Pervertables part 2

Boris took the long armed brush and put it in his closet. He and Dirk were trading subs tonight. Liz needed a different sort of scene and Boris was going to provide it. Meanwhile, Kerri had pushed her limits and Dirk was to provide gentle correction. The two men had talked about it for an hour and the swap had been the best solution. Neither woman knew what was going to happen tonight. Boris smiled at the thought of Kerri tied up and spanked by someone she felt played a little too dark. He headed out to get some dinner before the evening rush started.


Dirk took a shower in the club locker room. He rinsed the sawdust and sweat off of his skin and then dressed in the leathers and black teeshirt he had brought for the evening. Kerri was a bit of a snot, like Sally, and he was going to have to work hard not to laugh when she tried to top from the bottom. Especially when she discovered that it wasn’t Boris at her side. Once he’d put his towel and toiletries in the locker, he headed upstairs to make sure everything was in order.


Kerri and Liz arrived almost at the same time. Each had on a camisole blouse, short skirt, stockings and heels. Liz’s skirt was leather while Kerri wore silk. They hugged and kissed and then looked around for the guys. Neither David or Dirk were in sight. They walked over to the bar and Liz ordered a tonic and lime, Kerri got a glass of wine. The bar tender served them and then walked away.

“Where are the guys?” asked Kerri.

“Probably busy. Life of a Dom is never quiet,” said Liz. She’d been coming to the club longer than Kerri had and still never knew exactly what to expect. She sipped her drink.

Kerri took a sip of her wine and before she could put the glass down, a blindfold slipped over her eyes. The man behind her made a ‘shush’ gesture at Liz, who obliged. She knew when a scene was starting and when not to interfere. She sipped a bit more of her drink and only flinched a bit when the hood went over her eyes. Nor did she question what was going on. Kerri would pay for her chatter once she got to the dungeon.


Kerri was walked into a room. She knew that there was someone else in there and she figured that it was David.

“Hey Sir, Nice way to try and confuse your subbie,” she said rather lighthearted.

“Silence,” hissed a deep voice.

That jarred Kerri. It wasn’t David. “Um, Sir, did I get taken to the wrong dungeon?” she asked.

Her answer was a smack across her ass and a hissed command to kneel. Kerri knelt quickly.

“Okay,… guess I’d better shut up fast or else my ass is really going to be sore,” she thought.

The Dom in the room tied her wrists to a leather belt that was cinched around her waist. She was suspended by a D ring on the back of the belt. It was just enough to pull her to her toes. Then the first object hit her ass. It was stingy and metal. Cold metal. It hurt, and Kerri cried out.

“Ow! Sir!” she cried.

“Quiet,” whispered the Dom.

Kerri tried to muffle her outcries, but the swish of the metal object shattered her ability to do so. The Dom wrapped a soft scarf around her mouth to muffle her cries. The zing of the tool in his hand made her flinch. It didn’t help. After a minute, he stopped, stroked her ass and gave her a minute alone.

Next, the Dom ran what felt like a knife across her skin. She held as still as possible, fearful that she might be cut. She felt her skirt being lifted and the ‘knife’ being run over her thong covered ass. It felt so terribly sharp.

“Breathe,” whispered the Dom.

Kerri took in a breath, not realizing she’d been holding it. She relaxed just a bit and waited for the next move or play from the Dom. That’s when Kerri felt something being tied around her feet. Next thing she knew, her legs were being lifted off of the floor and she was suspended in the air. Slowly she started to spin. She felt totally out of control, something she hated with a passion.



Liz went quietly. She’d learned that asking questions or making noises was a bad thing. Dirk had left her gagged for almost a whole afternoon to teach her to be quiet. She tried to hear where she was going, but the person directing her must have led her around a few times in big circles. The only thing she was certain about was that she entered a room and a door closed.

Liz was moved forward and told to strip. She did so and folded her clothes and placed them next to her. She still wore the chain around her waist that Dirk had placed there ages ago. Then she felt herself moved to a bar and her hands and feet cuffed in place. She was spread eagle.

The Dom walked up behind her, and draped a whip over her shoulders. “Mine,” he growled. “Mine to use how I see fit.”

“Not Dirk!” she thought. She had no time to catch her thoughts as a spray of warm water cascaded over her. She felt it spray everywhere. Next thing she knew, another spray hit her. This time it had a scent to it.

“Soap?” she wondered. Then the brush hit her. It started at her feet and scrubbed up. Then it moved to her arms and down her back. After that, the brush worked over the front of her body. The bristles were prickly and rough on her nipples and inner thighs. In spite of herself, she realized she was becoming wet.



Dirk let Kerri swing in circles for a good minute. Just long enough to disorientate her. Then he picked up the loofa and gently smacked her all over. She swung like a pinata. Her body language screamed her dislike of the situation. He grabbed her ankle and spun her hard. Kerri whipped around fast enough that her hair swung straight out.

Then Dirk held up a long griddle spatula and let her ass smack into it and slow her down. He paddled her ass with it a few times, making sure it sang that metallic ting. Then he let her catch her breath and lowered her feet to the floor. As long as she held still, she wouldn’t spin.



Boris had a wicked idea once he saw that brush Dirk bought at Home Depot. He’d scrub Liz like a car in a carwash. Then he’d send her back out into the dungeon all turned on and not one orgasm to show for it. They had a wet room, and it only took a few minutes to rig the pipes for a holding frame.

He liked the look of Liz with soap running down her body and the red marks the brush made. He began to rub the brush between her legs. The second she started to squirm, he stopped.

“No orgasms,” he whispered.

Liz shuddered in the frame, trying to calm herself down.

Boris rewarded her with stinging snaps of a rolled up chamois cloth. He could tell it stung as her skin welted up so beautifully. Water was such a lovely conductor of sound and sensation. Once he’d covered her body with small welts, he rinsed her off. The water started off warm, and then gradually became cooler. The last jets of water were ice cold and Boris watched her skin sprout goosebumps and her nipples harden to pebbles.

After some of the water had dripped off, he dried her off with the chamois cloth. She relaxed. As she sighed, he rolled the cloth up again and stung her ass. Then he walked away for nearly ten minutes.



Dirk grabbed the feather duster and began to swish it over Kerri’s skin. If she flinched, she swung. He made it almost impossible for her to hold still. When she about had that mastered, he began to tickle the back of her legs, starting at her ankles. She flinched and spun. He kept it up, slowly working higher and higher.

Kerri could’t believe that the Dom was tickling her. She tried to keep quiet, but it was getting harder and harder. When he reached her ribs, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Instead of correcting her, he tickled harder. Her problem now wasn’t crying out, but not wetting herself.



Liz hung on the frame. She hadn’t expected to be treated like an object. The scrubbing had started to turn her on and then the cold water hit. Literally. The final snaps of that towel had hurt. The silence had been worse. Still blindfolded, she felt totally isolated. Alone. Dependent on the Dom to provide anything, everything. Liz hated being helpless in this manner. Hated the idea of being dependent on anything. At the same time, she craved the touch of Dirk and a few of the other Doms. She liked the sensations as they played over her skin. Better yet, she enjoyed being horny. This scene had teased her and now she felt vulnerable. Alone and vulnerable, as she had during the rape. Tears began to well up at the corners of her eyes. This is one thing she had never tried to explain to Dirk.

Boris watched silently as Liz began to cry. He didn’t move or make a sound. He simply watched as she broke down the last barriers as she hung in silence. When the clock hit the quarter hour mark, he walked up behind her and stroked her cheek. Liz shuddered with a combination of relief and shock. He knew in her little lizard brain, that she felt forgotten. Lost.

Liz felt the tears flow fast and free when the hand touched her face. She wasn’t alone! Hadn’t been abandoned. She shuddered with relief.

“So, you aren’t as independent as you thought eh Subbie?” whispered the Dom.

“No Sir,” she sobbed.

“Then learn to trust that people are doing things for you and to help you,” he whispered in her other ear.

“Yes Sir,” she said a bit quieter.

Boris walked away again and watched.


Kerri was gasping, choking and laughing so hard, she was near to wetting herself. She’d lost her footing and was swinging free.

“Pppplease Sir, I don’t want to pee myself!” she squeaked.

“Who is in control of this scene?” he asked.

“Yyyou are Sir!” she cried out between giggles.

“And what was the lesson for tonight?” Dirk asked.

“I… I don’t know Sir!” she laughed as he tickled her pits.

“Yes, you do,” he said and spun her hard. With each revolution, he slapped her ass to keep her in motion.

Suddenly, Kerri got it. “Sir! Oh god, I’m going to puke!” she said gasping.

Dirk stopped her so fast that she shuddered. “Yes?” he asked.

“Sir, I’m… I need to let go, not be in control or try to be in control so much,” she said as she gasped and tried to regain a little control of her own body.

“Very good,” said Dirk softly. “Now don’t forget the lesson.”


Boris picked up the funky bathmat and gently let it caress Liz’s body. He didn’t say a word, just rubbed her body. As she relaxed, he changed it up and used the backside with the suckers to adhere it to her body and then pull it off. She squeaked.

“Will you trust?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she said.

He could tell she meant it and wasn’t just mouthing platitudes. He walked over to his chair and sat. He snapped his fingers and an assistant took Liz off the frame and wrapped her in a warm towel. Then he brought her over to where Boris sat.

“Kneel,” said Boris.

Liz did so. Boris reached over and undid the blindfold. The look of shock on her face was payment in plenty. He smiled.

“Sir?” she said softly.

“Yes,” he replied.

“You scare the hell out of me on a good day and I… I just…” she stammered.

“You just said you would trust me, didn’t you,” he said with a smile.

“Yyes Sir,” said Liz. She was gobsmacked. “You were the last Dom I’d have expected to see when the blindfold came off.

“As it should be. Get dressed,” he said and left the room.


Dirk let Kerri down and then told her to kneel. “Will you relinquish control when needed from now on?” he asked.

“I’ll try to Sir,” she said.

Dirk wasn’t so sure, but he didn’t have time for more work with her. “You had better, or we will meet again,” he admonished her. With that, he took off the blindfold.

Kerri blinked and when she saw Dirk, her mouth dropped open. Dirk laughed.

“See little sub, not everyone is terrible or horrid. I could have been much harder on you,” he said smiling.

“Yes Sir,” Kerri said.

“Good. Let’s go find Liz and Boris,” he said and stood up to leave the room. Kerri followed.


Liz and Boris were sitting at a table when Dirk and Kerri walked through the dungeon doors. There were finger food snacks on the table and drinks. Dirk bade Kerri to sit and the four of them sat and ate.

“Work out well?” Boris asked Dirk.

“Fairly well. The shock at the end was well worth it,” said Dirk with a smile.

“Liz too. Could have parked a bus on that lip,” Boris teased. He smiled a feral grin at her and watched the goosebumps raise.

“Sirs, you are terrible teases,” said Liz.

“Agreed!” said Kerri.

“Sir, could we go home?” asked Liz of Dirk.

Dirk looked at the women and Boris, smiled and gave a one word answer. “Yes.” With that, the four of them departed the club for their respective homes. Just as they got to the door of the club, Boris tapped Dirk on the shoulder. Dirk turned.

“Must compliment you on your choices of pervertables. They worked so very well tonight,” he said and then walked off into the dark with Kerri.

“Pervertables?” asked Liz.

“Yes. Ordinary items of household origins used in a perverted manner,” said Dirk.

Liz laughed as she thought of her ‘scene’ with Boris as they too walked out to the parking lot.

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