Silver Service part 14

The trip to Taunton took two days. They left Paddington Station at 8am. The Great Western Railroad was a great adventure and the Milne children delighted in looking out the windows of their first class carriage. Paul had kept them from running down the aisles when the conductor had brought the youngest Milne back to his seat by his collar. The first night the Milne family stopped in Newbury. It had been a long train ride and the family stopped at the Hare and Hound Inn. Once the family settled in and the women had a chance to relax, they went down to supper.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of soot on my face!” said Elsa.

“It has been so long since I rode a train cross country,” said Lillian. “In India, we’d have needed a bath, not just a basin to wash our hands and face.”

“I can’t imagine,” said Elsa. “Will Aya and Betsy be enough to deal with the children?”

“Yes. Aya is amazing. By the time we leave in a month, she’ll have them all speaking Hindi,” said Lillian with a smile. It had been decided to take just Aya and Betsy as they would take up less room than Elsa’s servants.

“That would be amazing. I swear little Charles hardly speaks English,” said Elsa. The three Milne children were the delight of Elsa’s life and the bane of their nanny’s existence. Charles was eight and attending dayschool. Allison was five and shared nursery time with her little brother Brian who was three. All three children were very outgoing and adventurous much to the consternation of their nanny, Miss Burke. This holiday was as much for the Milne family as it was for Miss Burke.

“He does just fine when he wants,” laughed Lillian. It had been Charles that had cussed a blue streak when the conductor returned him to the compartment.

After a final check of their clothes, the two women headed downstairs to the public room for dinner. Paul awaited them by the fire.

“I’ve ordered dinner. Hope you don’t mind,” he said.

“Of course not dear,” said his wife.

“No, I don’t,” said Lillian. “Even after all this time, I still don’t know what to order in public. It is so different here.”

“I have to admit that I can’t imagine India,” said Paul.

“I think you would find it very hot, dirty and crowded,” said Lillian.

“Oh? And yet you miss it?” asked Paul.

“Yes, I do. We lived in a beautiful area and that section of the city was well kept. I knew there was poverty of an extreme sort just right round the corner, but I didn’t have to face it daily. Not like when we went to Delhi or Calcutta,” Lillian said.

Paul nodded. Dinner was brought out. Shepherds pie, a bread and cheese tray as well as tea. For afters there was treacle tart or apple pie. While Elsa and Lillian ate sparingly, Paul ate well. He finished his dinner with Stilton cheese and an apple.



After dinner they went up to their rooms. Lillian said her good nights as did Elsa and Paul.

“Do you think she’ll like the house?” asked Paul. “It isn’t exactly the most modern edifice.”

“No, but it had the beautiful walled garden and the brook at the end of the kitchen garden. Plus, there is literally no one around for at least a hundred yards,” said Elsa.

“There is that. Perhaps she will like it. I know I’d like it if David took the job. Hell, I’d even figure out a way to wrench James from Millicent’s clutches,” he said as he helped his wife out of her clothes.

“Ah, and there’s the real crux to things now isn’t it. Millicent. She is such a changed person from the woman David married,” Elsa said as she eased out of her corset. She didn’t go in for tight lacings when expecting, but she still needed some support. She sighed as she dropped it to the chair.

“Let me massage your back,” said Paul. He’d surprised himself with the discovery that he found pregnant women appealing. He started with rubbing Elsa’s back and then moved his hands around her to cup her breasts. They were full and heavy.

“Paul, don’t stop,” Elsa said. She moved until she was propped up on the pillows. Paul moved between her legs and kissed and sucked first one nipple and then the other. Then he kissed his way down her stomach until he reached her pregnant stomach. He kissed her skin and then worked his way down to her nearly hidden mound.

“Have I told you lately how much I love and adore you wife?” asked Paul.

“I think it’s been since this morning,” she said with a gasp as he licked and kissed her.

“Well, I do. You are the most beautiful being and anyone who says that pregnant women are hideous need their eyes checked,” he said.

“Oh Paul,” she giggled. He’d gently thrust two fingers into her and stroked her clit with his thumb. “Oh… oh my. Gently dear.”

“Always my love. I wish we could make love instead of just touch and kiss at the moment,” he said.

“As do I. A little to the left,” she said as he worked to bring her to orgasm.

Paul adjusted his fingers and within a moment, Elsa gasped arched and orgasmed. His hand was drenched with her juices.

“Another?” he asked.

“No, I think not. I don’t want to have this baby before we get too Taunton,” she said.

“Alright,” said Paul. He dropped the rest of his clothes on the chair and climbed into bed. His erection caught Elsa’s attention and she took him in her hand.

“Eeeelsa,” he gasped as she stroked and touched him. She licked the head of his cock which made him gasp. Elsa and Lillian had chatted and Elsa delighted in this way to relieve Paul’s tensions when they couldn’t have sex. She still took it very slowly. Elsa continued to lick and suck Paul’s cock until he began to orgasm. Then she quickened the pace of her hand until he erupted all over her hand and his stomach. She giggled as she watched his juices spurt everywhere.

“Oh gods,” he gasped as he melted against the pillows. He didn’t mind taking care of himself, but having Elsa help, especially with her mouth literally blew his mind.

“Let me find a towel,” she said with a giggle. She got up and grabbed a towel from the wash basin. She wiped her hand and then gave it to Paul. He cleaned up and then the two of them curled up to sleep.


Lillian lay awake in her bed listening to the sounds of Paul and Elsa in the next room and realized how much she missed David. She thought about the way he’d kissed her goodbye and how much she was going to enjoy their time in Taunton. No interruptions, no swift evenings of fun followed by lonely nights. She was glad that her cycle was just finishing so that they would be able to enjoy themselves without a week’s pause.

She reached under the covers and touched herself. She ached for David’s touch. Fingers touched her clit and it only took a few moments to bring her gasping to the ascent of heaven. She sighed as the pleasure seeped into her body. Lillian fell asleep.



The train left Newbury at 10am. The next major stop was Westbury and by tea time they were in Taunton. Paul got a carriage to take them to the cottage. A pony cart followed behind with the luggage. Elsa brought almost enough for three months as if there were no shops in Taunton. Paul had protested, but it got him nowhere.

The cottage was in a secluded section of Taunton. The front garden had a lush green lawn with low shrubs. The cottage itself was made with river stone and the front porch was just enough to cover a person standing on the doorstep. The back garden was divided into two sections. A rose garden and flowers off to one side just out the back door and a kitchen garden at the bottom of the high stone wall. The children went running to chase a cat while Elsa and Lillian walked through the house and opened windows and removed dust covers.

There were four bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen, dining room, a small library and various pantries, store rooms and servants quarters off the kitchen. Aya and Betsy went to work in the kitchen as they weren’t sure if the cook who normally came in to help would be there today. As the stove was cold, they didn’t think she would be there.

Paul watched the luggage taken to the correct rooms and then paid off the drivers. While the women put things away, he looked out on the children in the garden. They were restless after two days on the train. Hell, he was restless.

“Elsa, do you want anything from the shops?” he called upstairs.

“Um… milk, maybe some biscuits and a loaf of bread if you can find it,” she called.

“Alright. I’m taking the children and I’ll be back soon,” he said.

“Lovely!” Elsa called.

In a minute, Paul and the three children with a basket over one arm were out the door and down to the local shop. He was enjoying the fresh air after the dirt of the city.


Dinner was light. Cheese, tomatoes, ploughman’s pickle, tea and scones. Elsa and Aya tucked the children in bed and the adults sat around the fireplace in the sitting room. Aya and Betsy were cleaning up in the kitchen.

“This is a delightful house,” said Lillian. “I’m surprised you don’t spend more time here.”

“We usually do, but with the baby coming, we decided to wait until now. As it is, I’m not sure I’ll have to wait much longer for it’s arrival,” said Elsa.

“Oh?” asked Lillian.

“Well, I’m not due until the end of May, and to be honest each one has come a bit sooner than the last. I feel so heavy,” Elsa said.

“Well, you can relax here and when the baby arrives we will take care of you,” said Lillian.

“And David and I will make sure you relax,” said Paul. “Which reminds me. David is due tomorrow or the day after.

“Oh good. I am so looking forward to our time here,” said Lillian. “However, I am exhausted and shall head to bed.”

They all said their good nights and headed off to bed.

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