The chat box on her browser popped up.

Dave: “Wanna chat?”


It was Dave from Fetlife.


Sharon: “Sure.”

Dave: “You in a good mood?”

Sharon: “Sorta. Horny.”

Dave: “When I think about you I touch myself.”

Sharon: “Very funny. Song titles eh?”

Dave: “No, honest. I’m sitting here touching myself as we talk.” .

Sharon: “Oh.”


Dave: “Yes. No shirt, jeans open, cock out.”

Sharon: “Hard?”

Dave: “Aching. Rubbing my finger and thumb up and down my shaft.”

Sharon: “What do you want me to do?”

Dave: “Talk dirty. Tell me how you’re touching yourself.”

Sharon: “Webcam?”

Dave: “Please?”


Sharon thought for a moment. Then she turned on her webcam. In the lower right corner of her computer screen, she could see Dave. He was shirtless and his cock was in the center of the frame. She pulled up her skirt and undid her blouse.


Dave: “Nice bra. Doesn’t match the panties though.”

Sharon: “Can’t have everything.”


Sharon began to touch herself. Nipples pulled out of the top of her bra, fingers tugged her panties down and began to stroke her lips.


Dave: “Nice. Talk to me.”

Sharon: “Nipples perking up hard and I’m getting wet.”

Dave: “Stroking myself thinking about touching your breasts. Biting your nipples.”

Sharon: “Ohhh, Wishing it was your tongue on my clit. Not my fingers.”


In the camera view, Dave is stroking his cock faster and faster. The veins showed and the pre-cum pearl on top.


Dave: “Want to lick and suck your pussy. Let my cock dive head deep into your hot box.”

Sharon: “Want to feel that cock spread my lips. Fill me up. Fuck me hard.”

Dave: “Finger fuck yourself.”


Sharon obliged. She fingered herself and then licked her fingers. She pinched her nipples with one hand and plunged her fingers back in to her pussy. She could feel her own orgasm begin. She liked watching Dave stroke his cock and imagine it was buried in her. Sharon reached over and grabbed her vibrator. She held it up to the webcam, sucked it into her mouth and then rubbed it along her slit until it slid into her pussy.


Dave: “Oh Damn! Hot! Fuck you for me!”

Sharon: “Feels so good. Hard. Thick. Oooh!”


Dave was jerking off harder and harder. His balls began to bob up and down. He was panting, close to coming.


Dave: “Come for me.”

Sharon: “Yes.”


Sharon pulled on her nipples harder and fucked herself with the vibrator. She could feel her juices sliding down her ass and pooling on the computer chair. Watching Dave jerk off made her want to come. She slid the vibrator in deep to hit that spot that just did it for her. She jerked as she orgasmed and rocked forward, driving the vibrator in deep as she literally sat on it. She put her other hand down to touch her clit and came hard. Her mouth open wide in bliss as she watched Dave come thick ropes of cum. It splattered on his legs and keyboard. He stroked again and again until there was no more left.

Sharon shuddered with the last of her own pleasure and slowly pulled the vibrator from her pussy. She put it on the desk next to the webcam. She smiled at Dave who was trying to uncross his eyes.


Dave: “Damn that was good. Intense.”

Sharon: “Oh yeah. Seat all wet. Fingers all wet. Smells like sex in here.”

Dave: “Good. Love your face when you come. All mouth. Yum.”

Sharon: “Spurts nice too. Keyboard?”

Dave: “It cleans. Just the space bar.”

Sharon: “Yeah. Gotta clean up.”

Dave: “Yeah.”

“Talk to you later.”

Sharon: Yeah. That was fun.”


Dave grabbed his teeshirt and was cleaning up when Sharon turned off her webcam. She stood up and saw that she really did leave a puddle. Soaked the back of her skirt. She smiled as she walked off to clean up.

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