Clusterf*ck Part 2

Neither woman said a word. They knew what to expect as David and James had made it very clear when they became business partners. If the job became too much for either woman, there would be consequences. Especially if they didn’t tell their spouses. Both women had broken that rule.

David pulled out bits and pieces as the women undressed. When they were nude, he gestured to James to choose a spot. James looked from the St. Andrews cross to the spanking bench. He chose the bench. Gesturing to Sally, he waited. In the mean time, Kerri walked over to the cross. It wasn’t her favorite piece of equipment as she had to stretch to fit it. David could adjust it, but he had never told that to Kerri. In a moment, each woman was snugged in place.

“How many days were you stressing about this contract?” David asked softly.

“Five, Sir,” said Kerri. She knew he was figuring out how many times to spank or flog her, but she didn’t have a clue as to how he decided it.

“Sally, how many nights of restless sleep did you have?” asked James.

“Six, Sir,” she said.

James and David looked at each other and nodded. David took a black leather flogger and played it across Kerri’s ass eleven times. James spanked Sally the same amount. The first five were stinging slaps and the last six were hard thuddy hits. Each man caressed his wife and then they switched. David brought the flogger down on Sally so quickly that all she could do was gasp. Eleven passes on each check. James gifted Kerri with an equal amount of spankings.

The two women cried out and yet were ignored. David and James moved back and forth between the two of them. It wasn’t until the fourth pass that David began to see any evidence of moisture between Kerri’s thighs. As he stroked her ass, giving her now tender flesh the gentle aftercare that mixed the emotions, he paused. Motioning to James, the two of them met in a corner of the room where the two women couldn’t hear them.

“They were stressed. Is Sally wet yet?” David asked James.

“Just. I understand that they tried to cope, and not ask for our help, but…” James started.

“I know. I don’t exactly understand either. However, we need to help them. We have the solution to the client issue, and now to finish helping them relax. Separate or together?” David asked.

James thought for a moment. “Together, with an option to withdraw,” he replied.

“Alright. A few more rounds?” David asked looking over at the women.

“Yes. Want to switch up and trade methods?” James asked.

David smiled and handed him the flogger.

By the time they let the women off of the cross and bench, the two women were needy and had juices trickling down their thighs. Instead of separating, David lead the four of them to a large area with a very soft floor. It was softly lit and the raised platform they stepped onto was nearly nine foot square. Pillows and a toybox occupied a corner. David led Kerri towards that corner. James followed with Sally. The two men undressed and settled on the soft floor. David made himself comfortable and then gestured for Kerri to join him. James did the same about a foot away.

“How are you feeling?” David asked Kerri.

“Sore, Sir,” she said sitting gingerly next to David.

“And, what else,” he asked.

“Sorry for not coming to you sooner about the problem. We thought we could cope,” Kerri said.

“And what about you?” James asked Sally.

“I… I didn’t think we needed help, but we did and now I’m so sorry I didn’t come to you right away,” Sally sobbed softly. James held her.

“I know that we told you not to run to us with every little problem, and that it is hard to judge what is serious and what isn’t. However, when you two feel that stress building up, come talk to us,” said David in that low serious voice that rumbled.

“Yes Sir,” both women said.

“Next time we won’t be so gentle,” said James.

“No, we won’t. Now, Kerri, and Sally, I want you to hold each other. Touch each other and show one another that you trust the other,” said David.

The two women were normally heterosexually oriented, and it took a second for them to realize what David was requiring of them. As they moved closer together, the two men moved in too, making a close sandwich of bodies.

Sally leaned forward and took Kerri in her arms first, holding her against her shoulder as they cuddled. Each one moved tenderly as their asses were on fire from the spanking and flogging. Kerri’s hand touched Sally’s hip and Sally gasped as Kerri’s fingers traced over the welts. Then Sally ran her hand up and down Kerri’s back eliciting the same reaction.

Kerri brought her lips to Sally’s breast and licked and then sucked the nipple into her mouth. Sally moaned and let her hand trace down to Kerri’s mound. Her fingers found the skin moist. It was Kerri’s turn to gasp as Sally slid her fingers between Kerri’s lips and grazed her clit. The two women began to explore each other as the two men watched.

James felt his cock grow as he watched the two women touch each other. He glanced over at David and realized that he was just as soft as he had been when they’d undressed. “How in the hell does he have that much control?” James wondered.

Sally and Kerri were kissing by now. Kerri’s fingers were deep in Sally’s pussy while Sally was pinching Kerri’s nipples into hard little gems. Each woman moaned softly as they touched and caressed one another. Each one was close to orgasm, but neither breached that line.

David smiled. The way the women were touching each other showed hunger and trust. No shyness. He looked at Kerri’s ass and could see the trickle of moisture running down the back of her thigh. He caressed her thigh and then with his wet hand slapped her tender ass.

“Oh, Sir,” moaned Kerri. She arched forward into Sally’s exploring hand. She rubbed harder against those soft fingers.

James smiled and took his nails and ran them across and up Sally’s ass. Sally writhed and her hand drove deeper into Kerri’s folds. Kerri moaned and squirmed as David put his hands on her ass to hold her in place.

Kerri brought her hand down to cup Sally’s mound. Her fingers eager to find Sally’s clit. When she found it, she rubbed it with her fingertips. Sally spread her legs to let Kerri’s fingers delve deeper. At the same time, she worked hard to bring Kerri to orgasm.

“Ssssir,” gasped Kerri. “Pplease may I come?”

“Yes little one,” whispered David in her ear. He’d finally relaxed his control and his erection was hard and waiting for this moment.

Sally hearing that Kerri had permission to come, increased the tempo of her fingers, helped by the fact that Kerri was bringing her close as well. She moved her fingers in long strokes and felt Kerri shatter against her hand.

“Ohhh!” moaned Kerri. As she came, she tried to hold her fingers in place against Sally’s clit. She couldn’t as David took that moment to drive in deep from behind, sheathing his cock in her hot wet folds.

James took over for Kerri. His hand went up between Sally’s legs from behind and stroked her clit. Sally moaned, pushed down hard against his hand and then felt his cock slide into her too. Between the fingers and his cock, she nearly lost control.

“Sssiir?” she gasped out.

“Come Sally, come for me,” he whispered. Sally came hard, rubbing against his fingers and her muscles wrapping tight around his cock.

Both couples were wrapped up in their own lovemaking and yet the two women reached out a hand to the other and held on. James felt his orgasm roll up his spine. He didn’t notice anyone except Sally in his arms. Her sweet moans gave a boost to his senses and he came hard, gripping her tender ass.

David stroked in and out of Kerri slowly, enjoying the sensations and the other two across from him enjoying themselves. He heard James come and Sally cry the last of her orgasm out into the pillows. Kerri moaned and gasped under him, her own orgasms having rippled through her. He felt his orgasm build and build until it boiled up from his toes. Holding Kerri tight, he came in a shuddering gasp.

An hour later, as both couples lay snuggled under a couple of blankets, Kerri turned to David.

“Sir,” she started.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Thank you for your help and such a lovely evening,” she said still in a subspace headspace.

“Oh, you liked being spanked for being bad and stressed out?” he asked with a smile.

“No Sir! I liked the touching and sex afterwards,” she tried to explain. “I… I know we needed punished for not listening, but you rewarded us by letting Sally and I share.”

“Ah, I understand,” said David. He was glad that she had gotten the other lesson as well as the first and more difficult lesson.

“I agree with Kerri,” said Sally. “Thank you both.”

James kissed Sallly. “I hope you’ve both learned your lessons. Depend and trust one another. Also, admit when you are wrong,” he said. “Asking for help when you need it isn’t wrong. Asking for help because you hadn’t thought things through is wrong.”

“Yes Sir,” both women said.

David and James took their wives in their arms and curled up under the blankets. It had been a long week, and Monday would come soon enough.

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  1. Seems Sally and Kerri have learned their lesson and got to experience a different side of each other.
    I’ve been under the weather the last few days with a cold that hit me hard and fast, but am on the mend. Talk to you soon.

  2. Oh! Umm… Why didn’t you entitle this Clusterf*ck II? Just wondering because I almost confused it with the older post…

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