It has been a very hectic week, and I am finally getting back to writing. Hope that those of you who found the Secretary enjoyed it. It is a very good movie about D/s relationships. I will be working on various stories that are in progress this week as time permits. And now, another story in Vanillaverse…


Sally looked at the clock. It was 4:30pm, and Kerri was still on the phone with a client. Her foot was tapping a mile a minute and the notes were all over her desk. Sally caught Kerri’s eye and Kerri just shook her head. Sally nodded and tried to find something to do until Kerri was off the phone.

They’d taken on a new client about a week ago. What looked to be an easy ‘fixer upper’ job had turned into a nightmare. Legal issues, deception, and now the client was trying to back out of everything. It wouldn’t be so bad, but there were legal contracts signed and the way they were written, Creative Solutions was liable in part. Kerri finally hung up the phone.

“You okay?” asked Sally.

“No, I’m stressed out and frustrated. This guy is an ass and there seems to be nothing to do about him. I’d fire him in a heartbeat, but the way his contract is written, the business can’t take it. It will force them into bankruptcy,” said Kerri.

“Hell. Why didn’t they come clean with us in the first place?” asked Sally.

“I’m not sure if they knew from what I can surmise. This whole thing is one big mess and now we are as involved as the parent company,” said Kerri.

“I called our legal services and they said they’d get back to us on Monday. Until then, all we can do is hold on and hope things don’t explode on us,” said Sally. She slumped into her chair and looked up at the clock. 5:07pm.

“Shit! We’re late,” said Kerri, having followed Sally’s eyes to the clock. She began cleaning up her desk and trying to make the office at least look tidy. James, Sally’s husband had come up with a fantastic organizational routine, but the last few days had messed it up.

“Let me help,” said Sally. She started collecting files and putting them all in a box marked with the client’s name. Five minutes later, the last of the stuff was in the box and the two women grabbed their coats and bags.

“Do you think we can blame it on traffic?” asked Kerri.

“I don’t know. It is pretty heavy. Big thing will be if we can settle down enough to sneak the stress past those two,” said Sally. Their husbands had both instituted changes to help de-stress their lifestyles. Sally had been working herself into oblivion and Kerri had an abusive boss that had nearly ruined her life and her marriage. The solution had been a part time D/s relationship. If the men felt that the women were running a little rough, they stepped in. So far this had worked out well and even when things were running well, both couples enjoyed the occasional bit of D/s play. However, this was different.

Tonight they were suppose to be having a big get together. James and David had new clients and everyone was to meet at the new restaurant the one client had just opened. Sally moved through traffic as best she could and they arrived only ten minutes late.


“Here they come,” said David. He walked towards the entrance to greet his wife. As he bent to kiss her, Sally slipped by and was greeting James.

“Everything okay?” David asked, his internal alarms going off.

“Yes, traffic was just heavy,” said Kerri. “Sorry we were late.”

David nodded and they moved into the main dining room where their table waited. He caught James’ eye and gave him a look that made James shrug his shoulders. David knew that they would talk later.

Dinner was good and the new client was proud of his business as well as the help that James and David had given him. After dinner, champagne was poured and the venture toasted. Kerri loved champagne, but knew it went straight to her head. Sally wasn’t much better, but at least she had eaten a bit more than Kerri.

As the two couples left, James pulled David off to one side. They talked quietly for a moment, nodded and then went to their cars. James had ridden with David, so he and Kerri switched cars. James got in behind the wheel and in a minute, they pulled out of the parking lot.

“How was your day?” he asked Sally.

“Um. Well, it was okay,” she said.

“Okay? Anything you want to share?” James asked. He could tell by the way she was fiddling with her scarf that all was not right in her world.

“No, not really. We just have a client that is being a bit difficult. Nothing we can’t handle, and it will just take a bit more time than I expected,” Sally said trying to sound convincing.

“Oh. Okay,” said James. He headed home.


David and Kerri had a similar conversation on the way home. Kerri went straight to bed and David walked out on the front porch to text James. A few minutes later, the two men had confirmation that something was wrong. He went back inside and went to bed.

Kerri curled up to David’s back and tried to relax. She’d hoped the alcohol would let her sleep. Instead, she kept rolling things over in her mind, trying to find a better solution. It wasn’t working. She took a deep breath, and instead of letting all the stress bleed off, she sobbed. Kerri tried to cover it by pretending to cough. It didn’t work. David rolled over, turned on the light and looked at Kerri.

“This time, the truth,” he said in that voice that made people nervous.

“I just couldn’t get to sleep and…” was as far as she got. David took her by the arm and rolled her onto her stomach. His hand came down hard on her ass.

“Don’t lie to me,” he said in almost a whisper.

“Ow! David, I’m not lying!” she gasped.

“You don’t cry just because you’re having a bit of difficulty going to sleep,” he said with that soft dangerous voice. He planted a series of blows to her ass.

“Ow! Stop! Please David!” she cried.

“That’s ‘Stop Sir’ now,” he said. He spanked her twice more.

“Sir! Please stop,” she gasped realizing that she had stepped over the line by not telling the whole truth and David had switched over to Boris. She was in trouble.

“I will for a few minutes. You have five minutes to explain yourself,” he said softly.

Kerri took a deep breath and began to explain the client from hell. David listened and then when she finished, he asked a few questions. Kerri answered them as succinctly as possible. David nodded, got out of bed and walked into the living room with his phone. He called James.



James picked up the phone. “Hello David,” he said and listened to the voice pouring into his ear. “Yes, same thing going on here. Fifteen minutes? Sure.” James hung up the phone and headed for the living room where Sally had been reading.

“Get your coat,” he said.

“What? Where are we going?” she asked.

“To David and Kerri’s. Now,” James said.

Sally blinked. She recognized that tone. “Yyes sir,” she said. She grabbed her coat and was ready by the door in less than a minute. They were in the car and on the road in two minutes. Sally realized where they were headed and felt her whole body tighten. Kerri must have lost it,” she thought. “Not that I’m too far from that myself.”

They pulled into the driveway of David and Kerri’s house and parked. David was standing in the door waiting for them. He pointed to the living room. Sally walked in to see Kerri sitting on the couch. Kerri looked up at her and didn’t say a thing. She didn’t have to. Sally sat next to Kerri and waited.

“Sally, I want you to tell us what has been going on with this new client of yours,” said David in a voice so soft she could barely hear him.

“Um… We got this client referred to us last Tuesday. Started the work and did what we usually do and then the whole thing began to fall apart,” she started. She was wringing her hands the whole time she was talking. Kerri nodded or looked at the floor as Sally described the legal mess their client had found themselves in and how they’d brought Creative Solutions in almost as deep just by becoming clients. James and David each asked questions of both women.

“Alright. Is this everything?” asked James.

“Yes,” said Sally. Dredging everything up had made her queasy.

“I think that David and I may have a solution. It won’t be pretty, but it will work. You two will have to do exactly as we explain this and it should be fine,” said James.

“Now, one last thing,” said David. “Why didn’t you come to us and ask for help?”

“We kept thinking that it was okay. We could handle it and by the time we realized we were in too deep, I think we were both afraid to ask for help,” said Sally. Kerri nodded.

“Why?” asked James.

“Um… because, well… um. I guess we both felt we could work it out. We didn’t want to be running to you for everything and…” Kerri started. They’d had a couple of other issues that their husbands had helped them with and while it worked, the men had made it fairly clear that they were not to turn to them for every little problem.

James nodded, and realized that while the women had done the right thing in general, this was an issue for which they should have asked for help. He told them so quickly and quietly. Plans would be set into motion on Monday.

“Now what?” asked Sally. She knew that it wasn’t over.

“Well, you two while trying to do things as requested, got stressed out. We knew something was wrong, but not the depths. You two aren’t in trouble in the larger picture, but,” James paused.

“But what James does mean is that you two need to relax. We will make sure you will relax. First off, work is off limits until Monday at 9am. Understood?” David asked in that low quiet tone.

“Yes,” both women said quickly.

David looked at the women and raised and eyebrow.

“Yes Sir,” they said.

David stood and the four of them headed to the basement where he had built a dungeon.

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  1. Haven’t had a chance to check out the movie yet, but it is on my list. Sorry your week was so hectic, hopefully not any where’s near as bad as Sally and Kerri’s.

    1. You’ll like the movie. Wolf has been talking about it on and off for about six months. We finally found it and it was worth the wait. As for a comparison between my week and Sally and Kerri’s… the jury is still out.

  2. Ohh! Can’t wait to read what happens in the Dungeon. Love how the men are so in tune with their women. Ohhh! Wait a minute! I wanna hear Boris’s voice, too!

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