She swept the hair out of her face. Head rocked back, the feel of fingers on her breast. Nails leaving crescents from love pinches. Hands touching her. She sighed as the hands stroked up and down her body.

Fingers on her clit. Fingers touching, stroking her pussy lips. She moaned. It felt so good. How she had missed being touched like this. Slowly she was teased to orgasm. More fingering. Pinches to her nipples made her arch her back.

“Ahhh,” she gasped. Falling back to the bed she tried to catch her breath. Needy fingers thrust in and out of her pussy, pulling another orgasm from her. As she arched in pleasure and stretched to meet those fingers again and again she cried out.

Rolling on her stomach, the fingers continued to play with her. A squeeze of the breast. A bight of the lip. Her pussy rubbed and stroked until she came again and again. Fingers soaked with her juices painted scent across her skin. Panting, she lay on the bed trying to catch her breath. As she relaxed, she brought her hands to her mouth and licked her juices from her fingers.

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