Buster’s Story part 6

No fainting! I finally have been able to move on with this story! After I finished the last bit, I just didn’t know where to go. I had a middle bit, but no beginning. Until tonight. Enjoy!


Brian sat on the porch with his coffee early in the morning. He sniffed the air and caught a fleeting scent. Puzzled, he got up and walked into the kitchen and found Natalie feeding the children. “Nat, you um… in…” he started and then stopped realizing that all the children were staring up at him.

“No, We talk later aye?” she said and rolled her eyes towards the table.

Brian nodded trying to figure out what was going on. He was still out on the front porch watching the children run outside when he felt Natalie’s hand on his shoulder. He turned.

“It be Jenny in heat,” she said and then went back inside.

“What?” he said louder than he expected and headed back into the kitchen. “Why you no say?”

“Cause what you gonna do? Lock her up? Shoot all the boys?” she asked with a smile.

“But!…” he started and then realized she was laughing at him. He stopped and thought for a moment. “You gonna laugh at me?”

“Aye. I weren’t no older when we start this fun. You gonna tell her wolf she can’t do it? You gonna growl and keep all them young pups at home?” Natalie teased him.

Brian took a deep breath and shook his head. “No, I gonna take my wife and go screw her silly,” he said as he grabbed Natalie and hauled her off to bed.



Jenny came home three days later with a swing in her step and Henri in tow. He looked embarrassed.

“Maman, Papa, we need talk with you,” Jenny said softly. She was still holding Henri’s hand.

“Okay, talk,” said Natalie.

“We want get married,” said Jenny.

Brian looked at Henri. He was a good two years older than Jenny. “You got a tongue Henri?”

“Yyes sir,” Henri said. “I… um. I want to marry your daughter.”

“You want to wait till she shows?” asked Natalie.

The two teens looked at each other and then back at Jenny’s parents. “Um. Maman, will you let us sleep my room till we know?” asked Jenny.

“Aye,” said Natalie. “That Henri he help your Papa build a new cabin. This one too damn small.”

Brian reached out, tousled Henri’s hair and then hugged his daughter. Before he could let go, all the other children came pouring into the room to hug and congratulate their sister. Quintus came in with a bunch of flowers and threw them over Jenny. She picked up the little four year old and hugged him close. She knew he wasn’t really her brother by blood, but she loved him best of all.



Two months later, Jenny and Henry had a wedding. Two days of celebrations and Brian and Natalie laughed, remembering their own wedding night as they stood outside and teased the newlyweds. As they stood there singing, Brian felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Bizzet standing there.

“Hello Bizzet, you enjoy the wedding?” Brian asked softly.

“Aye, good wedding. Pretty girl. How Quintus?” Bizzet asked softly.

“He’s a good boy. A little weedy, but good boy,” said Brian walking Bizzet away from the crowd and towards where the children were perched on the older cabin’s porch. “See, he there on the rocker. You want go see him?” Brian asked softly.

“Non, I jus want know he okay,” said Bizzet. “My WildGirl, she gone.”

Brian turned and took Bizzet by both shoulders. “She leave you?” he asked.

“Non. She die. Last pup and she both die,” said Bizzet with a heavy sigh. “I don know what to do now. Can’t sleep, can’t be happy.”

“You come stay with us? Get to know your pup?” asked Brian. Bizzet had that haunted look in his eyes like he did in the last days of the war.

“Non. Me, I go away. Up north. Go runnin’,” said Bizzet.

“Bizzet, stay. We can take care of you,” said Brian. He knew too many of the men who’d come back broken had done just what Bizzet planned. They’d say goodbye to family and just fade into the woods. Most never came back.

“Non. I … Brian, you are close like a brother. You have my son and I love you for that. Let me go now. I come back maybe,” Bizzet said.

Brian tried to hold onto him and they embraced one last time and then Bizzet pulled away and drifted out to the edge of the forest. Natalie came up behind him.

“What he say?” she asked.

“Goodbye,” said Brian and then they turned back into the crowd of well wishers.


It was a busy year. All the babies born around the Great War started having babies. Jenny had little Elizabeth late in November. Grandma Davy died two weeks later and the whole community felt bereft. Natalie inherited Grandma’s herb room and her patients. The lumber mill ran full tilt as homes were built. In spite of the economic crash a few years earlier, everyone needed wood. At nearly forty, Brian felt better than he had in years. He and Kent worked the mill as they always had and hired men when needed. Deer were still plentiful in the forests and the families prospered. The occasional stranger moved in, and either didn’t stay long or was accepted into the community.

“Brian! You come talk this man a minute?” hollered Kent.

Brian looked over to see a tall man he didn’t recognize. He walked over and shook the man’s hand. “Hullo, what you need?” he asked.

“I need a job. Name’s Alexander Davis,” the man said. He shook Brian’s hand with a firm grip.

“What you do before?” asked Brian.

“I work metal. Any kind,” Alexander said. “Had to leave Calgary. Too many people.”

Brian nodded. Many of the shifters who’d gone to the cities had returned to the rural areas. They networked through people and towns until they found somewhere they could cope. “You got family?” he asked.

“No, married a non-shifter, but it didn’t last. She still don’t know, just thinks I was weird,” said Alexander.

“We got a blacksmith shop in town. Check with them. They make our blades,” said Brian and pointed to the huge band saw blades.

“Okay. Thanks,” said Alexander and he headed out of the mill.

“Kent, why you ask me when you know he need go see Big Joe?” asked Brian.

“Cause I need you ‘sniff him out’. He a strange one,” said Kent.

“Yeah, he a holy bastard that one,” said Brian.

“Huh?” said Kent.

“That Alexander. Shaman. Holy man. Wedding broker,” said Brian.

“How you know that?” asked Kent almost shouting to be heard above the sound of the saws.

“Use your eyes. You no see that chain round his neck? Silversmith. His hands nearly break mine. Only Davis I know from that town, that Calgary, is silversmith. That’s why I sent him to Big Joe,” said Brian.

“Oh,” said Kent and let it drop. He’d talk to Big Joe later. Most families were run by women, like Natalie and Grandma Davy before her. Not many men were healers or silversmiths. Even fewer were shaman.


Alexander moved into the cabin near the saloon and soon had women lining up to buy silver jewelry. He worked the steel mill and iron forge with Big Joe and a couple of the brothers during the day. He was also the beginning of an influx of shifters escaping the city. Brian watched as the valley filled up and people began to feel crowded. He talked to Natalie after dinner one night.

“Is this a good thing?” he asked.

“It help with families. Gives our girls other choices. Otherwise, maybe we need some of them to move south towards Montana,” said Natalie. “Or, maybe some of us move.”

“Non! We were here first. I think we have a meeting and talk,” said Brian.

“Later. First you take me to bed. I am feeling very …” Natalie trailed off with a smile.

Brian tucked the children in bed and then joined Natalie in their room. She was sitting up against the pillows wearing nothing but a smile.

“Come to bed,” she said.

“I don know. I hear that grandma’s they don like sex,” he teased.

“Ha! I hear that granpa’s say that cause they can’t make it stand up anymore. We grandma’s can do better for all that damn practice afore havin’ babies. All those muscles work better,” Natalie teased back.

Brian undressed and let himself stand proud, letting Natalie know that this grandpa still could please a woman. She giggled. Brian got into bed and began to kiss Natalie. His hands roamed across her breasts that were well loved. She in turn traced the scars across his back and on his body. The war hadn’t been kind, and neither had the lumber mill.

Brian kissed and sucked her nipples. It had startled him the fist time he’d suckled her breast while she’d had milk. He missed the sweet milk now, but not the babies and nappies that went with it. As he kissed down her stomach, he reached a hand down between her legs. She was damp and growing wetter as he slid his fingers into her pussy.

“Oh Brian,” she sighed. She loved the way he touched her. It made her feel young. She moved so that she could grasp his cock and giggled as it twitched in her hand. Rubbing the smooth flesh with her fingers made Brian gasp. He lost track of what he was doing and before he could start touching her again, her mouth was wrapping around his cock.

“Oh Nat,” he moaned. He lay back on the pillows as she proceeded to lick and suck his cock. He finally gathered enough senses to grab her ass and begin to finger her and flick his fingertips across her clit. She moaned with her mouth still around his cock which made him gasp. The vibrations were intense. He couldn’t take it any more and flipped her around and drove in from behind.

Natalie loved the feeling of his hands on her hips. She drove back against his cock and enjoyed the feeling of his cock nudging her cervix. She didn’t worry about babies as Grandma Davy had finally shown her the herbs to take after George had been born. Five babies had been enough.

Brian wrapped his arm around Nat’s waist and reached between her legs to touch her clit as he thrust in and out of her. Natalie moaned and bucked with the sweet short orgasms. Her muscles clamped around his cock and he couldn’t hold off any longer. He increased his pace and within a minute, he felt his cock swell, the knot form and he came hard.

“Oh! Oh Brian,” moaned Natalie as she came. She shuddered with pleasure and as they lay down on the bed, he fingered her until she came again. They curled up on the bed and pulled the covers over them. The knot kept them close and Brian held her to him as they slept.

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    1. I have three of them circling in my brain. This one, Silver Service and Left For Dead. Oh, and I have a couple of others piling up waiting to get started. 🙂 Or, would you want to see one of the stories I wrote a while back and have sat on? Hm… maybe I should do a poll?

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