was a co-worker and not even a girlfriend.

“Right… when you worked at that club,” she said.

“Yes. And your point?” he asked.

“To be honest, I think you’re full of shit on this. You, the company marshmallow? Mr. Won’t Hurt a Fly? Sorry, I don’t believe you. You don’t even have a girlfriend right now,” she said.

Eric took a deep breath. One of the first lessons he’d learned ages ago was to stay in control. Looking around the office, he saw that everyone else had gone home. This is probably what prompted Chele to try and push his buttons. He knew she’d just dumped her latest boyfriend and now she was shopping for some hard fast sex to scratch that itch of hers.

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment. If you’d paid any attention, you’d have remembered that Josie had to move. Not her choice or mine,” he said stepping up close to Chele. “However, if you’d like to try out for the role, I’m sure we can provide tryouts.”

“Yeah, right,” she said. She knew she was goading him, but didn’t expect what Eric did next. He grabbed her by the elbow and in a moment had her jacket pulled down to her elbows, trapping her arms. Then he stuffed her scarf in her mouth. He marched her down the hall to the production platform. The room was empty of people. He walked her over to a table and grabbed some of the packing straps.

“Mffrph!” she tried to protest. It did no good. Mr. Marshmallow had muscles she never noticed and he held her pinned to the table like a butterfly. He moved her along to the end of one table and started to tie her in place. Her hands still tangled in her jacket were cinched with more packing straps and then tethered to the table. Then her ankles were tied to the table. She was bent over with her face to the smooth wood.

“Now, just how much of an introduction would you care for?” he asked. He’d already decided how far he was going to take things, but he wasn’t telling her that. He’d found a few items and brought them over to the table.

“Frrrsskiisshll!” she cried out around her scarf.

“First lesson is obedience. Listen to what you are told and respond appropriately. As long as you address me as Sir and are polite, I will ungag you. If you yell and scream, I will replace the gag. Do you understand?” he asked in a level quiet voice.

“Frrekikahkkk!” she yelled again.

“Fine, I respect your request. Now to show you the difference between being beaten and spanked. Due to your opinion, I will surmise that you have already been beaten. Therefore, I will spank you,” he said. He moved behind her and unzipped the leatherette skirt she wore and let it drop down her legs. Her ass in it’s silk panties and legs encased in hold up stockings was now available. She screamed some other obscenities through the scarf. He ignored her.

“There are two kinds of spanks. Thuddy, and stingy. This is thuddy,” he said and spanked her. Thuddy was heavy and vibrated her flesh. “This is stingy,” he said and smacked her fast and hard, It was light and yet stung.

“Yrrrkkkk!” she cried.

“Ah, I see you noticed the difference,” he said. Then he spanked her ass in a thuddy manner five times a side. He hit mostly off to one side instead of directly on her ass, in order to distribute the sensations. Then he gently caressed her ass, sort of rubbing in the spankings.

“This is known as aftercare. One should always make sure to mix up the body’s signals. Create pain, and then add pleasure,” Eric said. He could tell by her breathing that the desired effect was beginning to imprint itself on her brain. Then he started a series of stingy spanks. Never hitting the same place twice in a row, he soon covered her ass from one side to the other. He began to rub her skin again. Her flesh was hot under the silk of her panties and he could smell that she was getting aroused.

“Mmmmmfffph!” she moaned.

“Do you think that you can behave?” he asked as he continued to rub her ass lightly.

Chele nodded yes. Erin took the scarf from her mouth and put the sodden thing off to one side. Then he picked up a ruler and began to spank her up one check and down the other in a pattern. This time he did hit the same spot more than once.

“OW! Damn! Please! OUCH!” cried Chele.

Eric smiled. He spanked a few more strokes and then once again began to rub and caress her ass. He noticed that she didn’t cry out, and in fact was raising up to meet his touch. He changed his touch from fingertips to nails and scratched lightly up her ass.

“Oh! Ow! Ohhhhh,” she cried as he went back to caressing her ass.

Eric picked up a duster and then slid it back and forth over Chele’s ass. It startled her. Then she began to squirm. Eric could see the moisture had begun to run down her thighs and soak the top of her stockings. He put the duster aside and with an upstroke, smacked her ass in a series of stingy spanks.

“OH! Ohgodohgod! Owww!” she cried out. She had tears running down her face and her nose was trying to run.

Eric stroked her hot flesh and then sat down next to her on the table. “How do you feel?” he asked.

“My ass hurts!” said Chele as she sniffed.

“You forgot ‘Sir’,” he said and smacked her once, mid-cheek.

“Oh! Damn! Ow!…. sir,” she said.

“Better,” he said and rubbed the spot. He noticed her squirming more. “Once again, how do you feel?”

“Embarrassed sir,” she said not wanting another spank. Her ass was so hot she couldn’t tell if his hand was on it or not.

“Alright, I can understand that. What else?” he asked. He stroked a finger down her ass and then along the crease of her ass. Moisture trailed along with his finger.

“I’m… I’m… Oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she started.

“Saying what dear?” he asked in that same level tone he’d had throughout the spanking.

“I’m turned on. Horny. Fuck! I can feel my juices soaking my stockings and panties,” she said.

“Yes, Didn’t you understand what I told you earlier? That this wasn’t about beating, but about endorphins, release, pleasure and submission. You must have realized some of it, because you curbed your mouth. Your mind may still be struggling, but your body isn’t. It knows what it wants,” he said.

“I… I just thought you were full of bullshit. You always have this air that you know everything, and I didn’t believe you,” she said.

“Sir,” he corrected and spanked her twice on the reddest part of her ass.

“Ow!… sir,” she said gasping.

“Good girl,” he said and rewarded her with soft strokes on her ass. “Now, what do you want?”

“What do you mean?” she asked and then realized she’d forgotten something. “Sir!”

“Ah, you can learn. Now, what do you want? You said you were horny. Are you going to go off and fuck your boyfriend? Do you want to touch yourself, or do you want to come with my assistance?” he asked.

“I.. I can’t go see Larry. He’d be pissed off at me,” she admitted.

“Ah, I take it he was the one that beat you and was unhappy that you didn’t turn into a sex craving bitch?” asked Eric.

Chele looked down at the table. Then she nodded her head. That earned her two more stingy smacks with the ruler.

“We use our words, unless we are gagged. Understood?” he asked.

“Yyes Sir,” she said.

“So, you can’t go to your boyfriend. Do you want to touch yourself?” Eric asked.

Chele thought about it for a moment. She never did enjoy masturbation half as much as sex. “Would you please touch me Sir?” she asked.

“Are you certain?” Eric asked.

“Yes Sir, please touch me,” said Chele. She couldn’t believe she was asking like this but damn… She felt horny and needy and couldn’t move to do anything.

Eric stood up and ran his hand up her thighs and between her legs. She wasn’t just wet, she was soaked. Looking down, he could see that she was soaked almost to her ankles. As his hand touched the silky soaked panties, Chele moaned. He continued to touch lightly. Just enough contact, and with his other hand, he touched her hypersensitive ass.

“Wha…. Oh god! Please let me come, Sir!” she cried as he stroked her. She squirmed against his hand and tried to press down on his fingers. It didn’t work.

Eric continued to touch her just enough to put her on the brink of orgasm. Then he swatted her ass and as Chele recoiled from the spank, he rubbed her clit hard. Chele came in with an explosive orgasm. She had three more before he removed his hand from her and wiped his wet fingers on her ass. As she lay there recovering, he untied her and then cuddled her in his arms.

“Now, do you doubt that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to spanking?” Eric asked her.

“No, Sir,” she said.

“Do you doubt that I had Dom training?” he asked as his hand trailed across her tender ass.

“No Sir,” she said. There was no way she could deny it. She’d read tons of stuff about it and Eric personified everything she’d read.

“Now, where do we go from here?” Eric asked. He knew he had a pain slut subbie in the making, but she didn’t understand yet.

“I… I don’t know Sir,” she said.

“I think that you need to understand yourself more. Not everyone is a liar or a braggart,” he said as he put her down on her feet. He pulled his wallet out and got a card out. “If you should like to explore this lifestyle, I’m available at this club.” Eric handed her the card and then walked out of the production area.

Chele looked at the card. The Rosy Thorn is what it said on the front. On the back it had a simple statement. If you are ready to experience the D/s dynamic, ask for TEACHER. Chele swallowed and got dressed. By the time she got back to the office, it was empty. She grabbed her jacket and as she went to pick up her handbag, she realized that the ruler he’d spanked her with was laying across the top. She snatched it and the handbag and ran out into the night.

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    1. Thank you. I’m so glad to be feeling better. I couldn’t get rid of the cough/congestion side of the cold which drove me nuts.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It showed up as a snippet about a month ago and I had so many stories in my head that it had to wait. And yes, Eric and Chele will be seen again soon at the Rosy Thorn.

  1. I anxiously await any stories you start or continue, so first off – thank you.

    I have a question about a line from this one:

    “A Dom’s job is to keep their sub safe and to guide them so that they grow as human beings. Some will always be subs while others grow and will morph into whole beings or perhaps Doms.” said Eric.”

    Is this the way you see it, or the way the character sees it, or is it tongue in cheek?

    1. Hello Greengirl. I’m glad you enjoy my stories. As for the line you quoted. It is the way the character sees it and the way that I see it. My partner, Wolf, has had Dom training and I talk with a variety of people who are Doms. They agree that D/s relations are a power dynamic as I describe it in this and other stories. There is a very good description on this site. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominance_and_submission In the overview is the power dynamic description.

  2. Thank you. I am slowly learning the ins and outs of power exchange. The part i was wondering about was, “Some will always be subs while others grow and will morph into whole beings…” This seems to say that a sub who remains a sub remains less than a complete person; those who grow may become whole people. You haven’t seemed to have this view of submissives in your other stories, and that is what led me to ask about this line. I appreciate your discussing this.

    1. Okay, Sorry to have missed part of what you were talking about. There were a few concepts in that sentence. The comments on growth does reflect some Dom’s opinions, and it is echoed in the character of Eric. I have seen both sides in people. Some people do choose to remain as subs. Others change/grow. It depends on the individual and what you are happy with in your life. Growth as an individual is always a personal choice. There are a few subs that I know who have made more growth as a sub than they ever did before they stepped into that lifestyle. It is still the responsibility though for a Dom to understand what his sub needs and provide that for them.

      Hope this clarifies things and I do apologize for missing part of what you were asking. It has been a crazy day.

  3. Thank you. And i should have highlighted which part i was questioning. My experience has been that i have grown more and become more whole and more true to myself through embracing my submissive side than the reverse. It’s something i’ve grown into. I think this is why the idea that it is something to be grown out of struck me. And yes, certainly much of this growth is through my Dom’s care. Thank you again.

    1. Greengirl, I’m glad I cleared up the communications fubar. I can see how things made you go ‘huh?’ It is great though that you have grown. 🙂 And in an odd view of things, you have grown as a whole being, one who embraces their sub nature. 🙂 And for others it may be something to grow out of or beyond. To each their own.

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