A Little Background

Everyone one has a different writing style. Some people write from experience or out of pure fantasy. Others do Fan Fiction, where they write in the style of their favorite author. Me… well… I thought I’d explain how my fantasies make it to the Net.

First off, I drive Wolf crazy, and on a multitude of levels. Just about anything he says or does is fodder for my imagination. 🙂 Often, stories carry direct quotes. 🙂 Other times it is a look or action or something that happened and my brain grabs it and runs faster than Nilla’s juices when she hears the FSCT whistle through the air. It also squicks him that some stories are so close to reality at times. LOL!

Second bit that drives Wolf crazy. I don’t plan a story out. I don’t make outlines, plots, character sheets or any of  that. I just sit down and write. Often in 2-3 hour bursts. The only corrections I make are usually typos, and to be honest, sometimes I miss those! I usually catch them when I read a story outloud to Wolf.  And, I have to admit that with some of the longer stories I make notes after I’ve started a story, but never before. On one story that I will be posting, Wolf challenged me to plan it out. It was okay, but took twice as long to write. He realized that it didn’t work for me and we abandoned that little idea.

I will often write 4 or 5 parts of a story at once and spend more time trying to divide it up than actually writing it. Or, I will sit on a story for a year before finishing it. So, Wolf will come and ask what happened to a story. Or, better yet, he’ll ask if I thought of writing a story about X, Y or Z and be surprised when I say  that’s Revenge or Cowboy. 🙂

What I do enjoy is how a story will take a twist midstream and change. That is why in the comments you will see me say that I liked how something turned out or how I was surprised that the story went this way. I’m just as much along for the ride as you are. One thing that I do enjoy are the comments. The more the merrier. So, If you like a story, tell me! Or, if  you have an idea you’d like seen worked in, let me know. I always need new ideas!

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  1. that’s how i do it, too. i may jot a note down if i don’t want to forget a story, but i don’t work from notes either. It interrupts my flow. The Muse frowns on that, lol!

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