Silver Service part 11

No, I hadn’t forgotten about this story. It just took me a while to get back to it. Hope you enjoy this chapter.


Henry was waiting for him when David arrived home the next afternoon. David handed him his greatcoat and hat.

“Thank you Henry, How is the household?” David asked.

“Fine sir. James is off to his cousin’s house for the night and the mistress requests your presence again after dinner,” said Henry.

“Ah. I take it that all went well last night?” David asked quietly after checking to see if anyone else was nearby.

“Very satisfactory, sir. Shall arrangements be as before?” asked Henry.

“Please Henry. That reminds me. I have a question for you,” David said.

“And what is that sir?” asked Henry.

“You worked for my Uncle George as an under butler and your mother was housekeeper for him, is that right?” asked David.

“Yes sir,” said Henry.

“And your mother worked there all her life?” asked David.

“Yes sir,” said Henry. “Why do you ask?”

“Henry, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I never remember hearing about your father. Was he a butler there too?” asked David trying to figure a gentle way to ask.

“Why no sir. You… you didn’t know? Although it was not commonly known, my mum and your uncle were lovers. Couldn’t marry because of his father’s will, but that never stopped them from loving each other,” said Henry. “I thought you knew when you hired me. I’ve known all along that you were my cousin.”

“No. Not a clue. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked,” said David.

“Sir, what made you ask in the first place since you didn’t know,” asked Henry.

“Well, it was something mentioned last night. About well… about what Millicent’s desire,” said David. He looked around to see if they were still unobserved. No one was in sight.

“Ah. Worried about cuckoos?” asked Henry.

“In a manner, but at the same time not. That’s when the question of parentage came up and I suddenly realized I didn’t know,” said David.

“And your thoughts now?” asked Henry.

“James inherits. Any other siblings are just as much family, especially now that I understand a few things, cousin,” said David. “Besides, you’re the one doing the real work.”

Henry nodded. “And so I shall until I’m not needed,” he said.

“Agreed. So, after dinner eh?” David said.

“Yes sir. We all have our duties,” Henry said as he took the cake server out of the pocket of David’s coat and headed for the dining room.

David went upstairs to change for dinner.



Life settled into a routine. David left as soon as Henry headed to Millicent’s room. He went to the Chelsea house and enjoyed spending most nights there. Henry covered for him as he had the first night. He was a little late this evening as there had been a meeting at the club he’d had to attend. David arrived at the house and let himself in knowing that Betsy and Aya would be asleep by now. He almost had his coat hung up when Aya appeared by his side.

“Good evening Saahab,” she said.

“Good lord you startled me!” David said.

“That was not my intent. Only to ask if you required tea or if you would be going straight to bed tonight,” said Aya.

“Tea would be wonderful. I take it that Lillian is still awake?” David asked.

“Yes Saahab. She always waits for you to arrive,” said Aya.

David smiled and headed upstairs. Lillian was sitting by the fire in a robe and reading.

“Oh David,” she said as she rose. “I wasn’t sure you’d be here tonight.”

“I’m sorry I’m late. There was a meeting I had to attend at the club and it kept me later than I expected,” he said.

“It is alright. I just was wondering if I should go to bed or not. It’s nearly midnight,” she said.

“Yes, but Aya is bringing us some tea. I thought we might have a bit of fun and then sleep,” he said.

“Of course David,” said Lillian with a smile.


Aya brought the tea and then left the two lovers alone. Lillian poured tea and they talked and drank while David relaxed. Lillian undressed David and the two of them walked over to the bed.

“What did you have in mind tonight?” asked Lillian.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to tie you up and play with you while you’re helpless,” admitted David. It had become one of his favorite games.

“Alright David,” said Lillian. She didn’t mind how they played as long as both of them had pleasure. She got out a pair of scarves and tied one to each bedpost. Then she positioned herself on her knees so that David could tie her up. He tied her in place and then found another scarf to wrap around her eyes. Lillian knelt on the bed and waited for David to begin to touch her. She didn’t have long to wait.

David stood at the end of the bed and ran his hands up Lillian’s sides under the silk dressing gown. He found he liked to have a little clothing on her when they began to play. It made it more of a tease. She was facing the bed and had enough room to wiggle a little, but not enough to get off of the bed. He ran his hands over her breasts and pinched her nipples. This made Lillian arch backwards. David had the bigger phallus ready to push between her legs and into her pussy. He rubbed it lightly until she began to gasp and moan. As soon as her juices began to flow, he pushed the phallus up and into Lillian.

“Oh! Oh my!” she gasped.

David teased her with it and then pushed it in and held it there. “Don’t drop it,” he said.

Lillian held her legs together wondering what was coming next. It didn’t take long for David to move up onto the bed and place his cock against her lips. She smiled and opened her mouth. David slid his cock into her mouth and caressed her breasts as she sucked his cock.

“Oh yes,” he moaned. He slowly slid his cock in and out of her mouth until he couldn’t take any more. He got off of the bed and smiled to see that she had held the phallus in place. Her muscle control was much better than it had been. However, it made it more difficult to punish her when she didn’t drop it. He slid on a sheath and removed the phallus. There was a smear of blood on the phallus.

“Um, Lillian, you’re bleeding,” David said. He began to untie her as he was worried. His cock softened and he took off the sheath.

Lillian got down off of the bed and looked at the phallus and then checked herself out. She walked over to her desk to check her calendar. She sighed. “It’s my monthlies. It’s a bit early,” she said.

“Oh. Then I guess we won’t have any play time tonight then,” said David sounding disappointed.

Lillian walked over to David. “Only if you are worried about having sex with me while I’m bleeding. This early on, there is no pain or discomfort. In fact, this is an opportunity if you wish it,” she said.

“I… I don’t understand Lillian,” said David. Previously, when her monthlies had hit, they had postponed or rescheduled their time together as Lillian often felt ill.

“I am just starting, and when I’m bleeding, I can’t get pregnant,” she said.

“I still don’t understand,” said David feeling rather thickheaded at the moment.

“You don’t have to wear a sheath David. We could have sex without it,” said Lillian.

“Honestly?” he asked.

“Yes David. It also means that you didn’t go too far that first night you slept here. I’m not going to have a baby,” said Lillian.

David wrapped Lillian in his arms and held her close. No sheath. Just the thought of that made his cock harden. They got up on the bed and Lillian had him lay down on his back. Then she stroked his cock a few times and mounted him. She slid down on his cock slowly. It was so nice to feel him inside of her without the sheath. He was silky feeling and she shivered in pleasure.

David held his breath. The feel of being inside Lillian naked was almost too much. He exhaled and took another deep breath. Lillian rocked back and forth. He could tell from the look on her face that she was enjoying this new sensation as well.

“Oh David,” gasped Lillian.

“Lllillian,” David moaned, his body on sensory overload without the sheath. He couldn’t hold back, and grabbing her hips pounded deep into her body. So hot, so wet… he felt himself come and for the first time felt his orgasm fill Lillian.

“Oh! Ohohohohhh,” Lillian moaned as David came. The sensations were rolling her as well and she felt the ascent to the heavens wash across her. She collapsed to his chest and he slowly rolled her over.

“That was… that was heavenly,” said Lillian. “Sticky, but heavenly.”

“Agreed,” said David relishing the feeling.

Lillian got off the bed and grabbed some toweling to wipe them both off. Normally it was only David that needed to clean up much. She wasn’t ready for the experience of having their juices run down her legs.

She put the towel to one side and then they curled up and went to sleep.


Early in the morning David woke with an erection. He was about to roll over to find a sheath when he remembered that it wasn’t necessary. He snuggled up to Lillian and slid his cock between her legs and into her pussy. He thrust slowly and deeply, enjoying the freedom of no sheath.

Lillian woke as David touched her body with his cock. When he slid in, it felt so good. So right. She wiggled her ass against him to bury his cock deeper into her body. His cock bumped her deep inside. While it ached, it still felt so very good.

David pulled out and pulled Lillian to her knees. Then he drove in from behind, using her hips to balance. He felt so good as he increased his rhythm. She was slick with the juices from the night before as well as a little blood. Everything slid easily. He pumped faster and faster until his senses overloaded. He cried his orgasm as he drove deep into Lillian.

Lillian cried out too as she began to come. David had filled her and then gasping, he reached around and brought her to orgasm. As she cried out, they collapsed to the bed.

“That… that was amazing,” said David.

“It will make it difficult to use those sheaths again,” said Lillian.

“Yes, but we must keep an eye for when we can avoid them,” said David. “I don’t mind a little blood for all the pleasure.”

“Neither do I,” said Lillian.

The sunlight poured through the window as they curled up to sleep off their playtime pleasures.

4 thoughts on “Silver Service part 11

    1. SSir,
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying this story. It has been so fun to write. As for the other bit…I think it stems from that urge for us all to find someone who makes us happy. Especially if we’ve had the wrong person(s) in our lives. I saw a poster the other day that “Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you” It’s true. Doesn’t matter if it is a lover, your boss, a family member or a person you think of as a friend.
      And for me, those of you who read my blog and enjoy my stories makes me happy.

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